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Show me God

I fumbled across it, 
whilst tunnelling under a tree
The one superfluous atom,
left over from reality 
Now positioned straight ahead, 
looking directly into me
Emerging from some quanta,
imperceptible yet I can see
The missing nucleus of balance, 
and pinnacle of all belief 

No evidence required 
No probability, 
No examination
No stewards inquiry,
No foggy darkness 
In absolute clarity,

Came from before the beginning, 
to remain when everything ends
Past present and future, 
in the same uninterrupted tense
Oh one superfluous atom, 
creates an omnipresent sense 
Continuums of structure expand,
simultaneously as they condense
Equilibrium could only arrive,
when this surplus atom went 

I wish I may 
I wish I might 
today’s the day 
I’ve seen your light 
Superfluous atom
grant my wish tonight 

Giving me this moment, 
I’d longed since being born 
Banished all misconception, 
taking away my thorn
Drew back deaths curtain, 
opening every possible dawn
Spacetime unwinds, 
into a smooth universal lawn
At last I can see beyond, 
even the Big Bang is gone 

Eternity vanquished 
Infinity overcome 
Barriers relinquished 
Perpetuity’s done
Theories extinguished 
Equations equal none

All because one superfluous atom,
chose to remain alone 
This God particle, self evicted, 
so our space could be freely grown

David Kavanagh 

Copyright © David Kavanagh