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There was a time when the great, gridiron classic,
    Was the ultimate in athletic pursuit.
But lately, the evolution has been warped, by
    Policy & standards that have served to dilute.

Most of us familiar to the game, have seen it grow,
    Both by player dimension & injuries sustained.
Where now the skill resides in one's ability to
    Bend the rules, as long as most are entertained.

Specifically, players have become much bigger,
    Stronger, and faster in the past, say 40 years.
And if you recall your basic physics, that's a 
    Recipe for extreme forces and many tears.

Yet during this same period, you'd think
    The equipment would develop & protect more.
But what I see is a noticeable reduction in protective
    Padding, and some has been put aside to ignore.

For example, knee pads & 'girdles' worn through 
    Youth, to protect the knees, hips, and backbones ...
Are vanishing quickly among the older ranks,
    Breaking speed limits for those sticks & stones.

Also, it could be argued that almost every play in a
    Game, has penalties and judgement must decide on degree.
Causing players to skillfully see what they can 
    Get away with; quite a unique athletic skill set, you agree?

Now for the record, I'm a huge football fan,
    And I've enjoyed the game for half a century.
And while I hope the players will compete safely,
    The equipment & rules need review for equity.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson