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Sacred Sciences

All sacred science
is health science.

All health care
is wealthy spirited care.

If there is such a thing 
as an entirely secular science,
then it is probably an applied,
or "practical" technological discipline
like military science,
how to kill
while preaching a peace-loving society;
extraction science,
how to rape
while selling convenient anthro-hubris comfort
and pleasure;
actuarial science,
how to account for natural values
by discounting healthy spiritual economies
of power 
fueling cooperative empowerment;
management science,
how to kill compassion
while fear-mongering anger management
about white patriarchal history 
of win/lose colonization
goes to the front
of our favorite winner busyness class.

What is the most useful
and beautiful
sacred health science?

Most orthodox nature/spirits
might support theological
and historical/cultural scripture studies,
systematically analyzing
the co-passion out of everyday sacramental experience.

I was about to nominate
political empowerment science--
powers divine and profane,
regenerative and devilishly degenerative
and re-articulating health v pathology messages.

I wonder why not nature's choreography science
of fractal-ecological relationships
and the ethno-centric language science of musical theory,
and agricultural permaculturing nutrition design sciences
for polyculturing health cooperative outcomes,
resilient wealth development
through composition of interdependent enculturing elements,
linguistic notation and pitched
rhythmically patterned keys
and fractal four-dimensioned spacetime frequencies,
evangelical matriarchal marches behind  revolving history,
ego/ecofeminist communion communication?

Changing spirited mythos
folding and unfolding re-natured logos

Which reminds me
of right-hemispheric failure to grasp
any fundamental
originally intended
great divide between scientific health 

and artistic wealth
expressive experience,
between integral truths and beauties,
between empirical discovery of how empathic re-creation happens
and artistic expression of why empirical curiosity co-passions
pushing sometimes through vulnerable courage to be changed
by receiving renewing invitations
into sacred health arts and science 
co-passioning skills.

Now, if I could just figure out
a health science hypothesis
about why,
at least theoretically,
I have so much trouble
getting to sleep
in a timely
and right mindful
and left peaceful

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck