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How Brave the Night

We ask the sky, how brave is night,
whose shining moon and stars set right
earth's course through darkness  shadowed maze
until the dawn greets, sun ablaze.

Night holds, yet many fear and dread.
Starlight shares quiet peace instead,
and bright from its celestial tower
shine clear to salve each heart's frail hour.

Each night, while slumber makes us whole,
the heaven's measure time's slow roll.
Their silent moon has gray, sage eyes,
to navigate the endless skies.

If we could mount empyrean skies,
past eagle aeries, mountains high,
to soar and greet night's gilded host,
and there know peace where stars stand post;

we who take flight, could speak outright,
how brave is night, how truly brave the night!

                                 How Brave is Night

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn