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Antoine had crashed once again when tempting the desert
Freedom fighter laureate poet daredevil testing the call of

                        ~ Poisonous Times ~

A mysterious man and rebellious philosopher with script on his 
tongue ink on soft paper Rose in his heart and yearning for

                        ~ Cleopatra’s Eyes ~

A snake of fertile creation and healing never far from his pen
Aesculapius in coil had mutated to SS wound around torches’

                        ~ Venomous Bite ~

Aspides’s toxic fangs a spitting image of denial with thick scales
covering eyes of horned vipers hiding or shielding from attack

                        ~ Dependent on Choice ~

The piloting scribe aspired towards kind compassionate words
As the elephant was swallowed by a boa constrictor clothed in a sad

                         ~ Hatter’s Distortion ~

Antoine got killed on reconnaissance’s flight over France shot down or
by just letting go of throttle and misery but the Little Prince and his

                          ~ Wisdom Remains ~

Avoiding slithering hisses in what remains of paradise an auspice
of sloughing what needs to be shed emerged from warrior’s asps in

                          ~ Blossoming Hope ~

When threatened by serpent’s pitiless pits with no parachute attached
Peace can be found and acrimonious asperity relieved one small step in

                          ~ Narration and Truth ~

29th April 2018

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann