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Intellectual Properties

A property needing protect 
Postal delivers reads address printed “the intellect”
A smart move it would be 
To arm oneself with the concept known as the degree 
Brainy acts can go too far 
Upended with a conversation at the bar  
Conceptual thinking is a good plan 
When taking a stand 
Observe the whole scope of things 
By interpreting it flying on creative wings 
Looking both ways 
Justice they say 
When exploring being intelligent real estate 
Seeing a plot that on the surface looks real great 
Taking a step back 
Studying what happened is a good tact 
If not actually directly involved 
Listen and stay calm 
Not being an aggressor 
Does not mean stop the pressure 
Instead let others make the mistake 
Turning their points into reviews stating, “You’re a fake” 
Theatrical visual images do have shock 
But can be forgotten after a few seconds on the clock 
Sign up for the course
Designed debating peaceful force 
Purchasing a one bedroom flat 
Offered by academics saying, “We are not getting into that” 
Late nights in this apartment 
Taking notes in the Professor’s lecture department 
Rhetoric revolution has just started 
Making an investment 
Maturing and distancing from personal resentment 
Deciding to elect 
A choice based on respect 
After the seller gets the healthy check 
Finishing the business with the broker 
Being serious buyers not a joker 
A good foundation due to civil tone 
Reason for stating residing now at Bachelors’  “Home Sweet Home” 

Copyright © Marc O'Brien