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Wind Song

I was a professional flutist, and performed in orchestras and symphonies,
To express the sheer joy of living, like the birds sing to summer's breeze.

Becoming accomplished took many years, and I'd played since childhood,
As a late afternoon sun's grown adept, at leaving a colorful neighborhood.

I often played at social gatherings, as I loved seeing merry people dance,
Like stars dance in the silken midnight, vivifying cool darkness expanse.

I was never as happy or content, as when dulcet melodies were playing,
Like the unexpected sight of vivid rainbows, which are only briefly staying.

My family was very proud of me, as they'd witnessed my positive change,
As from the childhood we once knew, we become mysteriously estranged.

I was usually kept well occupied, between practice and my performances;
Because if you want to become outstanding, you do what the master says!

Due to my love of wind instruments, I felt affinity with the ageless wind,
As the tree lined road feels some affinity, for each emerald turn and bend.

I loved to feel warm, playful breezes, and enjoyed satin wind in my hair,
Like sailing on a tranquil topaz sea, makes you feel you're walking on air!

One day at the beginning of forever, as gold sunshine caressed a breeze,
I reveled in jeweled days of July, whose shadows held tender mysteries!

I was out on the path of the future, lost in verdant throes of nature love,
When I heard the wind begin to whistle, causing me to search far above.

I saw the undulating trees dancing, to sweet classical music called wind,
At the direction of an unseen maestro, in golden lustrousness of weekend.

As stars and moon mutually vie, at creating radiant sparkle all nighttime,
Immersed in wonder, beauty and mystery, and occasionally giving a sign.

Then I noticed the masses of flowers, dancing to the same evocative tune,
Like dressed up ladies outside dancing, on some magenta twilight in June.

And deep emerald green grasses billowed, determined not to be outdone,
Like one who's so deeply in love, that it's lessened their power to reason.

Then I beheld all the colorful birds, gliding upon the endless azure skies,
With aid from the summer breezes, as milky clouds slow danced so nice.

Erratic, gorgeous purple butterflies, performed in meadows, wild fast jigs,
With their lively, fluttering motions, so synchronous, pretty and rhythmic!

I strolled for quite a long while, enjoying that sheer beauty of revelation,
Like one on a scenic train journey, who is reluctant to reach their station.

That day I beheld lush dynamic nature, as I had never perceived it before,
Like a remote and lovely neck of the woods, none ever thought to explore.

Then the sun slowly danced westward, graciously trailing gorgeous colors;
As the moon slow danced upwards, peering in dark like a spy undercover.

And I realized the stars twinkling afar, were all together likewise dancing, 
As all nature dances to the beat of life, at warm green premiere of spring.

I'm still making beautiful music, but with new appreciation for the harmony,
And a knowledge that all creation dances, to one and the same symphony!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler