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Beautiful, yet so utterly vile!
Congress shut down, hiding, plotting.
The destruction of this country and its President.
Under the glitzy costume of a Virus you came.
Unabashedly shredding the Bill of Rights.
Joyfully, slamming churches and synagogues tight.

You vampires on the Hill~
Destroying the Republic, the lives of its people.
To the great god, Socialism, you plan a building
with a shining gold steeple.
We cannot shake someone's hand?
Yet you unabashedly, tax us cruelly to beat the band!
Some of us not your slaves, not now nor ever will 
While you track our movements and words with
unconstitutional, unlawful glee.

                April 12, 2020
                  10pm PST

Copyright © Panagiota Romios