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Awaking from silence

There is a language barrier being created
adopted and fostered by social media
controlling certain dialect from surfacing
kept down with bad manners treasonous acts with character
Governing bodies has signed the soul of democracy away
to address another human life form rubbished neologism
Firstly a status of hate filled pride needs to be brought into account here
to alter facts and grammar suiting a wicked agenda correction
This has no value when examined for what's right and just
silence is no longer a tool of the innocent party 
when powered to speak with lawful manners
from the wool of a Lamb knitted into a soul
the Lion will roar within this arena
Words are enslaved put in chains by bigots
backwards justice in the end will fail terribly
because the finger and pulse will always point out
The truth from deep within a person's heart

Copyright © liam mcdaid