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Best Storm Poems

Below are the all-time best Storm poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of storm poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Guise Of The Blue Jay Skies

F  l  y  i  n  g

a sailing tailwind
in cerulean streams
through beams colored creamsicle -
are wings reflective of turquoise truth 

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Categories: storm, autumn, bird, blue, conflict,

Premium Member Music of the Night

With the tremulous dark vista so far and yet so near
Abandoning my defences ~ I stand in awe ~ not in fear

 Virtuoso Maestro unleash...

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Categories: storm, desire, music, night, romance,

A tribute to Leonora G
~ Yolanda was--her name ~    Featuring:) Leonora Galinta

From a hell storm,
A mighty she-devil took on its form
Like a woman scorn ascending from...

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Categories: storm, death, deep, evil, sorrow,

Little Fire
I witness you fading away,
The winds blow frantically
They are against us, as all are

Little fire, rise in my cupped hands
Be it my life I shield...

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Categories: storm, courage, death, fire, growth,

My Heart Beseeches An Answer In Collaboration With Robert J Lindley
(Part One- She Asks)

I awakened slowly stretching my body, then into a yawn,
My sleep filled mind remembers you left before the dawn!

Reaching beside me feeling...

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Categories: storm, deep, desire, feelings, for

Premium Member Wood Stages
I Death Wood

My skeleton, the trembling tree,
hit by the axes of ambulances
due to the decay of disease.
My muscles languish as wilted leaves.
My organs are rotting...

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Categories: storm, green, moon, nature, rainforest,

Premium Member Summer Rain

I wade into the surf and stand alone,

     Enfolding in my arms, the dust of You,


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Categories: bereavement, goodbye, soulmate, storm,

Premium Member The Words That flow Through My Pen
Sometimes, life has no reason unlike the seasons
It aimlessly drifts with the wind
We find ourselves in places of unfamiliar faces
Bathing in the shadows of sin

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Categories: storm, introspection, life, on writing

Premium Member Midnight In The Library
Around midnight, in the library I found myself drawn,
to these shelves haunted still by Poe, Stevenson and King,
as a rare, late October storm brews beyond...

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Categories: storm, books, night, october, repetition,

DaRK CloUds - A collaboration with Liam Mc Daid
Grey clouds the innocent sky ambushing light turns dark 
stumbling over a tombstone opening up cold graves

When eyes become frozen behind scenes in hidden truth...

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© Red Fiery  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, grave, storm,

You see us everywhere you go
Every corner of your street house our offspring
Every bridge in your city has become our refugee camp
We are the people...

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Categories: morning, poverty, rain, storm,

The Thunder Kings
The rains had come and washed away the old world,
the thunder had banged its drum
with a weary warning ---
' I do not come oft, but...

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Categories: childhood, fear, storm,

Premium Member Everything Froze
                   Everything Froze

a giant crystal wind chime...

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Categories: storm, winter,

Premium Member Distant Shores
Atlantic storms had taken the main mast
For seven weeks we drifted helplessly
Fresh water and food were running out fast
There was talk below deck of mutiny.


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Categories: sea, storm, wind,

Premium Member Bring Me a Thunderstorm
Where is the darkness that storm clouds impart?
Let the feeling of dread and the promise of drear
bring some comfort to shadows which color my heart.

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Categories: storm,

weeping willow trees
unbreakable in grace bend
survival and hope!

June 11th,  2018

Inspired by Victor Buhagiar "Barren Branches Of a Willow Tree Die"...

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Categories: endurance, storm, symbolism, tree,

Premium Member Mountains up North


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Categories: mountains, storm, winter,

Premium Member After The Storm
Lightning flashed, blinded my innocent, trusting eyes.
Thunder ravaged my soul, and forced out my cries.

Destructive winds threatened, ripped me all apart.
Raindrops, the tears that ever...

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Categories: storm, courage, how i feel,

White Devil

Call it what you want!
I call it, his favorite season hunt...
Two hoofs imprinted near the riverfront.
Echoes calling my soul with a loud, ferocious grunt.


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Categories: storm, absence, beauty, depression, lost,

Premium Member THE STORM

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Categories: storm, adventure, nature, night, perspective,

Premium Member The Reunion
In the beginning it is just a lovely cloud
Collin comes across her in the coffee house
One of his friends calls his attention
Look, your mom is...

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Categories: storm, anxiety, beauty, joy, mother,

Premium Member My Perfect Storm
When brooding clouds conceal the sun, 
and drain the color from the trees
to spread it through the air, diffused,
like twilight coming early in the day,...

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Categories: lost love, memory, storm,

Premium Member For I have Weathered Storms
I think of storms I've weathered, and I smile
for those who've sought to break my heart and gain
the pleasure of defaming me with guile
now know...

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Categories: storm,

Thar Blows Maria: Collaboration with New Additions
Too many hurricanes are causing havoc this season.  We might as well have a limerick collaboration about them since they seem to be in...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: storm,

Premium Member Houston

I wonder if the summer rain was warm
that poured like Pharaoh’s plagues upon the town
as people waded from their homes in swarms
and small craft was...

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Categories: rain, storm,