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Grace and Solitude

Hovering hemispheres habitual harmonics, symmetrical solitudes in their Sonics,
Mastering melodies with mnemonics, amidst approbation of acoustical avionics…
Stellar symphonies sailing Celestial Seas, applauding Angels aerially appease,
Birds belting songs on tranquil trees, botanical gardens blooming in the breeze;

Superstrings romantically resonate, virtuous vibrations valiant as they create,
Overtures upon oblivions do ornate, spheres of distortions align and allocate…
Orchestral opus overruns the trance, magical melodic maneuvers enhance,
Treble and bass clefs prepare to dance, elocution of their eternal expanse;

The Earth hums within rotation, subsonic frequencies of ethereal elation,
The masses are minstrels of celebration, titillating tunes of temptation…
Solitude's surrender thru strident skies, music awakens deep dormant eyes,
The wings of a butterfly take us to new highs, ambient assonance to arise.

Grace and Solitude 
Sponsored by~John Hamilton

Placed 3'rd...Thank You

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