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You see hope when two kids share marbles between a volatile border.

Date: 16/06/2017

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2017

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Walls of silence hold,
 Me prisoner,
The child held within,
 Cries out for release.
Relative solitude comforts, 
Not the tortured soul,
Inward coiling withdrawing,
 Deep inside. 
Shedding its outer skins,
Layer thus preserving its,
 Inner being.
Innocents shroud lies in ruins.
Gentle spirit, cast aside wings,
 Damaged appendages.
The fallen angel kneels in,
Shadows before mankind.
Unanswered prays rest upon,
 Deaf ears.
Muted sobs, echo on stilled,
 Winds breath.
Hardening to stone, the
 Chilled heart
 Reflects frozen repose.
Forgotten amongst mine own,
Childhood symbolizes a betrayed,
 Victim’s refuge.
Small fragile hands reach out,
 Into nothingness,
Hollow space grasping into,
Chained shackles twist,
 Imaginations warped view,
Somber tones cloud troubled,
Amidst life's trials, I'm aimlessly,
Without any form of stability.
I, alone remain shambles,
Displaced and damaged,
Beyond repair.
A broken doll thrown away,
By those who should have, 
Cared for her the most.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013

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Lips Forever Joined

Kiss me passionately
Kiss with untetherd lips
Lips that are ripe
Lips that long to know everything
Everything waits for it's time
Everything has possibilities
Possibilities beyond limitations
Possibilities are laying in wait
Wait for me to come to you
Wait for my inexperienced touch
Touch me till you feel my longing
Touch the depth of your own wanting
Wanting and needing
Wanting that hurts
Hurts with a burning pleasure
Hurts with an ancient desire
Desire beyond our understanding
Desire that will not be contained
Contained you have been forced to be
Contained within your fathers image of innocence
Innocence must lead to mutual pleasure
Innocence is the doorway to your awakening 
Awakening your true essence
Awakening the power of your being
Being more
Being a true force of your own nature
Nature and nurture
Nature will give way to trancendence 
Trancendence to womanhood
Trancendence to your power
Power resides within your spirit
Power caresses your being
Being free to explore
Being aware of the moments
Moments that you will cherish
Moments shared with me
Me who wishes to know you
Me who has waited
Waited for you to be ready
Waited for our wedding day
Day after day imagining
Day and night you are part of my dreams
Dreams do come true
Dreams offer hope
Hope permeates our being
Hope that we will have forever
Forever can be felt in a moment
Forever pulses within your veins
Veins that carry the blood of our children
Moment by moment witness our becoming

For Justin Bordner's innocence contest.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Agony And Ecstasy

Cascading waves wash ashore tickling our toes as we stroll. And moonbeams set a thousand jewels sparkling... upon the shoal. Smiles summon sweet emotions as we walk upon the beach hand in hand under a starry sky... Pausing, to build castles in the sand. Romantic sparks ignite flames of passion by a tranquil sea, and fledgling souls unite for eternity... Hopes and tears equally shared define the essence of living. And yet love offers a joy reserved for fantasies and dreams... Agony and ecstasy meld to greet each hungry kiss. And consumed by desire we've never felt a love... quite like this! Written 09/18/2016

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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In the hours of twilight your star brightened my shadowed dream 
long since faded from the youthful belief of reverie.
In you I mirrored distant memories of childhood INNOCENCE,
with beauty of love in its early bloom to ripeness, yet with depth of sensation
discovered only through the pain of yearning, hearts suffering.

Through the clouded haze I felt the dream once more,
with wisdom born through the falseness of my sullen existence,
a long since vanished vision of a mind once so hopeful,
whose desires were numbed, dreams shattered yet TRUST beheld;
a yearning heart turned into a core of solid gold; hard yet frail.

Where love once flowed in a heart so frail,
eagerness of will echoed in the emptiness to find a way through the dark.
The mind found PATIENCE to fulfill the desired image,
a promise of love and the realization of a long-felt need,
thoughts and emotions sacrificed for mortal gestures.

The whispered words of silence blowing yonder an arduous past
with a quiet wish for a reflection of bygone times of tranquility,
to encounter the warmth of serenity through FORGIVENESS.
Forgiveness, not only of injustice and treachery,
but for the disbelief in love’s worth; and destiny’s reason.

Yet you appeared with angel pureness, a vision of white,
through time to understand the meaning of eternal love
which is not tied by worldly needs, by shallow desire, or pleasures of the flesh,
but of AWARENESS of love’s deepest form of ensued knowledge,
a realization of love’s eternity; at the level of the soul.

In your eyes I saw the depths of forsaken desire,
and the pain of love’s initiation, yearning, love’s sorrow.
When I saw the teardrops running down your cheek, I knew.
I knew you retained the depth of FEELING as did I,
to behold the most tender appreciation of love’s virtue.

In appearances of disguise life exists, as does love.
Dreams mingled with charm and enticement of reality
in submission of togetherness to end a lonely heart’s search,
to earn love’s fondness by DEVOTION to its existence,
yet with reverence to retain the purity of the souls longing.

Released from the chains of amorous passion, false desire,
I hold you in my heart, gently, with the chastity of innocence.
With enlightenment I renounce worldly pleasures
to enjoy the FREEDOM given, for love to grow,
and reach the ripeness of eternity liberated to aspire endless love.

With delight I receive the divine inspiration to encounter love’s ECSTASY,
its worldly passion fulfilled and continued by nature’s gift.
A gift more precious than love itself; a newborn to love once more.
Love exists in forms of many, as in passion to unite as one to give new life,
perceived by nurturing care, kindness of the heart with true love’s zeal.

But what is love without HUMILITY; modest humbleness?
Selfish contentment of desire; satisfaction of bodily needs
prone to temptations of deception to be drowned by lusts amorous lure.
Be it not the beauty of Venus or Mars, but that of awareness,
to feel the depth of meaning by lessons of life; and of loneliness.

Withheld from the touch of the flesh, or minds worldly eagerness,
PURE love reigns, untarnished, blessed with innocence
to fathom and to feel the infinite tenderness of love once parted.
Love needs no proof for its existence; no words, no kisses, no promises.
When love has grown to ripeness, its existence remains with enlightenment.

Is there no easier way to find love’s eternal FULFILLMENT,
than to weather the wrath of love’s pain, fallacy of deception,
rejected hearts loneliness; lonely days followed by darkened nights.
Be it less to weather lightning of the heart to see the light of life.
But how to comprehend the light of life without a sight of darkness?

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2018

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No Give And Take

A child forced at a very young age It was her hell, none knowing not a clue The horrors of abuse , pain, and the rage Kept to herself,no friends, not even a few Yes a child who knew of a grown way Happiness in her life just didn't belong A child unlike others, never got to play Didn't even realize that it was wrong From a child straight past her teen years Not even thought to think "Why me?" And if she cried she would wipe her own tears Didn't really realize that she could disagree Always for others is how she did live Never taking, all she did was just give

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Una and the Lion

This world of trouble soon will pass
For there beyond the crystal glass
A lamb and lion tread the grass
Beside a lass, beside a lass

This cord of present time shall break
And hate and fear shall flee and quake
Oh, may all vice this earth forsake!
And love awake! And love awake!

Oh, see him walk 'neath mighty trees!
The king of beasts; what strength and ease!
Yet now content this lass to please
Her hand to tease, her hand to tease

Behold! A pleasant form and face!
The child of beauty crowned with grace!
Fair Una treads at even pace
A better place, a better place

~ The form is Monotetra~
~Based on the painting 'Una and the Lion' by Briton Riviere. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Guess Who

~It's a Beautiful Day~

Under every star, 
A smile waltz-like no other
Once a simple cherry blossom girl, 
enjoying puppets and lullabies.
Sitting in front of the screen
Anxiously waiting for him to come in
through the front door, whistling a song, 
trading a suit jacket, for a zippered sweater;
made with love. ---My day just got better---

   ***It's a beautiful day***
In a charming little town square 
A servant, serving a friendly atmosphere
Welcome to the land of make-believe, 
where all my friends are real.
Here comes the speedy delivery 
Mr. McFeely and his letters.
Prancing puppet skin in love with
Beautiful Lady Aberlin.
Henrietta, a mighty and feisty pussycat
My favorite strings are the king and queen
Before the show ends, Trolley's a friend
tooting around from make-believe to reality.
   ***It's was a beautiful day***
Oh the innocence of my childhood, 
       My neighborhood is gone

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2016

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I was a fool.

I was a fool searching for reasons why.

Reasons why I
Grin with sudden boy giggles

As if Karma was my DJ,
Playing cotton candy woven riffs
Of rhythmic whispers



I savor dark chocolate Peanut M&Ms
Tasting her sincerity
With each Pacific Ocean observance
Her dialect portrays within
My sunset smiles

I was a fool.

A slightly nervous kid
At his first Sadie Hawkins dance

Holding a paper cup 
filled with swirly colored punch...
...not spiked


Futile attempts to stifle these vibrating legs
From crippling my exhaling urges

I was a fool.

Searching for irreplaceable reasons
Why my smiles became
An 11 year old innocence

I smile.
I blush.

I embrace a new dream
Written on embossed bucket list

To hold her 

To hold her

To hold her
towards sunrises’ incipience

One day
With no reasons why



©Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes | Year Posted 2013

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The Secret

The Secret
Somewhere someplace not far away a couple lied together.
No talk about the future no talk about forever.
They had lovers of their own their lovers were not there.
It's best if kept a secret the love that they would share.

Lost in loves great passion covered in each others sweat.
They're going to have a baby but they don't know it yet.
In nine months the baby born a secret softly cries.
So much still for him to learn of life conceived in lies.

Often he just played alone it seemed it was his way.
Then one day the secret was sent outside to play. 
He grew strong like others did he gave it all his best.
Without one clue he never knew the truth beat in his chest.

Overwhelmed again and again the sadness he can't shake.
The devil whispered in his ear “You are a mistake”.
Still he tried through tears he cried to somehow rise above.
Getting lost time and again in his search for love.

When the walls came crashing down his whole world fell apart.
Welcome to the world of secrets and to your broken heart.
Shattered like a piece of glass his dreams fell to the ground.
Somewhere up near heaven even angels heard the sound.

Tears poured from his heart and soul through both day and night.
Searching for some healing in words that he would write.
Broken in so many ways all he meant for good.
Forever somehow secret where some misunderstood.

Now he walks in shadows seeking shelter from the rain.
Don't you dare look in his eyes you'll get lost inside his pain.
Like the secret long ago he spends his time alone.
It seems being by himself is now his comfort zone.

Asking nothing from no one wanting only just to give.
The only dream he still dreams is live and just let live.
A million miles on his heart and tears that he still cries.
So it is for secrets and those conceived in lies.
Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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The Instincts of Innocence

I reflect upon a word -
To understand more fully what it means,
I think of what it conjures up for me -
childhood times -
 those times when I believed all I was taught
from silly things like Santa Clause
 to sacred things
            like God and true religion.

The way I accepted and then reacted to 
my mother’s definitions  of what was wrong and right
  I think is how I might define 
           my instincts ….. of innocence.
Having learned well right from wrong in my youth,
            my instinct was to feel shock or dismay
when I saw others doing      things I deemed immoral,
especially when the doers were those that I looked up to
           inside the parameters of my own church.
However, my tolerance for others’ evil doing 
  increased year by year, 
            Even in my youth, I never judged them outright.
Those girls and boys that slept around through high school
              were judged inside the silence of my mind.
       I never shunned them.

A few more decades passed. 
      Religion’s walls around me were wearing down.
  I never did cement the cracks in my walls’ foundation
      as did some others in my community -
               others who sought to strengthen their own walls
    with instincts of innocence espoused inside
                        the sanctity of chapels.
When was it I let my childhood instincts  totally crumble?

Generally more tolerant than many of my friends
  that I grew up with, I saw “other” people
with eyes that rarely blinked  at what I deemed to be audacity.
Those with different customs, or with strange new religions
          I have accepted in my life and tried hard not to judge.
Some things, however, I cannot tolerate.
             Societies that put their women down and 
people who abuse the weak, emotionally as well as physically,
Never will those actions I accept.

Now I ponder this: Are the instincts of innocence simply tied
          to what we learn as children?
I have seen select groups of people shunned
            by both the religious and the non-religious
simply for the fact that they are different!
And from whence comes the idea in a child’s mind 
to make him think that someone should be shunned?
Do our instincts of innocence simply come
from that time of life
when we looked up to our parents as our Gods,
accepting their every teaching as Gospel
and feeling fear to ever go against them?
Many things we learn are for our good, and
societies would turn to chaos without some guidelines
akin to the ten commandments.

On the other hand,
as a child, I was innocent.
    My instinct was to trust in strangers.
              Then I learned better.
My instinct was to cringe but say nothing   
   the time I was inappropriately touched.
Thankfully, since then, I have learned better.
In some instances, I would say, 
our instincts of innocence
                                                should be laid to rest!

For a long while now, I’ve been seeing
a small but significant segment of the population
that differs in their sexual orientation or preference.
Those who taught me in my youth
 that I ought to be as meek as a child
         still point today to ancient Scriptures
                  as the way for all to keep their innocence.

But my walls have fallen down.
    I stand here in the rubble
              unsure that I've done right or wrong
         in letting many of my childhood  ways of thinking
                   collapse so utterly.
The instincts of my thinking adult mind tell me that
     I am not wrong to stand with those who want their right
                to the pursuit of their own happiness
despite the fact their actions are denounced
         by the very teachings on which I was raised.

Can we ever really lose completely 
those thoughts developed from our early teachings, 
which led to the instincts of our childhood innocence?
At times, I cannot be completely at ease
in what I have let go of and in who I have become,
for the instincts of innocence 
     still dwell           in the caverns of my mind.

For Kai Michael Neumann's "The Loss of An Innocent Mind" Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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She's Wet

I took her hand at sweet sixteen
Kissed her on the cheek
The clouds looked down
We were about to be drowned
No umbrellas to protect our dreams

I held her hand
As we ran and ran
Raindrops kissing our cheeks
I gazed up at her delicious peeks
I said sorry sweet, do not cry

A tear she shed
As she bled
Her love was cut in two
She looked at me, as if to plea
Shivering she said, don’t mind me I am wet

Wipe away my damp memories

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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When Love Was Innocent

Sing for me the sweetest song of love when life was still so young. Those tender times and days devoid of cares and wants troubling the old, when smiles and laughter ruled the day, when worries passed and did not stay. Strum so softly your guitar just like the nights along the shore when music meant the world to us and dreams were spun with so much fun. With nary a thought to hindrances, and silence in between did not mean sadness. Sketch the image once again of all our hopes and aspirations. Paintbrush, our imaginations that fueled all our conversations. Let the canvas capture the moment when each one’s triumph was heaven sent. With words of wonder I will write of every look and all the sighs, of every throbbing thud within our hearts that sometimes drown the din. Still, we aimed our sight so high a desire defined by what’s ideal... When life was young, and love was innocent.
16 May 2015 Kim Patrice Nunez When Love Was Innocent Contest

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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Curious George and Winnie The Pooh

I remember Christopher Robin
When helping Pooh find honey
Was my biggest problem
I remember the blustery days
We trusted each other in every way

I remember When we helped Eeyore
Find his way home from the Sea shore
Everything was good
In the Hundred Acre Woods

I remember Curious George
I had to chase him a hundred miles
As soon as my mother kissed me good night
We went around the world
But we made it home
Two minutes before sunlight
And everything was alright

And Sammy the Seal would let me get on his back
And ride for a million miles
We exchanged halcyon smiles

And I remember the monster
Who brought fear to the hundred acre woods
Scarier than the Heffalump
Scarier than the thing with the Black eyes
He was pure evil in disguise
He told lies

Filled with evil and guile
Christopher Robin called him a Pedofofile
It tried to seduce me
Ten minutes after my mother introduced me

I remember that ice cold June
When Mama said “We’re getting married soon"
And Disney left the room
I remember when
Larry Flint
And Hugh Hefner moved in
And H.A. Ray moved away
And Dr. Seuss and Syd Hoff
Took the Summer off

I remember seeing the door knob turn
The Pedofofile kneeled on one knee
Said he had a story he wanted to read to me
And he brought pornos to my bed
Mother Goose turned her head
Christopher Robin Fled
Curious George hid under the bed
And the hundred acre woods were
filled with dread

I remember us all gathering around
The meeting in Hundred acre woods
Christopher Robin said if I
Opened up the pornofo graphic
I could be banned for good

I asked him what’s a Pornofographic magazine
He didn't know exactly what to say
But saidt they were ten times worse
Than any blustery day

But i was curious like Curious George
I was curious like Curious George
I opened the Pornofographic magazine

I remember the woman
I saw more of her insides than a doctor
I remember the dog on top of her
But I can’t tell you what they did
And i cried out for Winnie the Pooh
I just wanted to be a kid

I remember the last time
I saw Christopher Robin
Tears rolled down his chin
he asked me why I had to
Let the pedofofile in
And it was a blustery day times ten

And I waved goodbye to Piglet
And Roo to Tigger
And the heffalump too
But Mostly I remember standing closely
To Danny the Dinosaur
He told me he would always love me
But I couldn’t slide down his back anymore

I remember 1974

2011 Dr. Seuss Poet M.e. Michael Ellis..

Copyright © Poet M.e. | Year Posted 2016

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Between the Lines Tibute to F J Thomas

Between The Lines

Tribute to FJ Thomas

No doubt you'll read the words she writes
of love in lovers eyes.
Seashells on a beach somewhere
beneath the clear blue skies.

Holding hands and taking walks
in the springtime in a park.
Or whispers being whispered
by lovers after dark.

But when it comes to those she loves
and those that stand beside her.
Unless you read between the lines
it's all kept safe inside her.

Like dreams some dream long after dark
while laying fast asleep.
And promises of secrets known
she promised she would keep.

There's nothing there to hold her back
there's nothing she must hide.
It's just it's much too personal
to talk of tears she's cried.

There were times in love before
when certain words were spoken.
What she got for all she gave
was getting her heart broken.

So for now she's come to think
of the heart that's in her chest.
Certain things are better off with
those that she knows best.

All in all just like a star
you can see how her love shines.
But to see beyond the light
you must read between the lines.

Edwin C Hofert

Picture provided by: 

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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Instincts of Innocence

Years have come and gone
and the woman in me has seen
the love of the ancients in a dream
the constancy of time...gleams
nothing is as it seems
as I stand before you

I am ripe with age
No longer in the blush of my prime
No longer....sublime
I stand before you
with all my womanly wiles
and all of seduction's sighs spent

Innocence washes over me
carrying me back
on the streams of longing
pouring over me from 
the depth of your eyes
birthing in me
the hidden instincts of innocence
as I stand before you

I am a girl again
not yet a woman
not having tasted
the pleasures of passion's gratification
I stand before you

In a voice of wispy wonder and wanton willingness
I whisper your name.....
You stand before me
stepping into the time of Before
both you and I
on the edge of discovery
with the shyness of virgin wants
we stand...

I look down at your hands
As you gently undress me
you peel away inner garments
of time and age
until I am....bare
A blooming beauty of blushing youth
I see it mirrored in your eyes
before I close mine
and venture into this dreamed reality
in the instincts of innocence

I float on clouds of awakening need
sensations never felt
tingle a telling tale of sweet sensuality
I feel your fingers trace my lips
as one of them gently dips inside my mouth
I envelope it with a prophetic wetness wild
as it slides and it glides inside...
my innocence....hides

We no longer stand
you make me lie down
with guiding hand
You hove above me 
discovering, touching, and tasting
My love for you
in honeyed dew 
I come for you
you come in me
innocence now history
We intertwine the time
of before and now
We're set free...
How can it be?
You have made....
a woman out of the girl in me

Eileen Manassian
Too late for Justin Bordner's Contest :(
Instincts of Innocence

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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The Corruption Of My Lust For Life

Hibiscus rays of light brings the sunrise out of darkness with a bloom of ravishing red passion ~ Oh! How I despise her blushing optimism and lust for life! For I am too young to cry but too old not to a handful of heartbeats ago baby’s breath breezes tenderly brushed us with flawless fingers of feathery zephyrs caressing the circle of light surrounding the shared sentimental shell of our pulsing rapture ~ champagne flowed voluptuously through our veins with golden ambrosial arousal and with every nectarous nip of our titillating treasure we lived as though we would love forever till the broken dawn-to-dark when angels cradled your harmonious harp against their hearts - their teardrops of ecstasy strumming your silvern strings in a glorious glissando that lifted your lustrous essence across the bridge to bliss somewhere beyond me and behind the snowy veils of virtue I am anemic if not nothing now adulterated by loss of innocence dwindling in a dreamless state unoccupied but for the lurid loss that fills me ~ and my black skies storm with shrieking tears! Susan Ashley February 9, 2018 ------------------------------ ~ Eighth Place ~ Contest: Your Favorite Poem Written in February Sponsor: Laura Loo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Ninth Place ~ Contest: Loss of an Innocent Mind Sponsor: Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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White is the tiny jasmine growing in my garden
The soft snow that falls on my nose
The cumulus that drifts in the blue sky
The heart of a pristine lotus

 White is gown I wore for him
And the gloved hand on his arm
The Arabian which ran wild in the desert
As mystical as the first ray of dawn

White is the baby in Mary’s arms
And the lilies in the church
The rice and confetti thrown on the bride
The veil which hides her blushing cheeks

White is the dove which brings peace
And the tiny bell that hangs on its neck
The moon that shines gently at night
The stars that shine in her eyes


Copyright © Tahera Mannan | Year Posted 2013

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It occurred to me
I think more and more like a poet
Thoughts jumbled with imagery
Off in my own colourful world
Small wonder there’s a disconnect
With dusty musty pencil pushers
People whose minds have shrivelled up
Have trouble seeing art and beauty for what they are
Gifts from above

Can’t relate to people
Bent on upward and forward
People with hardened hearts
Their erected walls with tiny doors
Tightly locked with guarded keys

They look down from lofty towers
Baffled and indignant
Meaningless people like you and me
Satisfied with so little
Looking at the world
Through poet lenses
Seeing that subtle dimension
That’s invisible to most
Keeping the pathway to the heart open
The channel clear
Seeing that life’s real treasures
Are offered only
To the receptive soul 

Submitted on February 9, 2018 for contest LOSS OF AN INNOCENT MIND sponsored by KAI MICHAEL NEWMANN

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2018

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Essence Of Beauty

Essence of Beauty

Our endless night was nothing short
of perfection but time being the thief
it couldn't steal a heart pristine.

Your love is felt in every dimention none which you share
held a certain something special
a character that was faultless. 

You unknowingly leave lives in uncertainty
yet with endless possibilities
with your innocent nature and untamed soul.

But as a deep dark secret I feel I'm secreted by
the blankets you throw over it
still your spirit shines through your mind clear.

Untainted substance with a high quality being.

My love I try to resist by keeping feelings inside 
in hopes that one day 
you will see in me as I see in you an essence of beauty.


Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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The Balloon

I am a balloon, happy and free
My friends and I brighten every party
Festival colors, waving animation
My life is all about the celebration

I wait in a corral as one by one
My friends all leave as the children come
I’m all alone now questioning why
Why has everyone passed me by

Are my colors not as bright as the rest
Up until now I thought I was the best
Oh wait, wait, here comes a little girl
All smiles and bows and cute blond curls

She’s taken my string and I’m filled with joy
We dance together she loves her new toy
I see some others lifting off to the sky
And just at that minute, I wonder why

Why can I not soar to the clouds
Flying high looking down on the crowds
Tethered to string that holds me down
My life’s too short to stay on the ground

With all of my might I pull at the knot
The little girl jumps but I can’t be caught
I look down and see her tears as they fall
The hurt in her eyes makes me feel very small

She rescued me there ... the last one left
She made me feel loved and I left her bereft
Regret overcomes me but I can’t go back
I’ve already set myself on this track

I sadly look skyward but my friends are gone
And suddenly I’m left again forlorn
Floating aimlessly on a journey I can’t stop
Before me a tree branch appears and then ... pop!

Copyright © Judith S | Year Posted 2017

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My first doll
Smelled like chocolate
And her skin
Just as dark
I adored her

Innocent as I was
I could have
Never imagined
Anyone remotely
My precious doll
Could have been
The equivalent of a crime
By the worst
Kind of persecution
And abuse

Whoever bought
Me that beautiful doll
Was making damn sure
There would be
One less dirty bigot
In this bizarre world
We live in

Ever so proudly
As I clenched to my heart
My best little friend
I was blissfully unaware
I was making a statement
Back in dark days of 1962

Submitted on January 11, 2018, for contest WHAT IS WHITE? sponsored by DEBBIE GUZZI  -  RANKED 10th

and on October 4, 2017 for contest AN OCTOBER PREMIERE sponsored by BRIAN STRAND 

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2017

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Whom the horse is looking for
Every day in the scarlet breeze
It comes and taps at the door
Have you forgotten your blue cheese

Is it the one I dream of
Accompanied by the charged shiver
Especially when I am burnt out
Like the lean exhausted river

The last time I saw it
In blue light it stood
The pink link it signalled me
I was in a restless wood

I tried to recall
Where had I seen it
The tempest and the thunder squall
Then the ocean of the mist

But how come I am morose
I have got nothing to do
With this equine inquiry
Then what for the blues overdose

But the residual pink remains
I have seen it somewhere
Beside the blue Euphrates?
My another mind inquired

A Freudian explained me
Your horse misses you
Your bosom friend of the boyhood
Longs for a hue or two

He reached me a magazine
Inside I came across the faces
Of lovely blonde and black women
In very skimpy dresses

I couldn't remove my eyes
Was in a reverie
What is it, the analyst asked
Is it the equine spree?

Was the horse now inside me?
Something I felt scary
Does Mathew still hold good
Was it the visual adultery?

From above 
Dropped a dew
Are you living still 
In the age of Mathew

Was it the horse
Yes, said he
Goading you
Into harmless  glee

And my thoughts 
Went astray
Last night in Paul's house
How charmingly in the sofa she lay

The tremor in the cup of tea
Now the horse again for the infidelity
I knew it for sure
It was the mental adultery

Now Mathew not alone
Beside him glared Mark
I was in a blind cone
This crimson sky how to shirk

Tush tush
Smiled the analyst
Without the child
You can't exist

You are living in the light speed life
It is the child that slows you down
Makes you smile amidst your strife
In the mirror you wear a crown

February 12,  2018

Loss of an Innocent Mind - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2018

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Blade so blue

Friend, you may view me as piteous
for my form is quite hideous
Bloodstained hands I cannot clean
even though I'm fastidious
I accidently killed the queen

This deed beyond my conception
I promised my queen protection
My sword I swung it in the dark
towards a ghostly reflection
It struck my Queen leaving its mark

There she lay upon the threshold
Although young I then felt so old
Dismal in spirit for I loved her true
I beg you to be swift and bold
Take my life with a blade of blue

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2017

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Injustice's vultures

Circling over the righteous 

Humanity's shame!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
        03 May 2018

* I had to check twice to make certain it is true that this poem of mine
was honored as POTD and that was also included in the list of the best new poems. 
I sincerely thank those responsible, starting with my friends who are visiting me and
the Poetrysoup officials who took the decision. Should not forget my Muse who is 
the source of this writing. God bless you!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2018