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Best Nonsense Poems

Below are the all-time best Nonsense poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of nonsense poems written by PoetrySoup members

Trim Trimmer Chicken Dinner Winner
I don’t know tic tac toe
so I rhyme this with flow,
showing Nick Nac knows 
how to serve the perfect dose.

Measuring the rhymes
like I’m pleasuring the...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: freedom, fun, nonsense, poems,

Premium Member Hogwash
Twas a fine October morning,
one September, last July!
The moon lay thick upon the ground,
the mud shone in the sky!

The flowers sang so sweetly,
the birds were...

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Categories: nonsense,

Premium Member A Bedtime Story
Once, a long ways away, and a long time ago
Lived a wee little man with his silly pet crow;
And once every day, as the sun...

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Categories: bird, children, nonsense, nursery

My weakness

Wondrous of many blessings.
Smiling never a frown.
My prayers, Lord, are  suddenly being ignored.
I've taken a tumble...

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Categories: nonsense, absence, abuse, confusion, faith,

Premium Member A Fine Flavor between lines
Is it Love
a simple bowl of ice cream
sweating from the heat
cherries on the top
huddled 'round and looking sweet
two little wooden paddles
pretend that they are spoons

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Categories: food, funny, humorous, nonsense,

'Pardon me, could you pass the Grey Poupon'
Winds caressing fringes of
   her deep chocolate tresses
as tree nymphs nimbly hid
  midst fallen maple leaves 
    happily prancing...

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense, allegory, fantasy, hero, humorous,

Premium Member - Ass In Hole -

        This is the donkey; Alice


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Categories: blue, humor, nonsense, pain,

Escaping Humanity
Feeling the desolation, of smothering air
Hemmed in by crowds; the obliqueness of fear
Throng of the city and no sight of the sun
Incessant noise and the...

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Categories: change, conflict, nonsense,

Me Myself And I
Me myself and I
were talking to myselve's
when we asked us a question
and they were not themselves.

They themselves and them
now questioning themselves
said we were not like...

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Categories: nonsense, analogy, appreciation, character, destiny,

It Reads Like A Rap
Your rhyme reads like a rap they say,
a rap I say,
a rap they say,
perhaps but rap is rhyme you see,
it's rhyme really,
it's rhyme you see,

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense, hip hop, humor, humorous,

To Stupid To Care
I've dropped my pen, calamity,
I write too much profanity,
it makes people act angrily,
yet I walk around quite happily.

I'm aware I speak like I don't care,

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense,

Premium Member My Reflection
My Reflection

     In the mirror who did I see?
     I saw my reflection staring back at me.


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Categories: mirror, nonsense,

rain-clouds hide the sun - -
vicars splash the pope and run
on to kiss a nun

written 16th September for Nina's Mischief contest 
rhyming haiku...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense,

4 30 AM When Sheep Leap And Lay In A Heap
It's 4:30am and I can't sleep,
the sheep leap and lay in a heap,
told me they're tired and got shut eye,
even my own mind has shunned...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense,

Sea Shell
I am a sea shell
exotic and rare
delicate, luminescent
beyond compare

I once was a home
for a creature so tiny
who hid in my depths
protecting her hiney

For she was...

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Categories: imagination, nature, nonsense, ocean,


For I am the representation of the unknown.

I whence at the thought of human touch and flee at first glance.

I fly away in solitude and...

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Categories: nonsense, bird, dark, deep, inspiration,

Premium Member Met-a-Four

I “met a four”
when I was three
and oh the things
it did to me
and fingers counting
one-two- three.
When the four
brought in a five
all my counting fingers
came alive.

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Categories: children, math, nonsense,

Premium Member EmotionLess

By morning wake
When the light in my face
I'm reminded of your disgrace!

How can I do this to myself?
How do...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nonsense, absence, confusion, dark, deep,

Just doesn't add up
Pythagoras once fell off a ladder
And landed on a venomous adder
This adder couldn't add
Calculus made it sad
Algebra and theorems made it madder....

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Categories: funny, math, nonsense,

Premium Member Concerning Math and How To Say It
The British call it maths,
but the Americans ditch the s
causing much international scorn.
But for our sake, p'raps it'd be best
to keep subjects
only halfway grasped
in the...

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Categories: nonsense, america, education, england, fun,

Golden Dreams
The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on...

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Categories: nonsense, adventure, boat, crazy, creation,

*****To the naked EYE, this poem may seem like gibberish,
but I assure you it is loaded with 24 palindromes,
3 palindrome phrases, 1 hidden palindrome phrase,

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Categories: humorous, nonsense, onomatopoeia, parody,

I have a fat and furry friend
All pink and spotty black.
I grew him from some Camembert-
The smelly little Rat!

He is my very Mouse-Pig
For that’s his...

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Categories: funny, humorous, nonsense,

Premium Member I Have a Love Affair With Parenthesis
(don't tell anyone)...

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Categories: addiction, funny, nonsense, simple,

Premium Member No Sleep
A tired young man with no sleep
Heard it would help to count sheep
Made his way up to ten
But got scared by a hen
And the big...

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Categories: nonsense,