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Best Math Poems

Below are the all-time best Math poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of math poems written by PoetrySoup members

Why do we need math?
Because it puts us on a narrow path.
Even though it sometimes makes you swell up in wrath.
To most,
Math just causes you...

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Categories: math, school,
Form: Rhyme

I Didn't Do My Math Homework
I didn’t do my math homework!
I watched T.V instead!
I better come up with an excuse... and quick!
Or else I’m surely dead!

My brother tore it!
It’s in...

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© Jacob Cra  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: math, childhood, education, children, funny, dog, dog,
Form: Rhyme
Do the Math
Fifty stars
thirteen stripes
Wavy patriotic mathematician
do the math ... 
Subtraction or addition,
what will the numbers be,
37 or 63?
Slavery took away my parents’ human rights,
and their children’s...

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Categories: america, history, math, truth,
Form: Narrative
Just Some Highschool Math Problem
i am a possibility
of many possibilities
i am a ratio
an indecisive factor
in the rest of what this dimension has to offer

the world is a top
i spin...

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© Val Murah  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: math, angst, art, introspection, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Concerning Math and How To Say It
The British call it maths,
but the Americans ditch the s
causing much international scorn.
But for our sake, p'raps it'd be best
to keep subjects
only halfway grasped
in the...

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Categories: math, america, education, england, fun, funny, homework,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Cas Tim Jan And Me
You have all heard I am sure of the three musketeers
The group with the swords not the ones with the funny ears

Reminds me of a...

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Categories: math, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mathematics
Mental stretching, the required sacrifice
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
To all exercises, these four are the basics
Hell on paper but sweet in its understanding
Equations and formula,...

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Categories: education, life, math,
Form: Acrostic
Kelp Me With This Won't You
A young mermaid from old Shangri-La
Had a Math quiz --- right after her spa 
So she thought, “What to wear,
That will make the boys stare?”

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: math, ocean,
Form: Limerick
The 'Star of Education'
Like many precious diamonds,
Good teachers are hard to find
Yet sometimes one can discover
A rare and priceless kind,
It’s not like all the others
For it out-shines the...

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Categories: math, education
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Probabilities

fallen fruit exists
earthen harvest and ground meet
jars in the pantry

Robert J. Lindley ,07-24-2014...

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Categories: creation, earth, life, math, philosophy, poetry,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member The Rime of The Swarthy Bard
Math, physics, English, and so on—
     alas, are tiresome!
All the professors here go on 
     with a...

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Categories: math, humor, rap, satire, student,
Form: Bio
Make It Count
line count and word number are equal in this selection....

"Make It Count"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Man may
Come to play
But if you say
Oh no baby, not...

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Categories: art, education, encouraging, life, math, philosophy,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member On My Loneliness


My childhood spent without peers
alone and prey to my fears.

Nights spent face buried in my pillow
my emotions  like a weeping willow.

The school kid disliked and...

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Categories: math, loneliness, planet,
Form: Free verse
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
Blissfully ignorant and supine,
Lost in the economy line,
voters don’t have a clue
that liberty is through.
Apathy dictates all else is fine.
People keep telling me how foolish...

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Categories: math, political, people, people,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member An Unusual Colonoscopy
I stepped in for my first colonoscopy. I was nervous everyone could see
I had a choice to be awake or put out if I was...

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Categories: math, humor, humorous,
Form: Couplet
Stupid smart
What does it look like
From over there
Describe the sights
No details spared 

How does it taste
Is it always delicious
By the look on your face
I’m a bit...

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Categories: math, confusion, culture, irony, perspective, smart,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Unconditional Love
Like the sun lights up the sky, 
A little girl when she was born, 
She snuggled right into our hearts
With heaven's sparkle in
Her eyes stole...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: math, granddaughter, grandparents, love, sports,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My net worth
One day I decided to aggregate what I own
Realizing soon enough I couldn't count it all,
Though I never thought I had all that much
What I...

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Categories: math, perspective,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Big Hand Little Hand Long Hand Short Hand
When I was little I thought the older a person was, the more brain cells you grew.
Thus, older people are smarter than little people. 

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Categories: math, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade,
Form: Free verse

Just think foe a brief second,
You were given a soul and allowed to be born!
Wrapped in a...

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Categories: math, childhood, growth, nostalgia, remember, thanks,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Get An Education
"The boy's got a broken brain!
- Fix him for me now,
I can't do a thing with him."

     - So I hear...

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Categories: math, black african american, education, life, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Met-a-Four

I “met a four”
when I was three
and oh the things
it did to me
and fingers counting
one-two- three.
When the four
brought in a five
all my counting fingers
came alive.

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Categories: children, math, nonsense,
Form: Light Verse
Just doesn't add up
Pythagoras once fell off a ladder
And landed on a venomous adder
This adder couldn't add
Calculus made it sad
Algebra and theorems made it madder....

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Categories: funny, math, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Randomlings 1-34

Randomling 1:  Matthew Macfadyen

I believe I'm in love with Matthew Macfadyen
He inspires in me a terribly bad yen
But as poetry goes
His name 'spires woes

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Categories: math, cat, deep, depression, dog, emotions, funny,
Form: Verse
Fear Of Numbers
          Fear of Numbers

Fear of numbers is real
They carry adding machines on their backs
And loaded numbered...

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Categories: conflict, education, image, judgement, life, math,
Form: Didactic