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My Blured Hope

My foot is four legs of a tortoise
My thump is anchor of my docking
My reason is the traffic light of red lights only
My patience is the hand break of a vehicle

Their ‘batakari’ has wings to fly over me
Their worm-length’s shape has assumed e-train’s speed
Their purpose has influenced reason
Their haste has dismantled rightful queues

My hope of getting there is terminated
My hope of timely-fulfilment is turned time-will-tell
My very core of success is just an envisaged hallucination
My comfort of hope is … ‘God will tell when’

Life is not a competitive errand
Life must be fulfilling through struggles
My much efforts draining, I can’t change my aging
They pass through the hasty runways
Through dubious means to by-pass me
To achieve their over-ambitious greed-filled lives
At the expense of the down trodden.

I am not blaming the successful for my plight
But the gate has to be opened to all,
The apian way is an abomination.
Do unto the politicians, the vote winners, the powerful and the privileged
Including their relations, associates and affiliates
As you do unto the civilian, the vote casters, the commoners and the under- deprived.

Copyright © Ahyia Amankwah