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Let me tell u of my thinking realm

Let it be known to me and to you that the longlove, now lost, I gave to you was all forged, frought in a forevertime frame as a socio-dick-tated male rank referendum , and not a "for free" from within my inner soulstice serenity; neither nor neo gotiated in an aforementioned annointed another's pro/con parental preference that coincides with a pre/pro/com 
non emo time limited fancy free and fomented passion to that uncaring another's interpreto of come what mays inconsequential; in loose leaf terra terms of psycho/sexo/socio/domestico unbrilliant significance of what/how in we live lay die in a future foster/poster our pack present presence. 
We gathered our resources to garner for all time the things we sequestered in tune so sublime. Not to mention the hard, the easy, the ugly, the surprise, the lovely, the 
sleazy, the froth of anguished thought/action in pressipunce pretented, ill gain gotten in the Freud frenzy to a where begin a before antiquated benelovence co annointed that i, we, none, all are not together in the familial con figurant format of restoraising our offspring in an a totalitarian tilted composite faust free format designed in a calibrate a coexistential, collective climate capable of child, parent, climb, fall, live, die, pass on, love, life, lament, recog, piss, pass on, delete wrongs, push plus passions, that serve to ever/always/none alleviate the all hateful helpful happenings that give way rise to an/allnone/alloutout/ human/no/know/helpful herewithins, hopefully gracing and guiding the all involved to an inner bonding with hinderence ambient to one another in an earthly procreate of interhostal beginnings aplenty. Statuate yourself in a post/present cripple compliant that sex sentuates your plenty with respect to your opponent offspring and their copious acceptance to the edu powers that be, be them inner/outter locus of all that falsey socioemocatago that corals us all in a control thru fear contempt which propels us into a dead depth drance minused, razored into an altered semiadult afterdeath realized through an analog anarchy anthem unsurprised. In other words, trick or treat mung fungs.   

Copyright © Dave Collins