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My First Life - part 1

Outside was Cold,
But I was Bold,
I wanted to get out,
So I started kick and shout.

Once I did,
I was terrified,
I started to cry.

One day,
On some weird way,
I wanted to talk
So I learned to walk.
And point fingers.

When I was seven,
I was in heaven,
I just didn't know,
that time is passing fast, not slow.

I just didn't know,
that playing,
is my job.
that world is manipulated by some slob.

Years were passing,
One at the time,
At the moments life was like a candy,
but mostly like a lime.


Then I met her,
she was sweet,
prettiest girl I had pleasure to meet.
Blonde and Dark,
On my soul, she left a mark.

Soon she became my ex,
but even after that,
life was full of sex.
And again, and again, and again.

And again.

I'm twenty seven now,
Traveling to see...
you won't believe what, 
a holy cow.

I was visiting a lots of places,
I saw interesting faces,
All kind of races,

People ask me, what do I do?
I say whatever I need, whenever I want!
They ask me how?
I just take a bow, and I leave,
I'm maybe not the most ethical person on a planet,
But just like a dancer,
I have my unique moves,
Of course, I'm a freelancer.

I remember one situation,
It was like a creation,
of imagination.
But it was real.
I was supposed to deliver a package.
Fortunately I ended up in a wreckage.
When my bus collided in a train,
package got destroyed,
A stain,
left on my skin,
Right before Raid was deployed,
On a recipient of my package,
A guess wreckage,
was a Win.

Few years after,
On the check in with the doctor,
regarding that stain,
a key factor,
a coincidence plain.
a new doctor came,
It was a women,
most beautiful I've seen in my life.
She gave me a son,
She became my wife.

Story should end here,
when things are fine,
but there was a line,
that I crossed,
my life I tossed,
I needed some adrenalin thrill,
So I did not payed my bill,
It came haunting me in my house,
a monster, not a mouse.

My wife left,
I was and I am,
a victim and accessary in theft.
a Crank.
as Enemy of a Bank
I sank.

I lived on a street for a while,
on street there was no difference,
a minute or a mile.
I had all the time I wanted,
but I was still haunted.
Even when everybody forget who I am,
Strangers came and started to slam,
things on me,
until I cracked out,
blacked out,
was gone.


Copyright © Mario CC