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Best Teen Poems

Below are the all-time best Teen poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of teen poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member A girl named Sue
POTW 1 Oct 2018

Gossip about her
swept the school yard through
“Hey if you’ve got what it takes 
There’s this girl named Sue
For a pack of smokes

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Categories: angst, fantasy, teen love,

bloody wrists
I'm sitting on the floor
I'm crying so much more
trying to erase this pain
trying to forget your face
sitting here with the blade in my hand
running so...

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Categories: teen, abuse, boyfriend, bullying, depression,

This Girl
This girl, she's crying inside,
But all everyone sees is smiles,
This girl, she's hurting inside,
She's lived like this for quite a while,
Always holding her pain inside,...

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Categories: life, people, sympathy, teen,

Do you hear my silent cries?
Or do you set me to the side?
For in my mind the black bird flies,
In the Darkness of my...

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Categories: depression, teen,

Premium Member Letting Go
Their lives begin, that special day
Your hardest job, is on the way.
Walking and pacing, all night long
Knowing that one day, they’ll be strong.

Watching them crawl,...

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Categories: family, life, teen, timeparents,

Premium Member Lonely Dreams
I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will...

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Categories: teen, christian, courage, cry, dream,

Sweetest Love Note
One night a guy & a girl were
driving home from the movies. The
boy sensed there was
something wrong because of the painful
silence they shared between them

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Categories: teen, black african american, death,

read this please
They hate you because your you
They make up lies and call it true
They're fake behind your back
Hoping someday that you'll crack.

They hate you because your...

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Categories: teen, betrayal, care, career, change,

Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny
Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth

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Categories: teen, adventure, black african american,

From a Hospital Bed

Even if I’m dizzy with an aching head, 
I must not disturb the others in the beds
In this hospital ward where...

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Categories: teen, childhood, depression, family, children,

The Best Mistake
You made the mistake and now,
your afraid to face this day. 

Your thoughts are racing through 
and through.

You wonder if your family looks at
you as...

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Categories: teen, caregiving, confusion, faith, family,

Since First I Saw You
Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes...

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Categories: teen, beautiful, beauty, brother, daughter,

Daddy Please
Daddy will you hold me and
Tell me I’ll be okay?
Will you whisper in my ear
All the things you used to say

Will you squeeze me tight,

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Categories: teen, angst, childhood, faith, father,

Premium Member Shades of Roses
All their peach faces have now bowed their heads,
Eighteen lovely roses cut from their beds.

In their wilt lies a sadness I have known
Of inferior complexities...

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Categories: teen, growth, memory, metaphor, ,

Color Blind
My first crush seemed like a box of Crayons
Hot Magenta was tugging on her nylons

She dyed her hair like the Florida Sunrise
Her Cool And Crazy...

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Categories: romance, teen,

Inhale: You touch me softly, then kisses me with delight.
Exhale:  It feels so good to me the spots you touch are just right.
Inhale: Should...

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Categories: teen, life, loss, lost love,

Premium Member Plastic Flowers
Sitting so pretty in a vase
You lift your deceitful faces to the world.
I may arrange you how I wish
And I may rejoice that your thorns...

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Categories: society, teen,

Dancing in The Mirror
as i am dancing around my tiny bathroom, in my short shorts

i stop for just a fraction of a moment to look in the mirror

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Categories: teen, 9th grade, appreciation, love,

My Rhyme
Roses are black.

Violets are dead.

Love is bitterly sweet.

Like a shot to the head.

They say love will kill you.

It will be the slowest form of suicide...

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Categories: teen

Premium Member The Lost Years
The photos stopped 
when you were 10 or 11.
Around that time, you started refusing to 
have your pictures taken.
A few candid shots are all I’ve...

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Categories: teen, family, father, growing up,

Premium Member Trust
God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands....

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Categories: teen, angel, beautiful, beauty, child,

Premium Member The Hypocritical Christian
I am the hypocritical Christian.
I say I follow Christ,
But I'm still consumed by my demons.
I go to church on Sunday,
But I refuse to invite someone...

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Categories: teen, beautiful, beauty, bible, care,

Premium Member having sex - footle
buck wild
rodeo style
PENNED ON AUGUST 14, 2014!...

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Categories: teen, freedom, funny, sexy, teacher,

I miss you
I miss you, 
like the sky misses the stars.
like the streets when there are no cars.
like a government that has no laws,
like music, when it...

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Categories: teen, cute love, funny love,

IQ Test
I could care less about the four 
corners of insults, 
That intelligence invites; 
It is always the first straw of 
grass that’s grows, 
which reveals...

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Categories: teen, allegory, childhood, children, courage,