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nested in the umbrage

laden in the semblance of the lifeless
i curled my mind, nesting in the umbrage
of memories that haunt more than touch
unable to soar within the wind's of time

she begged me to fly, wrap my wings around faith
offer her comfort, make promises she knows i can't keep
yet my words fall darkened like november days upon her deafness
my shoulders carry her weight as her silence screams aloud

i see the bony fingers of darkness pointing
at yet another encompassed in my coalition
she knows he's come for her, i see the fear
in her downcast eyes, as tears trail my back

i pretend to be tethered on strings of hope
ensconce my fears with factitious smiles
praying she doesn't see the forlorn looming
as i suppress my own tears through a stammer of words
while cursing death beneath my breath, unsettled within

i clamber the ground on deflected knees, hands enclosed
in sullenness my words are uplifted on a zephyr of last breaths
bore of a dozen souls lost as i withdrawal in this unrest of fate once more

November 11, 2019

Copyright © Sandra Adams