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Listening  Frankie Goes to Hollywood
I’m peer over this Place.
Men and women want to build a  stellar life
As soon as possible
Imitating the old stars with compacted dreams
Saying to us the “strange POETRY’ sentence:
“There is no exquisite beauty…
Without some strangeness in the proportion”.
There are countless reasons
To fall in Love with Hollywood.
Evidence logically assumes the form of a found object
Or a found image.
Stars speak through stamen
Hear through the petals of a Daisy
Wash up after work, eat dinner
Have a beer, go to bed
Working for enclosing  their lives  in the spectacle.
The light is very clean and soft
An early spring day,
Wo/Men are radiant from within
We are alert enough to see the radiance:
Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau
The exquisite corpse will drink
The new wine with Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.
But the ritual of the fame is out of tune
Has vanished the Wo/Men are .
She who’s rite meant wrapping a place
A “holding spot” around wet, newborn whore
And he is employed in some manner
As Motherfucker
If their sources are sufficiently remote.
Films and signs:
Motherfuckers and whores
With the greatest diversity of species-
The foat all mind giving Life
Under the Star of Film-Illumination
The active more ever renewing Mind
Of primordial spontaneous Wisdom.
The retired stars are also here
Building their homes from the adobes of the West
The whites, the blacks, the hippies, foolish transients
Recorded with native birds and insects in the background.
Who could ever start, Mamma Mia, here¡
Hollywood is what is seen.
There is what is not.
There is what is inside  and what is without.
It is all real. And it is all false
While it is either real or false
Or partially real
Partially false.
Adios, Mujeres y Hombres, y viceversa.
Que les vaya bonito en Hollywood.
Yo sé que estáis contentos 
Por dejar vuestras tristes vidas
¿A que sí?
Goodbye Wo/Men, and vice versa
Good look in Hollywood.
I do know You’re happy for leaving 
Your sad-looking lives.
She/he is in America, silly¡

Copyright © Daniel de Culla