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Another Man's Treasure

"Another Man’s Treasure"
Jetsam tumbles broken doorbells no one answers anymore ironing boards pressing to imprint something of significance a life, your life droll and predictable it all sinks to the bottom of a bad dream with yesterday’s stale tears sharp heels clicking on a parquet floor like knives ripping words jagged scratches on old wallpaper like a warning thrown at a wall Sundry feelings furry ageing inevitable intimate moments blurry moulding green against a new life you prophesy diamond clean their part in your life half-state now pill swallowed like a bad dream forgotten and there you sit and twirl grinning from ear-to-ear on your swivelling black leather chair before a glowing screen lighthouse revolver ready evolving glowing prisms adrift blue ribbons of seaweed green tangled in your wide Sargasso Sea morse code blinking reverie lost memories pleasantly drowned like a murderess you pin them down then, the tight grasp of possibilities rise to face the horizon eventually, they are Marco Polo found and there you are midpoint hovering poised waiting Unconditional Singular One man’s trash Another Man’s Treasure (LadyLabyrinth/2020)
"Wonders of the Deep" / Chemical Brothers

Copyright © Lady Labyrinth