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Best Mountains Poems

Below are the all-time best Mountains poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of mountains poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member There Will Never Be Enough Time
There Will Never Be Enough Time

There will never be enough time to hear unique
music of nature's songs in its birds, its insects,
in songs of the...

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Categories: earth, mountains, nature, sea,

I Belong To The Lake
 I wander far from the coal-tar smog
and buzzing sounds of the city
to a place where I can smell
fresh-cut hay in a tepid breeze.
I stroll...

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Categories: beautiful, mountains,

Premium Member Climbing Mt Hope
I reach the edge of the woods
and glimpse
the summit:
high, far –
and daunting.

I must not look up too much,
for I might lose courage.

I need patience,
to string...

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Categories: inspirational, mountains,

I Am The Mighty Mountain
I stand, the most statuesque, peeking through the clouds
that lend their softness as my pillow when sun in midnight drowns.

Golden sun, a fitting crown for...

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Categories: earth, mountains,

I Have Fallen
I clasp your hand the moment I realise I will fall alone
You grit your teeth in anger holding me as I dangle there
Your jawline is...

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Categories: mountains, beautiful, courage, freedom, heart,

Premium Member Mountains up North


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Categories: mountains, storm, winter,

Premium Member Let My Soul Flee
Oh let my soul flee
To the purple mountains
Where poetry breathes—
Where dawn’s shadows
Move silently with the sun.
Let my eyes feast on
Dew drops and Scottish broom
With its...

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Categories: mountains, nature, poetry,

Premium Member When Mount St Helens Blew Her Top
Where forests stretched for miles, and Spirit Lake
lay at its foot, there stood a rebel peak.
One day the earth beneath began to quake.
What havoc Mother...

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Categories: mountains,

Mountains of my country
Just drop once, when you happen to go by.

A tale they may count, mountains of my country;
Of paradise invaded and forests destroyed,
Of vessels adrift and...

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Categories: mountains, appreciation, best friend, blessing,

Be Not Afraid
The mountains and hills shake at His tread,
"Resurrection is nigh", He calls to the dead;
The moon in the heavens grows pale at His wrath,
The sun...

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Categories: faith, mountains, universe,

Premium Member Winter's Glow
with sun as its spire

the peak is a cathedral. . .

winter’s glow is ours...

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Categories: mountains, winter,

Premium Member Mother Nature
                  Mother Nature..

I see a mountain, wake me...

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Categories: love, mountains, sunshine, wisdom,

Like milk from blue mountains' swollen breasts, the fog
Intertwines with pungent campfire smoke, a blue mist
Frescoing my quiet river valley's primeval lap.
Twilight tiptoes, surreptitiously, spying...

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Categories: earth, love, moon, mountains,

Premium Member Perhaps One Day - For Avatar
   (a Triple Triolet)

Where blues and purples dominate,
Pandora beckons from beyond.
Entranced by it, I gravitate. . . 
Where blues and purples dominate,
a way...

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Categories: mountains, day, fantasy, love, mother,

Premium Member Beautiful Springtime -The Trolaan Style
~Beautiful Springtime~

Beautiful first spring day
Bountiful sun then may rain
Be happy spring comes after winter gray
Bright sunshine glows like golden grain

Enticing spring is here again at...

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Categories: beautiful, flower, mountains, spring,

Race of a Lifetime
He skis down the slopes
of a snow covered mountain
racing against time
and his main adversary...
avalanche in hot pursuit. 

Written 28th May 2016
Contest: Traditional Tanka
Sponsor: Charlotte J....

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Categories: mountains, race, snow,

Premium Member An Emerald Morning
An Emerald Morning

Verdant sylvan shades share, 
      emerald and peridot's glossy glow 

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Categories: beauty, morning, mountains, nature,

Premium Member Seeking Serenity
When it seems the world turns upside down
I am airborne by problems, falling
Seeking serenity to erase my frown
While wanting to run out of town
I can...

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Categories: beauty, introspection, mountains, peace,

Premium Member Perhaps not the Mountain

Perhaps not the Mountain -

Perhaps even not the lone hermit, atop said mountain...
sitting as still as tea leaves, left in their jar.

Perhaps not the Mountain.

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Categories: mountains, philosophy,

Premium Member The Anointing
The Goddess dwells
in the high places. Her green mantle
flows over the slopes. 

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Categories: mountains, spiritual,

Premium Member Highland Lassie
Inspired by the painting "Highland Lassie" (1871) by Thomas Faed.

(Verse One; In introduction to Cailin)
Walkin' on the highways, searchin' down the byways,
Tromps a lonely figure...

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Categories: girl, mountains, sea, travel,

World above the clouds
Far away from this bonded crowd,
Far away from these layers of 
Oh wings of the air glide me away,
To the world, world above the 


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Categories: mountains, adventure, beautiful, beauty, desire,

Premium Member BY THE SEA
PART One,,,, as she saw it.

The mountains and the meadows were always so beautiful this time of year.  It seemed as if a fresh...

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Categories: mountains, beautiful, body, desire, grandmother,

the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 

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Categories: mountains, adventure, angel, beach, bereavement,

Premium Member VACATION
Where black-necked cranes come to chat with me
In the company of wine and deep brown honey
Flowing from apple twigs in the heavenly valley
Of Bumthang ,...

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Categories: mountains, beautiful, beauty, change, imagery,