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Oh Jerusalem


Israel of three thousand years
expulsed at times
enslaved by the Romans
gassed by Europe
persecuted by Saudi-Arabia
murdered by Iran and Iraq
shackled by Egypt
attacked by Jordan
robbed by Syria
sold out by the UK
bombed by the IRA
slandered with spit by Turkish terrorists
sent to the Siberian gulags in Russia
comrades they are not
evicted from many many lands

Battles house by house
street by street
once friendly neighbors
each calling the other traitor
a bloody war where no side
would retreat
by prophecy they won

Wrestling God
the twelve tribes returned
to the land of the Israelites
to their promised land
from sand they made gardens
from the desert they grew grapes
where terror reigns they
made an oasis

Anti Zionism still slithers
belly dancers selling their deceptions
naked harlots forever spew latent hate
evil men whisper, dead jew, dead jew
sadly, uneducated views saturate
seductively selling their false peace
like a woman's second hand virginity

They only hate, and dream of blood
if only, if only we had another flood
Noah would leave them all at shore
harlots, by any other name are simply
the devils horses

Israel was
Israel is
Israel shall forever be
the Middle East's democracy
and graciously
the custodian of all of us
a religious trinity

Gods chosen
their glorious capital

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018

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An ugly world truth

A faithless entity unhappiness coldly it turns the eyes around coils 
breeding misery a vice with hate that consumes unconscious reality

Crawling underneath a thin veil of darkness 
hiding within bitterness that licks the wounds

As a blindness burns one beggar in hell's soup boils 
tortured by untruths morally shading absent light

Without His Holiness a soul never finds peace 
just war without hope develops inside the ugliness

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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There's an urgent feeling, sweeping 'cross the land
The hourglass is approaching, it's final grain of sand
Terror pulls the trigger, hearts begin to quake
Searching for a way to escape.......

There's a Revelation in the back of the book
'Talks about a tribulation, It's bad everywhere you look
But down at the Station,folks are boarding fast
Leaving from what's gonna come to pass

To the restless, the rejected, to the broken and the blue
The Messenger's still shouting all about the Good News
Thank GOD some have listened, they've heard the whistle blow
As angels sing "Sweet Chariot Swing Low"

On that train ain't no tension, ain't no talking trash
Ain't no poor folks section, everybody rides first class
See that light in the tunnel, the redeemed are coming through
And the Redemption Rail has room for you

But you ain't got enough money to buy a ticket on that train
'Cause they've all been purchased in a Carpenter's name
But if you want to claim him as your destiny
Come on!! You can ride...for free!

Written by Chuck Melugin

Copyright © Chuck Melugin | Year Posted 2017

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I am Christian

My divine manual and life prospectus is the Bible
my ways, a beautiful mirror sparkling like clean Marble
falsehood can’t colour my teeth
Jesus Christ is not a myth
the hope of eternal life, a conviction, not a gamble.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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I am blessed

I am blessed, I am loved
 His grace and mercy upon my life
 Is greater than the universe’s dimension
 And all of Earth’s demission and demotion
 Won’t keep me from my life devotion 

I am blessed yes it’s true
 His protection and fortification
 Is stronger than the world’s defenses
 In all the enemy’s attempts for my distraction
 And the corruption disrupting my trail
 Can’t obstruct me from my deliverance 

I am blessed and adored*
 His affection and devotion to me
 Extends beyond pacific leans
 All deceptions and confusions in my track
 Won’t extract me from his Compassion

I am blessed and so are you
 His love I am so eager to share
 I was extruded to excellence
 By my tutor a giant convection
 To convey his vast press

Lord, I have been blessed,
 Not only was I blessed,
 But I have been divinely favored 

Copyright © Matshidiso Mosia | Year Posted 2016

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Understanding the Lord's Prayer

Lord's prayer Matt6:9,10

Jesus taught us to pray, what to say to God, His Father, Our Father.

Oft repeated rarely understood words that put
His Fathers name first, to be sanctified made holy.

Isaiah43:10 he declares that he has his witnesses
that declare his wonderful name Jehovah, through all the earth.

"Let your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

What a wonderful hope that by means of God's kingdom, a real government,
(see Daniel2:44) that the earth can be a paradise, again, with conditions, like heaven, when Jesus begins his 1000 year rule over the earth Revelation20:6.

Understanding the two hopes or destinies of the faithful has help me to understand so much more, of how life will be when paradise on earth is restored, and we can witness the resurrection of our dear loved ones back to life on earth.

Even Jesus described the two destinies Matt5:3 Spiritual persons will inherit the 
heavenly kingdom, Matt5:5 meek shall inherit the earth mirroring Psalm37:29
What a blessing understanding what has been misunderstood and repeated for almost two thousand years.

Jesus did say the "truth will set you free"John8:32.Knowing and understanding
God's love, as revealed in his Word I do feel free, free from desperation, free from ignorance, free from falsehood, free from the Devils lies.

I look forward to the time when the Kingdom will come and God's will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

John Derek Hamilton
December 26, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Those Diamonds In The Rough

She could be a Sunday school teacher or
     perhaps a pastor’s wife, prayer warrior even
                  or maybe a church musician,
                       that girl you pick up on Sunday mornings that
doesn’t smell too good and left Cheetos stains
         on your leather seats.

        Maybe he will be
            a missionary to Malaysia, a songleader, a
                 pillar of strength in your youth group or in the 
          distant future a pastor  or evangelist,
    that little boy that fidgets a lot and hasn’t yet
learned that it’s not good manners to sit
                             with your feet on the pew.

                     As we reach for these children, Lord, and 
try to teach them who you are before the
                  world tries to teach them everything  You’re
not, as we may sometimes become inconvenienced 
                        or weary in the process,
help us to see them through your eyes of 
                   love and compassion and to remember that
we might be their only hope.


submitted for Best Free Verse from October-December 2017 Contest sponsored by John Hamilton
7th place

submitted for Your Favourite Free Verse Poem October-November 2017 Poetry Contest sponsored by Julia Ward

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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Heaven's Answer

From the error of my ways 
in the blink of one's eyes 
falling backwards I called out 
Oh God please save me
Inside the crunch mercy echoed 
as warm blood soaked the hands 
running through fingers wetly 

I roared in a broken state for help 
a vision flashed is this the end of me
To see the look of worry in my brothers eyes 
He asked if I could stand dazed 
getting up weak my body felt heavy with pain 

I began to smile alive 
saying sorry for being stupid 
he said that he was about to get the priest 
when I got up moaning as usual 
thinking a close call to death

Lord you saved me 
hearing my call Saviour 
feeling the fall cushioned 

Went to the doctors 
he bandaged my head 
cleaning the wound 
saying I was lucky 
giving a letter referring me to hospital

My dearest father he took me there 
I felt warm comfort and love inside the pain 
Got to hospital safe 
with a gash in my head needing staples 
after an hour I was called 
handed a nurse my doctors letter

Inside my mind 
I had flashes 
of internal bleeding 
almost two hours later 
I was called for xrays 
such a long wait

Firstly a nurse washed the wound 
Waiting again for about forty minutes 
another nurse called my name
I was taken away on a wheelchair 
almost panic like 
as they were taking me to the hospital bed 

I became worried
concerned for my own well being 
so I asked if everything was ok 
to be honest and truthful 
they asked if I went to the toilet 
half an hour ago I replied 
as there was awful bruising around the kidneys 
felt like one of my **** cheeks growing up my back 
as I walked the swelling hurt

They smiled and said 
it was a concern now its ruled out 
talk about getting me worried 
a blessing I thought

They told me 
I had to two hairline fractures on my spine 
one in the neck the other lower down 
I began praying whole heartedly  
tears burning my cheeks please Lord 
Thinking how careless stupid I was shortcuts 
sitting back they told me to lie flat and not move 
until the bone specialist came and had a look at me
my hand joined to the pyrmid of the Son 
begging His Father's mercy

As I breathed feeling pain 
I began praying in earnest 
thinking the worst case 
is coming soon bearing tidings 
the doctor came accompanied by a nurse 

I was really worried 
he began getting me 
to bend my legs and knees 
then my arms in different directions 
asking if I felt numbness 
everything was working perfect 
which I could move 
only a little stiff from bruising 
thank God I said into myself Heaven's blessing 
over and over again for each miracle received 

Because in my heart 
i knew truth answered my call 
deeply this was a serious junction in my life
The doctor smiled and said 
someone was looking over me 

I could not stop smiling 
even in pain never felt so happy relieved 
two others stapled my head 
ten the magic number count 

I was told not to lift 
anything heavy for eight weeks 
Talk about a sigh of relief 
they perscribed me painkillers

I am not taking them 
as I am happy suffering 
learning a valuable lesson in life 
miracles happen every day 

I came out all smiles 
when I saw my lovely dad 
A worried look on his face 
then smiling when I told him 
the good news and on the way home 
my drama in what he did not see

I promised God into myself 
I would tell the story true 
Letterkenny is understaffed fact 
Its clear to see in this state of emergency 
If I had internal bleeding I would of been dead 
This is a serious issue 
that needs to be addressed 
The staff were wonderful 
I sing that in the highest praise

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Thank You Jesus

                             Who picks me up ~ when I'm on the ground

                       Who lights the way ~ and makes me strong

               Who will never leave me ~ when everything goes wrong

                         Thank you, Jesus ~ I'll sing you my song

    “Thank you ~ for saving my life ~ thank you ~ for your love and sacrifice

                        I'm not the perfect man - I have my faults

                                   Thank you, Jesus ~ for dying on the cross"

This prayer is from the heart... I'll share it with all of the believers on PoetrySoup... In Jesus, we've won

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2017

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Can you feel the raging storm approaching?
 Hear the ferocious winds scream, "It's true"?
 Can you see the coal black clouds descending,
 Concealing the bleeding Blood Moon from view?
 Do you smell the deadly stench of the eerie fog 
 Hovering, smothering,
 The petrified - blanketed in sobbing dew?
 Watch the writhing of the snake as he faces battle, 
 With The Savior of every believer, Gentile and Jew. 
 Do you weep as the blinding lightning strikes,
 And Babylon crumbles in ashes to the ground?
 Do you tremble as Heaven opens and Jesus steps forth.
 Bearing scars and that thorn studded crown? 
 Now comes vengeance in the slamming of the rains,
 As they create craters for Lucifer and his crew.
 No longer on earth to reign again.
 The wolves in sheep's clothes unmasked for all to view.
 From the eye of the Lamb tongues of flames land,
 Consuming the perverted, saving God's faithful and true.
 As fiery Hell breaks out, brutal evil is damned,
 Satan has met his Waterloo.
 The pure in heart redeemed forevermore.
 Trumpets sound, angels sing praises to the King,
 Death to Babylon, the great whore.
 Who desired to wear the bridegrooms ring.
 Lucifer, the serpent. in Hell is forever bound.
 For he proved rotten to the core.
 With a mind of a lunatic,a lascivious Hell Hound.
 Jealous of the robe of righteousness Jesus wore.
 Earth was warned but chose not to obey.
 At Jesus' feet they wait and weep,
 This is their Judgement Day.
 Unbelievers called it conspiracy,
 Assuming the truth was just folklore.
 Lusting after wealth, and power, they reaped
 Damnation and shame,
 They mocked the Lamb, refused His Salvation Plan,
 And have only themselves to blame.
 Engaging in filth unspeakable they scorned the Holy One,
 Frolicking in their abomination,
 Now hear Jesus shout, "It Is Done".
 And it was foretold long ago if one would turn from iniquity.
 They would be saved, avoid the scorching grave.
 Still they pursued what to God was Blasphemy.
 The truth Evangelists told brave and bold,
 It was foolishness to their ear,
 Now they suffer forever awake in the dark lake, 
 Of the fire, condemned for all the wickedness they held dear.
 Jesus, has always been the Alpha and Omega 
 The beginning and the end,
 The Faithful and True, the King of Kings , The Lord of Lords,
 And all were warned time and time again.
 Inspirations by Joan May Donnelly Ellis March 4 2016


Copyright © Joan Donnelly Ellis | Year Posted 2016

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In The Palm Of His Hand

My God holds the world in the palm of His hand
Keeps the sea back from invading the land
Captures the wind then sets it free
And still finds the time to spend time with me

He's the one who created the stars and set them in place
All seen and unseen is all that he's made
Placed the hidden line between day and night
Sharing this beauty by giving us life

His grace taught the flower to open in Spring
Taking in pleasure the beauty it brings
Sets into song all of the birds above
Doing this all out of His precious love

Bringing to wonder, the eyes of a child
As far off distant thunder speaks of His power
Giving His Son to us all so all could be free
As Jesus hung on the Cross He had in mind you and me

Yes my God does all, of this and more
Crown Him as King, Praise Him as Lord
His blessings beyond counting the grains of sand
As He holds it all in the palm of His hand

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Im alive

Death where is your sting? 
I am alive and with that I bring, 
the power of God
 and through that I sing 
of His graceful offering,
the death of His Son. 
His only offspring.

Copyright © Neil Kruger | Year Posted 2016

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He's The Truth You Need Today

No man was born perfect here on earth,
Adam was one but he fell into sin.
All men in the image of God from birth
Bore this sin curse, as it has always been.

All men like sheep have gone astray
Each to his own will, made his choice.
Man's heart bent to evil in every way
So far from God, he refused His voice.

But God loved Man so that in His Goodness
Sent His own Son to redeem him on the Cross.
Sin held Man captive in deceitfulness
Jesus was the Perfect Price paid for his loss.

Not all men can call God their "God",
But only those reborn through His Spirit.
Those who believe they were bought by Christ's Blood,
Are His children marked with His Seal and Deposit.

Some want the Truth but cannot handle it,
If all men were perfect, we won't need a Savior.
Every man is a sinner, the truth we must admit-
No one is perfect, that's what the Cross was for!

Today there's a choice each one must make:
To repent of one's sins, to believe in Jesus.
Faith and repentance is all it will take
To receive the Gift of new life that's so precious!

It's appointed unto Man to die once, then Judgment.
Heaven and Hell are real,  just seconds away.
Trust God's Word that in His Love, Christ was sent
To die for imperfect you....He's the Truth you need today!

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~02.24.16

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one
and only Son,  that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish 
but have everlasting life."  
(John 3:16)

"At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared,  He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,  Whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior,  so that, having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life."
(Titus 3:3-7)

Copyright © Cynthia Buhain-Baello | Year Posted 2016

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Unsayable Gospel

Turned over to a sexual revolution,
evolved to hijacked rainbows.
Graceless hearts deprave the mind,
a diseased façade of freedom,
to redefine every right and wrong.
Prophesied last days ushering
the Bride of Christ persecuted.

Contest: Unsayable
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Written: 11.22.17

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2017

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In Jesus Name, Victory

                In "Jesus’ name," 
                Say with me, "Victory."
                The Blessings are guaranteed.
                The Blessings are guaranteed.
                His name, is "Highly exalted with us."
                "Highly exalted with us."

                In "Jesus’ name,"
                We live most joyously.
                Satan is put under our feet crushingly.
                Life is given abundantly.
                "The Spirit, The Lamb and God the Father are one."
                "The Spirit, The Lamb and God the Father are one."

                Say with us, "Victory," in "Jesus name."
                The Blessings are guaranteed.
                His name, is "highly exalted with us."
                "Highly exalted with us.

                In "Jesus’ name,"
                We know God truly, totally.
                "Yes," soon will be taken up rapturously.
                To live with Him blissfully eternally.
                Throughout all the grandeur of eternity.
                Throughout all the grandeur of eternity.

                Say with us "Victory!"
                "Victory!" of the Lion and the Lamb!
                The Lion and the Lamb!

Copyright © Ronald A. Williams | Year Posted 2017

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His Presence

Your favour and mercy very tender 
Why you give them to me i still wonder
Then i realise its the grace am under
It does all things for me even clears your anger
Which helps me cry Abba-father

Your voice i hear in silence 
Sometimes i doubt with pretence 
Knowing fully well its you
Waiting for what to do

My very thought you read
Providing the things i need
All i ever ask is for you to take the lead
And be my guardian
Or give me a custodian

So as not to be a weed 
Which is uprooted and made a feed
But make me a mammoth 
That people can stay around and build a small hut

Copyright © olaoluwa samuel | Year Posted 2017

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I Have Loved So Cruelly

It’s truly Greek to me and you
“Agape” may sound like the English, agape
I gape; are we awed by Christ loving me and you

The human in me is a swine, sloppy and greedy for love
Consumers-Supreme, like shopping for shoes and food,
Hording homes, trophies, even the Dodo and dove

Beloved, the love of God is not to be presumed
The Creator of the behemoth, leviathan, and atom _
Imagine: He wants a relationship with puny humans

Imagine: His kiss, the force that holds up the universe
Prevents atoms from splitting in awe and fission
Gave all to love ... gives every gift, but we won't converse

O Holy Spirit, forgive me! I take too much for granted
The One who split the firmament into heaven and ocean
Who tells the blood how to make life’s music

Became a baby in Mary’s womb, to grow slow by slow
Suffer like us, become the Perfect Adam, such love
Only He can take my rags, wrap me in His High Priestly robe!

I used to be a romantic; forgive me for seeing how obscene
Is a love that is all face and human flesh
Forgetful, ungrateful of the source; agape love that kisses the perverse

How to conceive this, almost beyond any human being
Such love shames the greatest fairy tale or happily ever after
I want too much ... missing all the while, mysteries of living

Glory to Father-Son-Holy Spirit, amen.© Anil Deo, 20170331

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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please Lord, wait for me

please Lord, wait for me
i know i am not ready
for Your face i would like to see
i am in no way steady
for i need only You to be free
remember Saviour when she
anointed You as she was dreary
for she knew her salvation You’d be
i see that same hope in You verily
but please Lord do wait for me

unstoppably she wept
nothing could stop her sobs
but still persistently she kept
anointing You with expensive drops
of a scent that expressed that she’s crept
for years in pain with teardrops
she could hardly crawl or limp except
when You’d give her strength for little hops
to get her by as she’d perhaps dreamt
Lord wait i beg for with hope my heart throbs

tears of praise rolled down her face
did she mind that all eyes were on her?
eyes that unlike hers failed to see Your Grace?
her valuable tears washed as she dried with her hair
Your feet which she then with a kiss did embrace
You gave her hope in a world abruptly unfair
in her was seen faith for which the world did long graze
Lord with her that unwavering faith I’d like to share
please Saviour take me with to that Heavenly place
i want to go to Your home to cast away every care

but how i ask do i joy in the Lord of salvation?
when my acts exceed the most abominable?
my hair is too short to show the compassion
that she showed for I’ve guilt unpardonable
of tears I’ve run out because every situation
and challenge I’ve failed did my heart disable
they have hardened me and now i lack sensation
with no savings to purchase i am unable
to afford that costly alabaster box of great distinction
Lord have you got time that’s ample?

Jesus, i implore thee with all my heart
for Time isn’t on my side Lord lowly and meek
save a helpless one like me who’s had it hard
please give me more time to go and seek
for more time save up and run to the mart
more time please for my hair to grow sleek
to collect your precious alabaster box wherever it art
more time to call back tears to run down my cheeks, to streak
so Lord please take your precious time from Heaven to depart
so you can take me with to Your home where nothing seems bleak

Copyright © AJC Lekobane | Year Posted 2016

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King of Kings can surely 
   Kill the soul and body.
     Kingdom of God is nigh,
       Kiss the Son lest you die.
Knowing that His loving 
   Kindness calls you today,
      Keep mum, can I? No way.

10th March, 2017

Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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The World Upside Down and Backwards

The World Upside Down and Backwards

One of the funniest things in an amusement park are the mirrors
and the way your true image comes across
but unfortunately without the Blood of Jesus applied to your life
this is the way you and me look to God for without Him we are lost.

We in the natural with a humanistic twist
have tried to work out a clean and bloodless redemption plan
but the Lords way was perfect in the price of His Son
so how do we them match that do tell me if you can!

This old world’s views since the fall
are backwards and upside down if you please
its ways, take all of you can get while the Bible says
to get you must give and it says so not for us just to tease.

A life without Jesus is upside down and definitely
out of control
going nowhere in the fast lane as there is no way to escape 
and one day all of us will have chosen where we will go.

As I mentioned before so say I again
we are backwards without Jesus as to how we are to view this life
for when He arrives on our dreadful lowly scene
if you will allow Him to, He will rid your life of peace stealing strife.

As a babe new born in our world
one of the first words a new baby will learn to speak is No!
they answer no to even good and wonderful things
that would have brought to their little face an awesome glow.

The central theme and message to this poem
was meant for this one fact
a life without Jesus, the Author of life is upside down and backwards yet
its needless to stay that way when He is wanting and welcoming to call you back!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings 

Copyright © Marilyn S Jennings | Year Posted 2018

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Parody of distance

Estranged men caught in their remote dimension
Loving only that, which they can see and touch
Digging foxholes to hide their fear of infinity
The concept has always been there
Eternity within the hearts of men,
yet they can neither see it or feel it naturally,
so they clutter their minds, with tangible temporary comforts
Occupying dull imaginations, with darker thoughts of probability
The definition of insanity, yet men continue to live and die
Choking on the fruits of their own knowledge,
either dissecting humanity with Occam’s razor
or pouring double binds upon their own heads
because seeing is believing, yet belief is the state of mind
in which a person thinks something to be the case,
with or without there being empirical evidence,
so not asking a question, because to them it does not exist,
yet with their limited imaginations they have lofty ideas,
as energy can neither be created nor destroyed
Spending all there of energy on temporal things
not considering a simple truth,
where will your essence spend eternity

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2017

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Jesus Must Roll His Eyes

Jesus must roll His eyes a million times a day
Watching and listening to the things we do and say.
We get angry over the little things we cannot control,
Yet we praise Him zealously when we get a free cinnamon roll.

God has a sense of humor,  just look at your goofy friends,
Taking pictures with their picture phones that no will (hopefully) see again.

We take delight in the strangest things,
like toddlers peeing on a tree,
Yet when it comes to death and dying; 
how somber we can be.

The very thing we should celebrate, a life with Him above,
We grieve and worry and fret about, forgetting about His love.

So let’s celebrate our gifts from God and 
His sense of humor too,
And join Jesus as He rolls His eyes 
at the things we say and do.

Copyright © Kristie Raburn | Year Posted 2016

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If It Comes From Above: It's Love Indeed

Most of us don't know that Jesus preached true salvation,
in His time, the Roman sword was very mighty;
it killed anyone without any justification...
is today different from then? How bad is society?

If it comes from above, it's love indeed;
sinners rebel against God in the way of the heathens;
they live in sin, denying that He's the giver of grace.
If it comes from above: it's love indeed;
who has faith finds serenity, prayers are songs of praise:
they can make one happy and outrage all demons.

Jesus was the Holy One: He shunned sin,
wasn't He tempted by treacherous Satan?
Didn't he resist temptation to prove him wrong?
The Prince of light can give us unimaginable wealth,
but He'll laugh at us, because our reward is death;
how do we resist Him when desire is strong?

If it comes from above: it's love indeed;
we can be saved by keeping Christ's creed. 
Not everybody can carry His heavy cross, 
should we ignore who mocks and throws stones?
If it comes from above: it's love indeed!

Written on 4/1/2016

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2017

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I Come Before You With These Words


Come all you children 

Day is braking , how all the birds are singing,

Glory to the Lord;

His peace on earth, and mercy He has,

God has blessed us with His love

Joyful we rise and great our Lord,

Join the birds in the sky;

The Universal nature says,

We are born a new each and every day,

Christ is with us always,

Christ, the everlasting Lord:

As He comes upon our call of help,

Always keep us on the right path,

Veil’d in flesh, to God we see,

Hail to our Lord Jesus of Deity,

Please oh Lord bless our friends,

Jesus, our savory for you we do,

Hail, the heavenly Prince of Peace,

Hail, the Son of Righteousness!

Light and life to all he brings,

Risen with healing in his wings.

Mild we lays our glory to Him,

Born that man to die no more;

Born to raise the sons of earth;

Born to give them a second birth.

Come all you children of the world,

come to Jesus the one who knows,

Fix in our hearts the humble home;

Rise, the worlds conquering seed,

Oh Lord we need your saving power,

Our souls need to be restored in thy ways;

Now in Spiritual union we join you Lord for ever,

Yours to ours, and ours to You Lord.

Jesus’ likeness, Oh God, efface,

Stamp His image in our hearts.

Send our Lord from above to guide us,

Reinstate us oh Lord in Your love.

Let us be the one though lost, regain,

Jesus is the life, the inner guide:

Oh, to all the world He comes to save,

With His love in each believing heart.

Dr. Samuel Mack

Copyright  2016

Copyright © Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD | Year Posted 2016

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One of two thieves

One of two thieves
You can only be
One of two thieves
Better choose wisely
One of two thieves

One scorned and mocked Him
Which of two thieves…?
One had to love Him
Which of two thieves…?
One joined the loud crowd
Which of two thieves…?

Which one are you?
You saw His glory?
Which one are you?
Laughed at His story?
Which one are you?
Helped make Him feel worse?
Which one are you?

Only two were they
One condescending
One, oh, so humble
Choose this day your side

You, criminal!
For sure are you one
You, criminal!
State what you have done
You criminal!
Do you Him deny?
You criminal!
Do you Him defy?
You, Criminal!

Must be guilty
Then say, why’d He die?
Must be guilty
Yet, you mock and sigh
Must be guilty
He died in your stead
Must be guilty
So praise Him instead
Must be guilty
Hands stained, oh, blood-red!

Yes, ‘tis true guilt
Will you then appeal?
Yes, it be guilt
Take for granted still?
Yes, ‘tis your guilt
But the Father’s will
Took away guilt
How will you repay?
Remain in guilt?
For dear life you’ll pray?
Or embrace guilt?

There are two thieves
But one loves so dearly
Of the two thieves
The other loathes— clearly
You are a thief
On borrowed life, merely,
Day-to-day you live…
Wryly, or merrily?
Did He life give,
That you might live freely?
Be grateful, thief…
Saved undeservingly

Copyright © AJC Lekobane | Year Posted 2016