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every hopeful carnally bracketed thought
tries to jack in to the endorphin symphony
or make the mountains rise same thing
your brain the one manufactured by all those dents
has long been a mad scientist's laboratory
you are free to run screaming into the bushes
those remaining please visit our snack bar
and leave evidence admissible in a court of law
all rise the White Rabbit sits in judgment
the laws of chance have committed murder again
poor creatures bumping into one another
an accident is about to occur you can set your watch
hour hand minute hand second hand
invisible trans cosmic seeing all hand
arthritic compensating venal surgeon glove hand
picked you out of the Saturday lineup
nothing to stop him other than
the limits of his mind and they are neon writ
time bound and meme determined
and once the game board is fully lit
staring straight up death's gaping butt
but who can blame the side show freak
for wanting darkness for the rest of us
and missing body parts and a bad complexion
and he just skips to my Lou all the livelong day
in front of his fun house mirror of adoring fans
oh there goes one now sprinting for the gate
it appears he's somersault vaulted the wall
off the back of a licensed alligator
so what is it down to six now we can conclude
when your fans equal your alligators
time to call in a landscaper priest

Copyright © Walter Alter