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A dance with a prancing prawn should be held at dawn with birdsongs

The idiosyncrasies of a semi idolised biscuit is often symbolised by riotous clapping sessions. By camels who love to crunch. But a crunch is neither a cream, a crevasse, a cape nor is it a crammed carton. So in fact is it better to rise then fall or fall then rise? In many a disguarded apron lies the epitome of expertise in experimental expeditions. But not whilst cleaning out the shower for that brings forth notes and vast arias of synchronised sounds from the sink. A snoring is often akin to the sweet sounds from a cast iron twenty foot long boar. Whose epic dreams of parachuting are often thwarted by the passing of the seasonal shrouded shams. But this is never to be released by mr shampoo bottle as shampoo bottles are too simple to simplify and to simplify is to simply signify significant stirring sticks. And there is the glow from the morning brew. Winking. Waiting. Z harpsichordist Z at 33 feet looking for 8 pairs of socks. X c v b q x and a big rotating Z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan