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Luftmenschen Continuum

by Michaelw1two

 Thinking’s challenge is to weigh,
 all of one’s life substance;
 quandary thus, illogical fuss,
 which blinds the mind's acutance;
 adscititiously into thoughts bleed,
 vitiated indurate boastance;
 corrumpable sequella fortuity,
 each thought, is truth’s desistance.

 Retrospectively choices trial,
 stands outside an untidy purport;
 merycism seeps beneath one’s deep,
 questions mythical adhort;
 ex postfacto, pride’s precious précis,
 ideas from ideals besort;
 denouement cryptic episode,
 Sphinges contend, issue alamort.

 Sapience elusive rapture,
 most minds need bethink acology;
 humanity’s Id mulled,
 without reference to a doctor of alethiology;
 furgacious notions, become the norm,
 arguments chime atheology;
 Toison d’ or, parley prewar,
 else high angels deem eschatology!

 Medullary substance rare,
 within rabid beings Tour de force;
 coarctation, indeed strangulation,
 dire result for living's bourse;
 Nationalism's agenda, wiled racist theme,
 keeps élan’s cry hoarse;
 emasculation, Republican dream;
 equates rule of thumb perforce.

 Contemplative ideas abound,
 behind the veil of Arriere Pensee;
 insinuation to middle class,
 jokes on all, laity economic refugee;
 elucidation simplistic, vote for change,
 or be laissez-faire etouffee;
 sublevation, certifiable eminency,
 party GOP national expellee!

Jan 2010

Copyright © michael walkerjohn