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A letter to my father

Dear father.

Do me a favor K*ll  yourself. 
You and your malpractioners are getting on my nerver what the hell.
You are not a saint but a evil from hell.
You take advantage of women and have no remorse like hell.
Now you create bunch of plague that practicing your doing like bunch of freaks. Yes! I can tell.
For you are the only one I knew that was the weirdo from childhood from your home of hell.
Do me a favor K*all yourself.
For you are not the future take your miserable btches with you as well.
You was hoping I become like you so you could hide your ugliness and identity.
Jesus Christ is a Capricorn as much as you, you should be on that cross crucified instead.
Take your thieves with you like they did to him.
Take your whres with you, they childmolesters that's trying to take adv of my son who just a boy calling him a men. Making him confused as hell.
I will continue to expose you and tell all can you tell.
For I'm am going to become the first single mother that's going to destroy you and your freaks for taking advantage of women. You to dumb to tell.
Do me a favor kill yourself. And take your malpractionerss with you as well.


Copyright © Nagella Jean-Baptiste