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American Idle

The lazy consciences
of the long yawn, credulity class
work so hard
to be an American Idle

“Care less” is their toga motto

You gotta have Roman candle aspiration
Pleb effigy be the 
burning goal of a finger-twiddling nation

Fiddle sticks 
always ignite quicker
than straw bricks

Nero fire staff tempo
got slow bellies 
working at a double task pace
Labor stall is blaze simple:
Memphis chug shuffle seen on the telly — 
American Idle has a Caligua face
Those Cheshire fat cats
got the right “grip-and-grin” attitude
to sell to the drone tools
Laz-y Boyz in the Capitol
do sedentary show 
the best work ethic to use

Armchair elbow grease 
is the patent preferred lube
Throwing veranda shade
from a stucco palisade
is very American Idle cool

Air-conditioned bottoms
be so fast track, 
mall moving on the wage upscale
Inside cushy chariots,
whose top-end value
gives good early retirement resale

Their computer thoughts burn
DVD frack friendly
Financial motivational skills
are what legions of regulated citizens
in the middle lane need 

They torch believe that Coin freedom 
is the purest flame of liberty

Fiddle sticks 
always ignite quicker
than straw bricks

A Nero gangsta lean
is the ideal, publican pal sweat stifle
Casino friends hold loaded dice
Incognito lobbyist elevator rise
is the kickback way
to become a certified American Idle

A Pharaoh slow roll
is the Caesar Palace speed to go:
Cash convertible cruise holiday 
Day-o echoes
are so 
banana in the tailpipe far away

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.