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Beauty That Slain

Vivacious voyage into the Azure
Heart never embark on this imaginative story
Without the consent of the body
To envision your whole, glamour and bliss
Which is a physical adorningly masterpiece
Lips sumptuous, dripping sweetness in every word
Your beauty term others odd
You could have been Miss World
But you ain't part of this world.
Like a knight I raise the sword
Not to spill blood
But in adulation of beauty of a god
Cos your posh of beauty heal the world
Enchantingly fascinating me like an enchantress
Reeling and basking in emotions without duress.
Now I am hyperventilating,
Sexual desires I am venting
Only mutual affections
Will start and end this,
Nailed it, erections killed it;
Setting my heart racing while buttocks on the sit.
What have you caused this soldier of 9 lives?
A love bleed, deeper than piercing of knives.
No retreat no surrender is my mojo
And I'll rock your boat like it's a slow mo'.

Vick Manuel Poetry {VMP}
Copyright © 2nd April, 2020.

Copyright © Victor Immanuel