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The Causes of The Shipwreck

 am the one that you corruptly and acidly destroyed I once a country of success and national prosperity hub educational champion, but you politicians ruined me. I was meant to benefit everyone living in me, you exploited me exposed me in ruin. I was the national Anthem of West Africa, because of bad leaderships and excessive of bureaucracy I was designed to benefits all people rather unfortunately I am the captain of poverty and development underdog, architectural blind. 

I am stinking with abject poverty chronic sculptures and broken windows, the king liar and acceptors of blame lazy bunch of kindergarten, capable of feeding the nation with myopic thinking, justice is dying in courtyards. You let the people to dream pleasant dreams they wake up to utopia.  The country is in abject poverty lotion of thieves, excessive greediness. 

Politicians used our blood to write their golden manifestos they flattered us with junks of food. They altogether brainwashed us, we are the rightful and meaningful owners of our destiny. We have been denied justice to serve our country men and women.  Sierra Leoneans are proclaiming having lots of minerals all infancy, and surreal. 

I am a hamlet where developments are eminent. But corruption have eaten into our hearts destroyed our organs and kidneys like narcotics. Lawmakers enacted laws ask criminals to apply the peace. Beggars are moving around town to mendicant in order to survive in the heart of Freetown, in order to skip the day. 
The Statehouse witnesses these painful memories the beggars are finding it too hard to put food on their tables. They move from east to west north to south as if they are intoxicated though they are not, but because too much of pain sucking in their skins, they brought us the Ebola method to subtract the population with Nazi salute. 

Copyright © Mohamed Manzur Bah