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Cock and Bull Story by Baiden-Amissah, Ebenezer

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Road to exile.

Boko Haram immigrants of hell,

nurtured to torture,

Bomb-tore people like vulture.


We all scared for our own fear,


that makes us all victim.

Just for a much smaller group or network.


It bothers me, in my inner mind,

how heartless a human can be,

heart more harder than the wildest beast.

who just turned devourer, for religion and illiteracy.


It bothers me less, knowing the time we are in,

The ruthless time of age,

the era John, reviled,

For only those who stand strong will be full of ecstatic.


They claim to be ignorant of Boko,

yet they made use of it,

They path this way, for all these Cock and Bull story.

Regardless of, we will exonerate.


Our faith in Christ Jesus will grow stronger,

For the Conqueror Peaceful Lamb,

Will slay the Perpetrators, with His rod.

Only then will the Crying Soul Rest.

Copyright © Stephen Aniobi | Year Posted 2012

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                      Mr.Cock and Ms. Bull tied the knot on Sunday night
                When the guests departed they were spoiling for the fight
                             They scouted every nook and cranny
                               In search of argument if there any
            In a kerfuffle they kicked the bucket once in a blue moonlight 

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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You Know Nothing About

Dark origin behind the dawn of life
Dumb souls laugh far-off stream
A chip heavy on shoulders
Crash with thunder storm
Generous thoughts from heaven
Fall like cold dew in a pail
Walk with a profound heart miles and miles away
Thoughts prevail every time with no answer
Often lose action with single que, how absurd?
You get trapped in the same web as spiders do?
Then you’re off on the wrong foot
Just give a slip from yourself, long to soar up the sky
And fly as high as a kite, leaving the cruel world behind
Let others stroll and wade up to the shore
For you desire no more pleasure
The need for fresh air is all in demand
Is this how necessity became the mother of all?
You will hear people spin tall tale not one but many
The ridiculous cock and bull story from the attic with a cry
Keep your chin up and listen till the end
You can’t escape from loose cannons around
The world carries Hell in a hand basket
Every rose has its thorn; still the flower grows on pins 
There will be horrid little lumps within but don't crush the bud When you know you’re barking up the wrong tree, 
Float down the running stream to know your rope 
stamp hard feet down and see you appear bold on them
Carry yourself safe in the dark-dark night
Bold sense of vision hidden from the bloody sight 
An untimely resignation is traumatic, true! 
But every cloud has a silver lining
Stumbling blocks or stepping stones throw possibilities open
It’s time to pull the plug and aim for the best of both worlds
You need an eagle's sight to fight against the feeding frenzy
In fact, there are no mistakes, only experiences
No problems only challenges, the ultimate spring of survival
One day, you will find your feet fixed on the right ground
Ready to explore the beauty of new space
Dare not give umpteen excuses or never justify wrong
Some are irreversible!
Life has been kind, sometimes harsh, but mostly fair.
But think positive! Is it that simple?
Do billion good thoughts mean billion actions?
So many questions but answers too
Now, you might doubt about fear and sorrow
But not about life, love and death!
Is this what we call mere symbolism of deeper reality?
You know nothing about...
But know that your Lord has got you where you’re now! 
Will be taken there in your own time and reach that extra mile, Be you and teach to learn!
Count blessings no matter yours or mine!
Today, I stand to be a little more aware
My life is still trying to teach something that’s worth a try!
You know absolutely nothing at all...!

Copyright © Hussaina Azgar | Year Posted 2017

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Every Eyes Has Some Water

Hold on with your tale, brother!
You can't deceive me with that
Cock and bull story of lost brain.
Every eyes has some water in it
But all depend on how we use it.
You may use it for Good or Bad;
All is in your hand to tell the world.

Hold your story to yourself!
You have a burden and I have mine,
What makes It different is the we carry it;
And the way we see it through our eyes.
Mine might be heavier than yours or
Yours might be heavier than mine.

Don't shade those crocodile tears to me,
I have seen a lot and I am tired of them.
Every eyes has some water in them to shade,
Problems would never make me shade a drop of my tears again.
So don't make me feel as if I don't have water in my own eyes by crying here and there because you have nothing to eat.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

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Cock and Bull Story

I see what I say and when I speak
I say what I clearly see-
A cock did once crow in my village
It was dawn but soon at midday it died
The villagers did many predictions
Had an old man brought in
Revive the animal they all meant to do the herculean task.
The old man rehearsed before them his past
To save the life of the poor pet:
“And when we cover the cock with a metal bucket
And when thereafter we strike the top so hard
The fowl would live”
What is a world of noise to the dwelling of the dead?
A nun suggested we cried onto our Maker
But none would listen
What is a world of noise to the Creator’s Ears
All and sundry doubted?
There was a fight between two bulls
Leaving one with his horn totally broken
He had won the fight all right
Not without injury though
Home he went and his Master treated all his wounds.
The tales are two
The world is one
Its people differ in their thoughts
But truth would always stand
God is Love.

Copyright © Ebenezer Baiden-Amissah | Year Posted 2017