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Sacraficee of Love

For your lips/ I bartered my kiss
For your tongue/ I Relinquished my breathe
For your touch/ I endowed remnants of my soul
And for anything else you captured what I had left.....

Each time I was with you pieces of me died....Pieces of me died
I could of probably withheld.and likely survived
But just to be by your side....The pieces of me died
Babe...I laid down and I died

What a jaundiced and distorted love I know
Yet I willingly continued to unfold
And give everything I was
What was the point?

Because I am no more..
No less than the deceased
You not only remember no you and me
Not a trace of me is lodged in your memory.....

Nothing in the world to you meant everything to me....
self-immolation, at its worst....
Physically im in tact, emotionally.....
I carry my own hearse.

A revolutionists of ones self
I annihilated myself
To prove to someone else...
I was worth more than their heart felt.....

I died for someone else
I am a hero of selfishness
An abstainer of sustainment
A suicide of ones self.....

I am a sacrificee of love....

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside