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Best Repetition Poems

Below are the all-time best Repetition poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of repetition poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Yet My Mind Holds Invincible Summer Hues
Yet My Mind Holds Invincible Summer Hues

Bitter cold, ice ravages red-cliffs in my veins
Yet my mind holds invincible summer hues
O' Darkness thy black-hand my spirit...

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Categories: repetition, art, creation, dark, dedication,

To Take Each Day As It Comes
To take each day as it comes
To gratefully praise The One
Joyfully face the new dawn’s grace,
That's now my everyday plan.

To take each day as it...

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© KP Nunez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: repetition, character, encouraging, growing up,

Premium Member Hoping that it might be you
Hoping that it might be you

Verse 1

I've got some troubles in my life...
I'll help with yours, will you, help with mine?
"Cause I need love like...

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Categories: repetition, friendship love, hope, longing,

Premium Member Write My Life
When I first surrendered all to You
it wasn’t clear to me,
that You became the author;
my life, Your poetry.
The pages of my life were dark.
You made...

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Categories: repetition, analogy, god, perspective, poetry,

Premium Member Quirks

Some people frankly write about their quirks.
If I had any, I would tell you so.
Though no outlandish trait within me lurks,
some folks think I’m a...

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Categories: relationship, repetition,

Premium Member Midnight In The Library
Around midnight, in the library I found myself drawn,
to these shelves haunted still by Poe, Stevenson and King,
as a rare, late October storm brews beyond...

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Categories: books, night, october, repetition,

God's Strength, God's Word, God's Love
trijan refrain 

The heart half full means something’s wrong -
the Spirit’s oil runs low.
When emptied, broken, we are strong
refilled, and ready so -
God’s strength can...

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Categories: repetition, spiritual, words,

Premium Member Tale Of Righteous And Just Demise Of Old Jack
Tale Of Righteous And Just Demise Of Old Jack

Old Jack had shot many before, once just for the sheer hell of it
Never squeamish about the...

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Categories: repetition, art, creation, dark, fate,

I think back
When I think back...
 I see your eyes on me across the room,
 The way your lips slowly curve into a happy smile,
 Your strong...

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Categories: repetition, for him, god, how

adventure, growing up, hip hop, repetition, word play

Life is but a hopscotch path
Players vying for placement
Rules to follow aground

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Categories: repetition, adventure, growing up, hip

Premium Member Fool
you betrayed me.

you betrayed me.

you betrayed me.

I trusted you.


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Categories: anger, hurt, repetition,

Unfinished Love Affair
Unfinished Love Affair

It's been so long since I've seen you.
Don't know how or why you remain,
At the forefront of my memory,
But you do and will always remain.
Time has passed, and...

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Categories: divorce, hurt, repetition, romance,

Premium Member Realization

At what point do you realize
it’s all moving in the same direction -
in a flowing pulse that cannot be damned, that;
collective hearts do march in...

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Categories: age, introspection, life, repetition,

Just when I thought you knew me well
You're bothered by what circulates and surely I can tell
I know you heard about Georgia peach, i.e. Ashley

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Categories: repetition, friendship, girl, love, rap,

The Mayan Warrior Princess
The Mayan Warrior Princess

In eerie recurring dreams, like things seen dimly before dawn,
blurred memories of a temple pyramid resurface from an era long gone. 

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Categories: birth, death, life, repetition,

splitting heart ache

visions of you
romantic visions of just us two
can these visions be possibly true

dreams of you
wonderful dreams of just us two
are these dreams really really true


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Categories: heartbroken, missing you, repetition,

New Year's Eve Ballad
New Year's Eve Ballad

It’s true one year just ended
And that another one began
In places crowds did gather
They drank and offered cheer
There was singing and ‘twas...

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Categories: repetition, celebration, encouraging, friendship, introspection,

Something About Nothing
Something About Nothing

It seems as if I’m giving my everything for nothing.
This conflict really means something to me, 
Because my everything are all of my...

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Categories: repetition, emotions, feelings, gender, high

Premium Member Revel In The Moment
Revel in the moment of now
knowing time will never repeat.
You must live on the edge of wow
or your dreams may end in defeat.

Knowing time will...

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Categories: repetition, beautiful, feelings, happiness, inspirational,

Premium Member Let love lead you home
Lost in the world, no direction, no love, to be found,
No one cares for you, animosity knows no bounds.
When you're off course, you need not...

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Categories: repetition, appreciation, devotion, longing, lost,

Premium Member If you have courage
If you have courage...

If you have courage...
You will, open your eyes
If you have courage...
You will not believe all their lies

If you have courage...
You will get...

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Categories: repetition, confidence, courage, encouraging, faith,

Castle in my mind
In this castle
Created in my mind
A tree,
This tree
A scar
A jagged one 
Still healing
Blood dripping
Forms a path

Two watchmen
Chipping away
Away at it's skin
Creating holes
To suck out blood

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Categories: repetition, allusion, anxiety, beautiful, deep,

A Better Time
I remember the time our limbs were intertwined
Holding and kissing one another 
Feeling the excitement of a new romance
But that was long ago

Linking arms as...

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© Avery Won  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heartbreak, introspection, relationship, repetition,

Premium Member Such a beautiful feeling
Such a beautiful feeling

I see the sunrise, 
and it's no surprise
I see the love light,
that shines in your eyes

I feel like I'm dreaming...
and it's,
such a...

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Categories: beautiful, feelings, happiness, repetition,

Sound and Uncrossed Dreams
A sigh--
as strong as the 
rivers' flow,
where dark pain
forces the flower.

Oh! To sleep through sound
and uncrossed

My mind groans 
for the woman
just beneath
the great horn.

The years...

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Categories: introspection, leaving, repetition, river,