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Looking back, I don't feel so bad
there wasn't much I could do.
Even all the superheros 
couldn't save me from you.

Captain America's shield
couldn't have stopped the pain.
All my efforts to understand you
were all in vain.

Not even Thor's hammer 
could keep you from me.
You always came back
and could never let me be.

Even if I possessed
the Hulk's pure strength,
I couldn't stay away
for any great length.

Wonder Woman's lasso
couldn't get past your outer shell.
Your real feelings and emotions
you were never willing to tell.

Wolverines Adamantium claws 
couldn't have made you stay.
No matter how tight I held on
you were able to rip yourself away.

I thought you were my future,
Or at least my shining knight
Although it hurts to admit it,
maybe you're just my kryptonite. 

June 14, 2016

Copyright © Sienna Ethylpen