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Below are the all-time best Thanksgiving poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of thanksgiving poems written by PoetrySoup members

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The Best Thanksgiving Poems

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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I must Carpe Diem

I used to live life full of dreams 
Planning, for many years to come.
Where I will be, when I will go,
A future that was filled with fun.

Till the day my life was shattered.
Till the day when the hammer struck.
All my dreams now torn asunder 
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to duck.

I stood my battles, fought the fight 
We gathered and said our goodbyes,
Yet through all of your brave faces,
I could still hear the silent cries.

Last Will and Testament written,
Everything important was said,
“I love you,” still that magic word,
I’d sleep in peace tucked in my bed.

Then something magical happened,
I came back from places of dread.
Now more a part of the living,
Each day I get stronger instead.

Now I know what’s most important
Enjoy precious moments each day,
Learned not to live for tomorrows
That just might not come anyway.

I enjoy each sip of coffee,
Watching leaves turn colours and fly,
Kisses from my sweet little dog,
Every time I see a blue sky.

The music of my Children’s voices,
Love of family never ends,
Carpe Diem, just seize the day,
That is my new motto my friends.

Written 10.25.2014
For Regina Riddle’s Contest 
Seize the Moment (Carpe Diem)

James 5:15
And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.

Living for the moment makes everything more special.

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Watching sunrise, shoreline's ablaze
Love letter sent from Thee
I sing a psalm, an Easter palm
And start my day with glee.

Watching sunset, shoreline's agleam
A note Thou sent with smile
I heave a sigh, a love's reply
And thank God for this isle.

No. 2 Shoreline
Let Me Feel Your Lines - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
31 March 2015

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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God Is Great

     God is great,
     God is good;
     Let us thank Him for being here;
     And remember, just remember it's Him whom died for us;
     Remember, oh, remember He embodied Jesus Christ;
     God is, God is good;
     God is, God is great, God is good;

     God is great,
     God is good;
     Let us thank Him for creating us;
     remember, remember it's His mercy and grace;
     remember, just remember He creator of all space;

     God is, God is good;
     God is, God is good;
     God is, God is good, God is great;

     God is great,
     God is good;
     Let us thank Him for being Him;
     Remember, just remember it's Him who died for us;
     Remember, just remember He allow Jesus to die on the cross;
     To save all sinners lost, to redeem all mankind cause...
     God has forever love for us....

     God is great,
     God is good;
     God is good
     God is, God is good
     God is great

     Written by James Edward Lee Sr.(c) 1974,2017
     from demo   "All Alone "
      July  12 1974
     Sound Recorders 


Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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I think back

When I think back...
 I see your eyes on me across the room,
 The way your lips slowly curve into a happy smile,
 Your strong arms holding a child,
 And I think back...
 Do you remember being the "Big Man" on campus back then?
 Or the easy ways of the women you've held?
 The loving hearts that you've shuttered and broke?
 And I think back...
 Do you remember those secret games we once played?
 Or the silent pleas to the Lord that you've made? 
 The loving family you've had and destroyed?
 And I think back...
 And I think back to the way things are and smile,
 And I think back to the way you were and I know,
 And I think back to the man you've become and I love you,
 And I thank back...then I thank God.

Copyright © Alina Councilman | Year Posted 2014

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Broken English

I love my broken English

Am in love with my broken English

Am honored to have two other languages

The ability to think from language to language is one that many don't experience 
The ability to bring vibes from one language to another is one, that many envy

Sometimes it's like a train, English flows easily before it gets to a halt
Sometimes it's a bus with many stops, some harsh, some dash, some flash
And some mistakenly whether car or train, crash 
Some like aeroplane, are up there in the air
Building their own castles
Creating unfamiliar words

Whether writing from kikuyu to English 
Or kikuyu to Swahili and then to English 
Or just writing from the little dash of English that I learnt from my English classes,
With poetry,I can still escape 
Whether in the veiled grammatical errors
        Or just like a volatile chameleon

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

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Turkey so dry that I can’t speak Brussel sprouts boiled for a week Roast potatoes burnt to a crisp Lumpy gravy I feel Sick Jan Allison 26th October Inspired by Andrea’s contest but not written for it!

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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morning quiet time
in nature's warm bosom found
sun kissed flowers shine

12 March 2015
POEM OF THE DAY - 14 March 2015
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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Some Thoughts For November

Another month of days has passed us by
We now prepare for cold November rains
For veterans our hearts will sadly sigh
With daylight savings time some sun we'll gain

The turkey will become our welcome guest
Our families and friends will visit soon
We'll realize how much we're truly blessed
And start to tire of constant Christmas tunes

But yet for some depression will set in
Because of poverty and loneliness
November is the time to call on them
To share the gift of hope and happiness

Thanksgiving Day we'll go to God in prayer
Remember those with nothing in despair.

       by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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They organized a church bazaar,
To raise money for the poor.
A booth for selling chances
Was set up, outside the door.

When I bought the raffle ticket, 
My reasoning was murky,
And I could only just believe it,
When I won that doggone turkey.

Now, the kids were all excited
When we brought the critter home.
So we placed him in the barnyard, 
Where he'd have lots of room to roam.

Since the date was late October,
I'm quite sure you understand,
That to have him for Thanksgiving
Was my awe inspiring plan.

Well, the turkey was no birdbrain,
As I was very soon to find.
That bird knew what I was thinking;
Why, I declare, he read my mind. 

I let the children care for him,
To my most profound regret--
He turned on his charming manner,
And, quickly, he became their pet.

But that fact did not deter me,
I told myself it didn't matter.
I was dead set and determined
To see that gobbler on a platter.

When the kids perceived my purpose,
They turned on the tears and pleas.
Then, the wife joined in their chorus,
And that brought me to my knees.

So I told my grieving family
They could dry up, and relax.
I concealed my disappointment--
Went and put away the axe.

Came the dinner of Thanksgiving,
Not a sad face could be found.
And our live Thanksgiving turkey
Was the gladdest bird around. 

We gathered around the table,
And I humbly asked the blessing--
While Tom gobbled down his corn, outside,
We had hotdogs and dressing. 

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2006

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Thanksgiving from Three Perspectives

A Child's Thanksgiving Prayer 

Lord, I thank thee as I sit to eat,
For mashed potatoes that I helped to make.
And thanks, dear Lord, we're having something sweet.
Besides the beets and peas, there's pies and cake!

I thank thee for the sweet potatoes too
‘Cause Mom put tiny marshmallows on top.
They melted into white and taste goo;
Bless Mom, this  time her cooking didn't flop!

And thanks, dear Lord, my cousins came today.
I only get to see them once a year.
It snowed, and so we're going out to play.
Only my aunt Ruthie isn't here.

I'm glad she caught a cold. Forgive me, Lord.
It's just she talks so much we kids get bored.

A Dad's Thanksgiving Prayer 

Thanks, Lord, for this day of our Thanksgiving.
I've got a nice long weekend thanks to thee,
Starting with what I call really living-
Football on TV for me to see.

I'm thankful for this turkey on the table,
And for my wife, who bought it at the store
Even though she had to read the label
On how to cook the thing and even more . . .

Because this was her first time hosting dinner,
There was a lot my poor wife had to learn.
But the pumpkin pie turned out to be a winner,
And the gravy(which I love), she didn't burn!

And praise to thee, my kid is not as bad
As those that my wife's sister Annie had.

A Mom's Thanksgiving Prayer 

I thank thee, Lord, for this Thanksgiving Day,
For helping hands to clear away this mess;
For snow to tempt the kids outside to play;
For all my family and the meal's success.

I haven't seen my sisters in a while.
Though Ruthie's gone, I'm glad we all can chat.
The men are in the den.  Each wears a smile.
They're chugging Buds and happy getting fat.

I'm thankful too that Mom and Dad are here.
They're taking all the kids to see a show
Tomorrow while the men are drinking beer.
I hope nobody gets into a row!

Bless Mom and Dad.  The kids will have them hopping
(Especially Annie's kids) while we're out shopping!

For PD's "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.. any food, thanksgiving
 or turkey poem CONTEST.. Poetry Contest"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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The Mirror Of Time

I hold three magic rocks, in my hand. Rolling them over and over and over. Leaving this 
reality behind, far behind I stepped into the magic mirror and there I was back in 1959.  It 
was the same month, November.  I looked around and it was the same as I remember it had 
been then.  Mom looked so young and beautiful and said, "The school bus will be here in a 
few minutes."  I looked at the calendar and saw that it was November 25th, the day before 
Thanksgiving.  I said, "But mom, I haven't been in school in forty years."  I got this strange 
look from her but she didn't say anything.  Walking toward the door I caught a reflection of 
myself in the hall mirror.  I was so young.  My hand immediately went to my face and I 
stopped and stared at myself for a few minutes. I said, "Mom, can I stay home and be with 
you today?"  Again I got that strange look from her, then she smiled and said, "Sure, it's 
your last day before Thanksgiving anyway, why not?"  She and I sit down and talked for 
hours.  Then I said, "Do you mind if we go next door and visit with Maw Maw and Paw Paw?  
I haven't seen them in so long and I've missed them terribly!"  Again another strange look 
from mom. Next door I saw Maw Maw and Paw Paw as they had been in 1959.  I wept and 
they all looked at me so strangely.  I hugged them and kissed them all and we talked for 
hours.  Dad finally came home from work and I ran and hugged him so hard. "Dad why did 
you have to leave us in June?"  Again I got strange looks from everyone.  My tears were 
falling.  I saw Aunt Frances and Uncle Bill who lived beside Maw Maw and Paw Paw. "I've 
missed you both for so long." Strange looks again!  They didn't understand because to them, 
it was just another day in 1959.  The day grew late and I knew my time was soon ending.  I 
got near the magic mirror and mom and dad were standing there so young and healthy. I 
said, "Mom I'll see you on the other side of the mirror, but dad, I'll see you another time, 
another place."  They didn't understand.  I stepped back through and my reflection was as it 
had been before.  Mom was sitting in her chair at age 84.  I said, "Mom, do you remember 
the day before Thanksgiving, 1959, when I stayed home from school and we spent the day 
together?"  She said, "Yes, it was so strange that you could never remember anything about 
it.  It was as though you had amnesia.

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

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Crown of Sonnets - Part Two

Heroic Crown of Sonnets -  Part Two  

A Year Of Months


July now follows summer's song of June;
with burning sun, her days are humid, warm.
Great time to languish in the afternoon,
and later, watch an evening thunderstorm.
More lush than ever is the summer grass,
and deep and dense the forests all around.
The energy of summer has amassed
maturity in spring's rebirthing ground.

The month, July is summer's crowning gem:
the height of summertime for get-aways;
to take advantage of the warmth, and then,
put out of mind the past cold weather days.

And yet, we know that summer will adjourn;
the next months show our seasons take a turn.

9. Volta or Turn Verse

The next months show our seasons take a turn;
the height of summer slowly winding down.
The sun hangs low in sky, a cooler burn,
and thoughts of cooler weather bring a frown.
The prime of summer days behind us now
as season cycles come and go on time.
We must accept earth's changes with a bow
and celebrate each season as sublime.

August, September, downslide to the fall;
it won't be long to gather warmer clothes.
Their passing harkens soon October's call
and our November and December shows.

This turn in climate we cannot transcend;
The month of August leads to summer's end.

10. August

The month of August leads to summer's end;
though warm, the grasses turn to yellow-green.
Our sun hangs lower in late summer's trend
to shorter days with cooler nights between.
Still, time for beaches, laying by a pool,
yet thoughts are turned to end-of-summer blues,
as children must set sight on back to school,
yet hang on to what's left of August views.

Near end of August, leaves curl on the trees;
the hues of brown and yellow catch our eye.
The deepened shades of green fade in degrees,
and soon it's time that summer says goodbye.

And now we must get ready for the turn,
when cool September's bends to fall's concern.

11. September

When cool September bends to fall's concern,
though still, some summer warmth may overflow, 
the shortening of days signals the turn
to think about our autumn's golden glow.
The colored crispness of bright fallen leaves
negates the loss of summer's carefree days.
Progression's slow, but day by day fall weaves
a special time of year that will amaze.

September makes her mark with Labor Day,
when then we know for sure that summer's done.
Our thoughts turn to lifestyles another way,
preparing for our winter time's long run.

September's beauty grows to soon portend
October stirs her brilliant autumn blend.

12. October

October stirs her brilliant autumn blend
of colored leaves that fall and drift away.
Her cold, crisp air we share and now befriend
and are aware that autumn's here to stay.
Progressing still, undressing of our trees,
and days ahead with bouts of sleet or rain.
The beauty of October's painted leaves
now helps to heal the loss-of-summer pain.

The orchards, filled with autumn's ripened gifts
now beckon us to pick them and consume;
aroma, from sweet, luscious pies uplifts – 
replaces missing scents of summer's bloom.

October ends her stay to realize,
November days deliver winter's prize.

13. November

November days will offer winter's prize,
and soon, when we awake on colder days,
we'll know that fall is sending last goodbyes
as snowy days ahead prepare displays.

The trees, soon bare of red-gold-orange shawls,
let rustic browns of branches rule the scene
until the snow wraps them with ermine falls
that cling and drape with whiteness so pristine.

November brings a time we celebrate.
with joyous feasts of food and drink, good cheer.
With family and friends, stay close, relate;
Thanksgiving Day, we honor and revere.

November passes and with her demise,
December comes with end-of-year goodbyes.

14. December

December comes with end-of-year goodbyes.
Full winter now to bloom as days proceed
with snow-filled days, that time that soon implies
we turn our minds to holidays full speed,
when everyone is filled with Christmas joy
and shopping days for loved ones fill each day;
dear families and friends meet to enjoy
this joyous time...our end of year bouquet. 

December is the last month of the twelve
that makes up one year's measured time we spend;
a final year to finish and soon shelve;
last midnight brings December to its end.

A brand new year of twelve will now appear;
divided into months is our Earth year.

15. First Line of Each Sonnet Poem

Divided into months is our Earth year,
and January starts as a new page.
Month two, cold February, will appear;
next, comes our windy March to take her stage.
When April comes on pussy-willow feet,
and month of May unfolds her blossoms soon,
our mid-year month of June brings summer heat.
July now follows summer song of June.

The next months show our seasons take a turn;
the month of August leads to summer's end
when cool September's bends to fall's concern,
October stirs her brilliant autumn blend.

November days deliver winter's prize.
December comes with end-of-year goodbyes.

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Heroic Crown of Sonnets (Part Two)
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Judged: 06/09/2016

8 Sonnets

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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This is a terrible time of year for Turkeys
How many innocent lives are going to be lost?
All their friends and relations are in for the chop
No turkey is spared; their fate is sealed
Killed and then cooked in kitchens all over the US
So people can enjoy a traditional festive feast
Go vegetarian or vegan and spare these poor birds-
I understand nut roast is a very tasty alternative
Voting turkeys would ban thanksgiving if they could
I imagine they must dread this time of year!
Now, let me be serious… I hope you all have a wonderful time
Get together with family and friends and celebrate your special day


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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From My Cornucopia

The horn of plenty on my grandparents’ table as we sat feasting . . . the thought of being apart never entering our minds though the years have fled from my cornucopia . . . new fruits spilling out My cup is overflowing and I brim with happiness because of every blessing that I have and every one that ever was! Nov. 15, 2017 for the Cornucopia Contest of Kim Rodrigues

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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23 years old,
Old enough to drink wine,
Old enough to drive a car,
Yet still, she sits at the kids' table,

She decides to get away,
Stay away from the politics and the war,
The cursing and the football,
All the horrible things that the “adults” talk about,

She sits in the bright yellow chair,
The ladybug table pressing up against her abdomen,
Grubby faces with bright eyes all around her,

She giggles and speaks of clouds and birds,
As she stares into their eyes,
They penetrate into her soul,
A bright light appears in her sight,

She is blinded,
A warmth travels down to an empty place in her chest,
This place fills up with this heat,

The place where the giggles and the laughter used to be,
 The place where the nonsense known as love used to be,
The place where her heart once was,

Over the years she’s heard,
Heard of the horrible things in the world,
The wars, the deaths,
The loves and the divorce,

She closes her eyes,
When she opens them she’s 10 again,
She decides to stay,
So she spends the next 13 years at the kid's table.

Copyright © Flora Mack | Year Posted 2018

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I had a friend with a unique way of looking at the world
(although I once thought she was misled)
because when the rest of us said ‘Happy Thanksgiving’
‘Happy Thanks-given’ is what she said.

It is a day we come together
and give thanks for all the ways we have been blessed
for our health
our happiness
our friends
our family
all the treasures we possess…

For years we’ve come together
we’ve flown
we’ve taken trains
we’ve driven…
to celebrate not only this Thanksgiving
but years of thanks already given…

So as you sit down for your feast this year
as you’ve done so may times before…
to give thanks for this years blessings
remember all the years you’re thankful for….

Remember all the thank yous
over the years you have amassed…
and how our thank yous of today and tomorrow
are linked to thank yous of the past. 

I guess my friend was right all along
so allow me….If I may
to wish you not only a Happy Thanksgiving
but a Happy Thanks-given day.

Copyright © Jim Yerman | Year Posted 2018

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Poet's Heart of Gold

Giving Thanks 

In advance, I wish to heal the mind, body, and soul
Thanking all God's creatures
Coating all my expressions from-
-Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Conceal every worry, 
Focus on the goodness that fills my spirit with thankfulness
And, well, honored comments. 

This is a rich tribute to:
All Poetry Soup Poets, with grateful and appreciating hearts
Enjoy the time, you give each and every Poets


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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A conceited spring leaf, with pride in its heart


Its vigor and its beauty


The tree, how important it and its sibling leaves were,

And that without them naked the tree would have remained

Having no 

Foliage, that so majestically the tree had dressed which, not only  
Oxygen supplied to the tree 


Also protection from the wind and for the birds a place to

Make their home.  

The tree, after the leaf its long monologue had finished,

Turned towards it and asked with a sardonic smile:

“Where would you be, my newborn friend, if I were not 



To provide, my branches for you to grow on 


Nourishment from my roots that are hidden in the

Ground? *

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
    12 MARCH 2015

* All stories I write with such dialogues, are the result of inspiration. 
If, however, the story is not a poetic one, Please, blame me and not 
the inspiration!  

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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Sizzling succulent sirloin Crispy golden fries Sautéed mushrooms piled up high Tossed dressed green salad Knife and fork ready Just divine Mine! 10~26~14 Contest: Make me drool Epulaeryu Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich ~awarded 1st place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Thanksgiving Day Prayer Today, dear Lord, we gather here In fellowship and love, Mindful of the wondrous gifts That come from thee above. For this feast, we thank thee, Lord… For health, that here abounds… For love, that fills and warms our hearts… For children’s happy sounds. For shelter of our cozy homes For freedom of this land For right to live the life we choose For nature’s bounty, grand. These blessings you bestow on us Outshine all want and strife. We thank thee, Lord for this day, We thank thee, Lord, for life. Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: Thanksgiving Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron Judged: 11/19/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2014

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EIGHT DAYS HAVE PASSED "Give thanks to the Lord our God and King His love endures forever For He is good, He is above all things His love endures forever" ---------------------------------------------------- Eight days have passed since year 2016 began Father God, I welcomed this year with beaming smile and hope for a better, happier year to accept Your revelations and heartily with arms wide open set forth to live. Last year has been a big surprise Father God but wow, You always overwhelm me when You answer my prayer. Trials, disappointments and failures thud! thud! thud! They came too, battling with me, weakening my nerves that there are times, I am again asking why... I am again asking when is the ending because I'm all tired. Despite such times, I know, I believe and I continued to never ever forget to say thank You. I may have lost some opportunities but I thank You, You gave me this time to be with my family. Seeing my parents laughing and crying while they hold the first baby of our family, priceless. I admit, I miss these times for in my memory there's not such pictures or moments I recall. Thank You because after long long time, I celebrated my birthday with my love ones complete. I thank You that You gave me those times to finally speak out those buried heartaches that openned the door for better relation... It has not been easy because I even leave home just for things to cool down and let them all realize. Over that period, I thought I will be alone but no... You Father God sent a gift to me, since July 2014, what we have has grown to more and more. You know Father God how I yearn to have somebody by my side, someone stronger, wittier, funnier, better than I am and my being is overjoyed that You gave me a person far greater than I even wished, even dreamt and prayed for. I thank You Father God that You are making it happen for me, I do believe that there is so much more You have stored for me, I am relieved to let go of 2015 with a determined heart and receive the New year with positivity... With Your strength and wisdom that empowers me, I know anything that may come I can stand through and be victorious as You are with me, seeing me through since I was born. I hold on to Your promises Oh Father God and the fulfillment of the everything You have started in me. Faithful, merciful and loving that is You, I say with all I am that I love you and I thank You. Forever, I will declare and spread Your goodness in my life. Forever, I will utter my gratitude that You blessed me then and now. Forever to You is the highest praise, glory and honor. F-o-r-e-v-e-r! ____________________________________________________________________ *** Quoted lyrics is from the song Forever by Chris Tomlin ***Inspired by Biblical Verse: 1 Chronicles 16: 34 8:36 pm, January 09, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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MY SPIRIT SINGS Almond eyes speak: "Take me home please-- bonnie green fields where I may wander, chasing butterflies and darting dragonflies dearly gazing to blue and orange streak skies. Everyday, I will find some daffodils fixing and tucking one to my ear, grin painted on my face as I look hungrily to praise and thank you, God! Interred two years ago by mistake, justice and joy, I yearn to feel, kneeling everyday, praying unto God: "Listen to me O tender God and don't leave" Merciful Father heard, He blessed me saying: "Now Son, be fruitful and multiply", I amble-- obedient me to sunny walks down winding roads, persistent to bear the given loads, quicker to maneuver from danger's path, reflexive instincts working double time! Seeking God's wisdom to always guide me, taking time to read the Bible everyday, understanding: "Man shall not live on bread alone... Vexed and pressed by a truckload of trials but whom shall I fear when God is my light and salvation. Xenacious I, excited, wanting to do it in an instant! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes! Yes, Lord, Amen. Zealous is my heart and spirit as I sing! _______________________________________________________ ***xenacious means filled with yearning for change.. Abecedarian - Poetry Contest Sponsor Shadow Hamilton ~~8th place~~ 10:49 pm, July 06, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Thanksgiving Celebrations

Time to foster your relations
With thanksgiving celebrations.
With family reminisce past,
All our love now remembering
Come together watch our hearts sing.
Nothing earthly will ever last,
Time to foster your relations
With thanksgiving celebrations.

If stumbling stones stand in your way
Remove them this Thanksgiving Day.
With family reminisce past,
Nothing earthly will ever last.
Time to foster your relations
With thanksgiving celebrations.

Sonnetina Rispetto 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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I'm Very Thankful

I’m Very Thankful!
I’m very thankful for everything the Lord has made...
Everything he’s created…  His beauty is displayed!
I’m very thankful for the breath I have to breathe…
Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave.
I’m very thankful for the way God has made so evident.
The principles of his word…  Are so relevant!
I’m very thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown…
It has brought blessings and healing to my home!
I’m very thankful for the many things he’s done for me…
He’s given me his love which flows abundantly!
I’m very thankful that each day,..  Is another to live for him…
He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin.
I’m very thankful that I can write
 these words from my heart.
I know that he’s with me.  And he’ll never depart!
I’m very thankful that you’re reading
 what I’ve been saying…
May this cause you to once again start praying!
I pray that this same Jesus I know…
 Who’s merciful and kind…
Will speak words of hope to you
 and give you a peace of mind.
I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended.
You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.”
Thank you Lord!  For what you’ve
 done and are going to do…
It’s another way that I can say 
Thank you Lord!  For all that I‘ve 
received and so much more…
You’ve made my life complete… 
And are worth living for!
By Jim Pemberton   01/25/11

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2014