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He has learned to earn joy from paying sorrow's fee
He has learned to turn and fight and never to flee
He has unloosed the burden of false royalty
Cast off at low-tide to be swept out to sea
His bended back straightens to a minute degree
He walks a bit taller, a better man to be
With nothing to lose now, with no guarantee
A battle-scarred prince bows to one shaky knee
At last feeling worthy to request it of thee
To slip on your slipper, it fits, you will see

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2012

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Hard to argue with that

She was smart, beautiful and a perfect host
Yet these god given attributes don't explain how she became adored 
By most,
With no hate mail in the post.

No, we have to look elsewhere for the reason,
That no matter what the season, 
She could appeal to our reason.

Was it the way she talked,
Maybe it was the way she walked,
Or the way she looked at you when she smiled.

No, that was not the reason she was such a hit,
Because like us all she could still throw a fit
And upset a little bit

Could it have been how she treated everyone the same,
Or that she did not use voice or words to shame,
No, these are not reason enough to explain her fame.

To be fair, the reason only becomes clear,
When you have had a hug from her
One that sets your emotions astir
And gives your heart cause to stutter.
Even while knowing anything more is reserved for another.

Many is the time I have seen a hug go to the undeserving,
With genuine feeling,
When the rest of us would have resorted to behaviour less 

To think that most of us have yet to grasp the fact,
That a simple hug freely given can change the way others act
And give us all a reason,
To look forward to another season.


Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017

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the black phone

A black phone 
I dislike our phone a sleek monster in a corner
I never answer it when it rings unless my wife is out
My mobile phone is in the pocket in my jacket in the hall
Where I can`t hear it when it rings, it is usually someone 
Trying to sell me something, but I never go out driving
Without my mobile it comes in handy if the car breaks
Down and I have to call the garage with a tow- truck 
Years ago I used to do haiku; it did my head in
The bloody phone always rang when I had the right 
Word on the tip of my tongue often I took the phone 
Off its hook but I could hear it humming which was
 Worse when I was still young enough to think
A phone could bring good news something like
“We have decided to publish your book” it never
Happened instead, it rang to give me heart-wrenching 
News, an early morning call: your mother has died.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Happily Ever After- Our Story, Fairytale Fate

It all started when you looked me in the eyes and asked me if I am okay 
The story of fate first started with these first three words, “are you okay,” 
Then next thing you know, we are outside on a land full of beauty and hope.
The sun always shines on our two faces coming together as one union strong and mighty, 
We overcome the obstacles life throws at us like twisters that go around and around like the carousel I used to ride when I was a little girl, 
We are bound in hope and love that truly is real. 
Its not the fantasies that we read when we were young but it's better than that it's better than prince charming and a princess.. 
You asked me those three life changing words that ultimately made me think you understand.
We were young but still we fell in the same rabbit hole that everyone falls into in a time in there life,
you were the one my one and only 
My best friend forever only just a little more closer.
The universe writes with the ink of my tears of love that together we make a beautiful story...
a beautiful story of fate.       

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2017

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We were sisters, but more like Cinderella and the ugly sister variety ...
and of course you always made me feel like I am the ugly one!

I’ve done so much for our parents for years
but you got all the glory ... and the privileges
A house, private college education, a car 
Enough money to open a bank!
You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth
More like a solid gold coal shovel!

Everything I own I’ve worked my butt off to get -
holding down 5 part time jobs to buy my first car
I appreciate every single thing we own

You’ve lived on benefits for over 30 years
Oh and of course of bank of mummy and daddy
Yet when dad died
You lied and cheated and only thought of ME ME ME
Perhaps you should get an Oscar for your performance!
Believe me I wouldn’t swap places with you for the world
Forgiveness feels like a rotted grave ... you can rot in yours forever

Free verse only Contest Sponsored by Laura Loo


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2018

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In the Company of Kings, You Will Be


          QuEe  NQ uEeN 
            Q  U  E  E  N
            queen queen
             u   e   e   n
               q   U  ee    
                n  Q  u 
     QUEENqu  e   enQUEEN
        qUEE nqueenq UEEn
         q u   eenque    e n
        q       ueenq          u      
   een    QUEenquEEN      que  
    qUEE nqueenqueen QUEe
  Q  u  e   e  n  q  u  e  e  n  q  u E
  E e  n  q  u  e  e  n  q  u  e  e n  Q
      u ee                n qu          
  ee    N                      Q                    


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2018

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Waiting For A Princess

A jewel-encrusted tiara sat on a tiny white throne,
Against a soft, shiny satin pillow, it dazzled and shone.
The jewels were emeralds and sapphires, a beautiful tone.
It was polished every day for eight years until a princess came home.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Her Prince Will Come

Prince A.J. Charming traveled throughout her active mind.
Day in and day out, a totally new mind-set.
Amazing how much time he stole from her days and nights,
Especially since she had not even met him yet.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Childhood dreams part 1

When I was a child
Everything was magical
Full of mystery and the unknown
I read hundreds of books
The library my haven
My home
Hours upon hours
Night and day
I read and got lost in text
They supplied me with adventures
Secret journeys
Fun and fairy tales
I absorbed the words like a sponge
The books were my food
I devoured chapters of verse
Engrossed in paper previously trees
Entered my own little world

In my childhood dreams
Fairies were my friends
We played hop scotch on stumps of old trees
Jumped gaily across ponds
Using lily pads as our stepping stones
We stopped to talk to frogs and toads 
Who sung in chorus
As we made our way along 
We threw leaves in the air with glee
I danced in the rain
With pixies and elves
Gnomes and leprechauns gently teased
No hate or malice is allowed here
Just happiness and lots of cheer

Together we played hide and seek
The invisible creatures cheated of course!
“That’s not fair!” we all cry
“It’s only a game!” They reply
We forgive them 
It’s all part of their charm
We chased each other through dense woodlands and trees
The bright round moon giving us some light
It was dark and spooky
But exciting at the same time
We were happy 
Having fun
I wanted to dream day and night

The pixies were a bit naughty
Used to hide the keys to doors
But we were all magical in my dreams
We walked straight through them
Keys were just objects
We became like shadows we 
Shimmering through walls
Like ghosts 
And ghouls
The pixies played tricks on us
They lay in wait behind trees
Jumping out on springy green legs
They frighten us with a start
The fairies reprimand them
But pixies do not care
The tiny creatures laugh their pointed shoes off
And they run along
To another dark place
To startle us once again

The gnomes are round bodied and happy
All dressed the same
In floppy hats and wide belts
Stand in your garden perfectly still
They guard it from all things bad with pride
But they hide a secret as well
They run around your garden
Moving objects from their place
They play leapfrog on toadstools
Knock on your door and run away
You will never hear them
Or see them indeed
They are invisible to most at play

The gnomes chase the bees away
They want the honey for themselves
To eat on toast 
Or give Winnie the Pooh
They guard the flowers
Like neighbourhood watch
Miniature security guards
Less than a foot tall
They stop deathly still
Looking like statues 
As soon as they know you are there

The garden is a haven
For birds and animals alike
And the tiny magical creatures
Keep everything so bright
The fairies give it colour
The pixies provide aroma
Witches make the potions
To fertilise the earth
The sun shines down to bless it
Making it all look nice
Everyone helps in their own little way
And at night it comes alive

Fairies would take me to their home
Deep within dense bushes they live
At the bottom of an old tree
A tiny door is hidden in the stump
I shrink so I will fit in the door
Oh my days it’s so pretty inside
A never ending cave full of twinkling lights
Jewels gleam and shine within the walls
The floor is glittering with grains of gold
The sky is the ceiling
Bright shining stars challenge the blackness of the night
The paths are lined with flowers
The colours of the rainbow in full bloom
The fairies and I skip along
Arm in arm
To a kingdom far beyond
We slide up rainbows here
To get from place to place 
And back down the other side
A rollercoaster of dreams you could say
The little leprechauns help us 
They are our guide

In my childhood dreams fairy tales came true
I met Cinderella at the ball
Looking beautiful in her gown
A pale shade of baby blue
It sparkled as she danced 
Trailing behind her along the ground
Swirling as her Prince Charming swung her around
In tune to the music
Sung by her friends who had helped her in the past
When her life was hard
She scrubbed floors till she was sore
While her sisters laughed on full of scorn

I met her fairy godmother too
Floating in on a cloud to attend
A lace dress of pure white
With diamonds that glistened 
It sparkled like a million lights
She was elegant
Spoke softly and slowly
She was calming and had grace
Her hair was as white as snow
Her eyes as blue as ice
Her magic wand twinkled as she cast her spells of love 
Conjuring all things nice

Snow White was there
With seven dwarves of course
Grumpy attended
He didn’t look happy
To go I suspect he was forced
Bashful met a beautiful girl
He was too shy to ask her out
He had met Cinderella before
He loved her but from afar
But he was happy she was happy
With her new groom the prince
They looked beautiful together
And shined like stars

Aladdin wasn’t invited
Because of the forty thieves
The tortoise got there early
Just plodded along with no rush
The hare raced past him but wore himself out
Plenty of time he could afford
He had a quick sleep
The tortoise strolled past
And arrived at the castle before
The hare was late
Had a very red face
Always in a hurry
He never ever learns
And always underestimates

Jack climbed up his beanstalk instead of the stairs
Because the castle was so tall
At the top of the beanstalk were where giants lived
The biggest ones of all
He arrived with a present
More beans wrapped in gold
They looked like sweets
With wrappers shiny and bright
Cinderella was impressed and she smiled
She asked Jack if she could use his beanstalk
He said “Of course be my guest!”
She walked over to her ugly sisters
Told them stories of great riches and the rest
Of jewels and princes too
Of kingdoms they could own
Their greed will be the end of them
Their fate they could not know
We all laughed silently
As the ugly sisters climbed the dense
Their screams heard by kingdoms beyond
As Cinderella took her revenge
Using the Woodmans axe as her aid
She chopped the beanstalk down by half
Her sisters fell
The giants landing on top of them
Squashing them
Her revenge made

Goldilocks was there
With the three bears
Daddy, mummy and baby too
They didn’t like the party food
And there was no porridge in any bowl
Baby bear started crying
Until the fairy godmother came along
She waved her twinkly magic wand again
Three bowls of porridge appear in an instant
The bears tucked in happily
But Goldilocks had to decline
She told me she’s sick of porridge
I told her I feel the same way inclined
We all danced the night away happily
Took turns to fly with Peter Pan
It was way too late for the kids to be up
But Wendy sneaked out anyway
She flew there with Peter in the dark
Her hair was messed up
The wind blew it wild
But she was happy to be there
Cinderella was her friend
She wouldn’t have missed it for the world

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

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Childhood dreams part 2

The three little pigs came to the ball
Tried to blow the castle down
It didn’t work
It was made of solid gold
So they gave up and sat at their trough 
Ate noisily 
And snorted quite a lot

They started poor Sneezy off
His allergies he couldn’t control
Living up to his name
He sneezed and sneezed
His nose was dripping like a tap
And was feeling rather wet and cold
He wipes it on his long red sleeve
Snow White told him off
“Use a hanky!” She exclaims raising her arms with a sigh
He marches across the crowded room
He cannot see what’s in front of him
Arms folded and only a foot high
A pixie lays a banana skin down
And he slips up and falls 
I giggle and laugh
As he chases her round the hall all night

I watched in amazement
As my fairy tales came to life
They were all my friends
I had so many
The witches were my favourites
Their cackle made me laugh
With their pointed black hats
And black silky cats 
They cast spells all the time
The cauldron held potions
The ingredients a mystery
A secret kept by the coven
I am sure they would have told me what was in it if I’d asked

The smell of potions cooking
Started Sneezy off once more
I handed him a hanky
He smiled
He went home early
Walked a long way back
Whistling all the while
He lived far far away 
But as soon as Sneezy fell asleep
His snoring could be heard for miles

My childhood dreams were full of excitement 
Adventure and fun all the way
My toys came to life
My dolls could walk and talk on their own
We talked for hours about school and our friends
We chanted nursery rhymes
Bringing them to life too
Although some of them are scary
I don’t like spiders
I’m glad Miss Muffet left hers at home

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall
I lost count of how many times
The King’s horses and his men 
Put him together again and again
But he was round like an egg
He couldn’t balance on his tiny legs
He fell off the wall for the last time
The King’s horses and men gave up
Poor old Humpty sat crumpled on the hill
Until Jack and Jill came up
They used sellotape and glue 
Plasters and bandages
And fixed him up like new

In my childhood dreams I could speak any tongue
To reptiles and animals too
Insects and fish
I would talk to for ages
I was like Dr Doolittle
They talked to me too
Dogs told me stories
Of chewing up toys
And such things like slippers from your feet
Even naughtier they tell of eating the Sunday chicken
Before the family sat down to eat

Cats told me funny tales
Of tripping owners down the stairs
Of meowing loudly to get let out
Bringing in mice
Rats and birds too
Making their owners scream out loud
Because cats are like that
They don’t need people
They have nine lives  
Are independent and survivors 
But I know they love their snuggles 
Despite them being so proud

In my childhood dreams
The stars were family now passed
Watching down over me with the angels as I sleep
They talk to me like normal
Like they’re still here with us
Not lost
They take me to their new home
Heaven in the clouds above
Angels play golden harps
Raining glitter of silver sparkles everywhere
So beautiful and at peace
The pain no longer on their face
I guess my mum was right
They are in a better place

My childhood dreams were of faraway places
Beaches in the sun
Making sandcastles 
Playing in the warm sea
And of pirate adventures
Oo Arh Captain!
Having fun all day long
I dreamt of rainbows I could climb
To find my pot of gold
I dreamt of finding my own Prince Charming
Of having children of my own

My childhood dreams were full of wonderment
Christmas a magical time
I would watch the elves
Hard at work
Both night and day
Getting presents made
Wrapped and ready
To load up Rudolph’s sleigh 
Through the skies we rode
Over chimneys and skyscrapers
Seas and oceans 
Through warm days and cold nights
Different time zones
Clocks go backwards here
To give us more time
Everyone helps at Christmas 
It’s a holy time

My childhood dreams were enchanted
Full of magic and adventures
My friends were not human
They had magical powers
We travelled throughout time and space
Together we ruled the world
I danced with fairies
Played with gnomes
Attended glamorous balls
I had a life of mystery and bliss
There the impossible was possible

I had a fairy godmother
Who would grant me wishes
Not just three
If I wished for something 
It would appear
Anything I need
If I felt sad my toys would cheer me up
The clowns would do tricks
My Barbie dolls presented fashion parades
My teddies would dance in front of me

My childhood dreams were dreams that came to life
To accompany me on my way
From being a child to an adult now
I remember my friends from those days
Sometimes I wonder if they were real
I look in my garden at the gnomes
I swear I see them moving
Out the corner of my eye
I see my daughter watching
Only one year old but she laughs
I swear she sees what I saw
And I feel a tiny bit jealous

I whisper into my baby girls’ ear
Say hello to them for me
To the pixies and the fairies
The witches and gnomes
To the fairy tales and nursery rhymes
And the things I will never tell
The secrets that were given me
By my magical friends way back then
Will stay with me always
I feel safe in the knowledge
They will accompany you on your way
Even now when I look in the skies above
I say a prayer to the stars
The lost people I still love no longer visit me
But I know that they are still there

My childhood dreams were amazing
I know my daughters will be too
I read to her the stories I heard
The ones that inspired me
Gave me my imagination and growth
I know she’s only one year old
And she doesn’t understand
But very soon she will
Be dreaming in wonderland
Dancing with fairies soon
My friends will be her friends
I know they will look after her
Take her to the magical places
I remember and hold in my heart 
And give her the most amazing gift
Childhood dreams

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

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Have courage and be kind
Her mother's wishes still fresh in her mind
For she had not a single bone of hate
Leading her courage and kindness to seal her fate

The days turned to months and those to years
For only time could calm her falling tears
Then her father passed leaving her his name
Never realizing his latest wife would bring so much shame.

It was seen so clearly how she was jealous
Along with her two daughters, still Cinderella was zealous
Even when she was ordered to laundry and dishes
And cleaning the pond while feeding the fishes.

Still she always smiled with light in her eyes
For so long she was wrongfully mistreated though one surprise
Her dress torn and ripped to shreds
That is when Cinderella put down her head.

And as her sweet heart ached
She heard a voice that beautifully sang
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"
And that is when the magic became real, make no mistakes.

A pumpkin turned to a carriage
Her simple appearance would unknowingly find a perfect marriage
Placing her as queen, in which she deserved to be
Sometimes magic can exist; just wish and look and you will see.

Written and posted on July 27th, 2016.
By: Michelle Corbin

Copyright © Michelle Corbin | Year Posted 2016

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My friends have always hated Valentine's Day.
They ridiculed the pimply-faced boys
Whose hormone-infused offerings
Smell of Axe cologne and sweaty palms.

Greater the mocking of pubescent princesses
Who prance and twirl and collect tokens
From admirers like shells on a beach, oooing and aahing
Over anything shiny or colorful.

I have always been neutral. Red is not my color.
Chocolate breaks me out. And I am allergic to roses.
I was raised on Disney movies, however, and am not immune
To the power a real love story inspires.

So while I never actively sought to steal
The heart of a young, handsome prince,
I didn't hate the thought that some Valentine's Day I might be the recipient
Of some amorous male attention.

What I didn't know is that there was a deadline.
Like Cinderella, I had a clock ticking
But no fairy Godmother to turn back the hands.
And the stakes were much higher than a glass shoe and a pumpkin.

There's an old song my mother used to waltz around the kitchen singing:
"Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay
Love isn't love til you give it away."
Catchy, romantic, but not very real!

The trouble was, no matter how much love I had in my heart,
I couldn't give it away. Nobody would want it.
My heart was broken. Not like when a lover cheats on you,
But literally, as in no returns, VERY-limited-lifetime-warranty broken.

And as my twenty-fifth Valentine's Day approached,
I was in a hospital, knowing that my happy ending wasn't to be.
Despite the many attractive interns that surrounded me,
Flirtily discussing my deteriorating cardiac status, the ball was over.

Everyone had tried to find me a match,
But it looked like the transplant gods 
Were even worse shots than that little demon Cupid.
My date for Valentine's Day this year would be St. Peter.

And I was ok with that. I had a good run.
So when I closed my eyes the night of February 13th, 
I was ready for what came next. Or so I thought.
But instead, like another favorite fairytale princess I admired, I woke up.

The light got brighter, and sound was added.
Beating -- a strong, steady rhythm, one I hadn't heard in a long time.
This must be heaven, I thought, 
Wondering why it looked just like a hospital?

"Happy Valentine's Day," gushed a young, fresh-faced nurse
Whose scrubs were adorned with hearts
And tiny Cupids, bows loaded for bear.
"You almost missed it!"

"Where am I?" I stammered?
Although it was obvious I was hooked to as many or more machine as before
And I felt an INTENSE pain in the area of my chest,
I also noticed I was speaking easier, mostly because I was breathing easier.

"Cardiac surgical intensive care."
She went on to tell me that a young man died in a motorcycle crash the night before
And his heart was a perfect match for me. He wanted to donate his organs,
And all I was allowed to know was his first name, Emir.

Long story short, after an extended recovery,
My health is the best it has ever been!
I play tennis, actually go to the gym I belong to,
And no longer introduce myself as: "The girl with the limited lifetime warranty."

Before I knew it, Valentine's Day was upon us again.
I had no boyfriend, but I felt happier than ever!
Still, I felt my recovery wouldn't be complete
Unless I could somehow find a way to wrap up the story of my special Valentine's gift.

Rules are strict, and I couldn't find any more information
On the young man unless his family chose to reveal it.
And apparently, they didn't. So I had to be satisfied
With just looking up the meaning of "Emir," and finally I understood.

On that special Valentine's Day, not only did I wake up like a fairytale princess,
But a young man truly gave me the greatest gift of love imaginable: his heart.
Not metaphorically, but literally, giving with no hope of receiving back.
An unmatched gift of love from a man I never even met.

And the meaning of my rescuer's name?
Well, that's what makes my story worth telling!
Because my research found that "Emir" means "Charming Prince."
And that is how I knew I would live happily ever after.

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2016

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Princess Misled:

Kissed a bunch of frogs
They were still frogs in the end.
Kissed toads, until warts grew
Why is what you're looking for
Always in the last place you look
I asked myself.?

I needed my Prince
Oh how I needed my hero.
Ready to give up, I drank
Potions from the last cauldron.
About to call it a life.

My Fairy Godmother 
Was a Witch.....
I Was under her spell 
Still I searched once 
Again to no avail.

One last kiss did I perform
To my surprise this last frog 
Transformed; When the 
Prince saw me, with warts 
On my skin: Mission 
Completed as this now my end.

The moral of the story is as clear
As can be, Mono or herpes is not
Worth the risk.
The toads that you kiss...
May not be so charming;Fairy Tale
Metaphors, may prove be alarming.

Real Princesses, go home
When they leave the ball,,
The Prince was not very happy, not 
Happy at all: He ran away screaming...
"Ladies and Princesses should never kiss frogs "

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2015

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The Secret of Christmas ALSO see Blog same title

The Secret of Christmas

Who could not wish for Christmas?
For I have been witness with my own eyes
I have felt the humanity and joy raining from the skies
I have traveled back in time, long ago
Into a Maronite church
Listening to the language of Jesus
As the choir sings
Children romp and play
I see man with arms outstretched in humble prayer
Time travel is possible, back to the future of peace

I hear many voices proclaim all that Christmas is NOT
They are all wrong
When you focus on the nots
You see not what is
What is, is love
However expressed
However given
Heavenly peace is felt in the soul
Every single human should feel this joy
Even with a humble messenger of love
Listen first the message

The message you say?
The savior is in us all
Listen to the beating of your own heart
Follow any path you choose
As long as you see the light
The universe will shine bright
The beauty inside of you
Should you open it to the world
Is gods gift
To one and all

Merry Christmas

Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling

Katherine Jenkins - Hallelujah

Katherine Jenkins - Angel

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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To My Prince Charming

To My Prince Charming
I.	I actually don`t know how I could start,
This poem for you, even though I`m smart
It could have been easy if I know your name,
But since I didn`t, let`s just play a game.

II.	This game's played by a man and a lady,
You're not allowed if you have a baby
Just for two characters with pure healed hearts
Ready to mingle and forget their hurts.

III.	But before we start, please let me know you,
What do you look like or anything 'bout you
I hope you`re sweet and a real gentleman
Treating me as your princess, your only one.

IV.	I hope you`re humorous and totally cool
So when I crack a joke, you`ll laugh like a fool
I hope you`re handsome, turning heads like a star
And a businessman who owns a sports car.

V.	Oh my Prince Charming, I`m excited to meet you,
How long will I wait before I say “I do”
What will be our love story that God has written?
It will be a testimony before I go to heaven.

Copyright © heizyl arellano | Year Posted 2015

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Beauty and Bigfoot

Disguised,.. Big Foot's sister despised Cinderella Deceived, and enticed Royal Kingdom's Prince- fella But Prince became wary of feet, huge and hairy !! This bachelor, lost pride,..... hides out in Australia !! __________________________________________________ 4/25/15 Carrie Richards

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Rumba we are in Cuba
Swirl we dance the floor
Roomba the vacuum we clean the floor.

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2015

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Chanced upon a book one day,
Bent, dog-eared, tattered and frayed,
Tale found within, read with a grin,
This fractured fairy tale,
Laughter did not fail......
Cinderella's real story,
Not such glory...
Ma woke up one fine morn,
"Cinders, Cinders!" Ma cried with such scorn.
"Cinders, you did what?
Cinders, you look such a grot!
Cinderella, are you on drugs?
What handsome prince gave you hugs?
Where is our pumpkin for tea?
Where's your pet mice, prithee?
Cinderella, Cinderella,
Where is this handsome fella?
Are you on drugs?
Handsome prince gave you hugs?
Did you forget the pill?
Why, you silly dill!!
Cinderella, Cinderella,
Listen to me, I'm your mother,
Not some fairy godmother!
What fairy godmother???
Cinderella, Cinderella.
What did you do with that handsome fella?"

Yes, that was the fractured fairytale,
Indeed, laughter did not fail.

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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But She Loved Another

It was a massive imposing dark castle,
A stronghold safe from invasions;
Fortified with a deep moat and stone rampart,
     On the  battements guards watched.
     And in the dappled light of the chapel,
     A lone girl with long raven hair wept;
     She had been betrothed since her birth,
                                    But she loved another.
        Her family had come here for refuge,
              And she had spent her life within;
She could hear her mother calling from the keep,
Running through the courtyard her hair was flying;
And in her hurry she ran right into his strong arms,
     And suddenly he was kissing her.

And I kissed her deeply because I had to,
I had to understand the taste of her breath;
All her beautiful words haunt me to this day,
     God's Angel of Mercy singing for me.
     Unlike Odysseus' sirens with evil intent,
     Her words healed my troubled heart;
     Her eyes mended this broken man,
                                 Oh her gracious touch.
        Her relentless desire, it conquered me,
           Never before had she acted this way;
It is as if she had suddenly become possessed,
These castle walls were her complete reality.
And I knew her blood belonged in this fortress,
     Now only her name echoes in my soul.

August 5,  2015


Written by Broken Wings  and Eric Boddie

For the contest, Partner Up, sponsor, Shadow Hamilton 

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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- It Is Boring -

Freezing ...
in my bones
Purple fingers and toes
Twenty-eight finger bones X two
Twenty-eight toe bones X two
A large base with pain
Stiffness, can not be bent
Six hundred muscle cells
will not cooperate with the brain

Next minute;

Burning heat
Reading glasses ... fogging
Drops of sweat in the forehead
Red fingers and toes
The eyes sting
The letters doubles
Throat dry and sore
Cough that feels suffocating
Rib bones turned inside out
like an umbrella in storm

Feel ;

Trapped ... need oxygen
Parts of the motor nerve fiber
out of balance
The body feels ...
as a old donkey                                                                                                .
I have no patience                                                                                     .
to have the flu ... it's boring                                                                .
"Flue" mean fly on Norwegian                                                         .
A fly buzzing in the window frame                                               .
       .... let me out ...(!)   .                                         .
               ... it's spring          .          .           .           .

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
Do you like what you see when
You look at my inquisitive face?
Sometimes I like what I see though
Sometimes it’s a scared face
Worried about my worst fears.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
I hope you like my clear beautiful eyes
And clear stern face full of life
Because I love your clear picture that 
Says it all to me whenever I look at you
Everything that I read that I am looks at me
And in that moment it’s true that 
I am what I read because I see an intelligent face
I am what I eat because I see healthy eyes
Sparkling through to my soul
I see the picture so clearly it stuns me.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
You and I are closer than friends
Closer than sisters or brothers
We are indeed closer than lovers
 As a man and his wife are meant to be together, forever
I could not begin the day without your
Careful attention and help.
I could not put one foot in front of the other
Without your clear decision to let me go
Because you are more than a reflection for me
You are a careful friend for me to lean on
Who never lies to my eyes because
My eyes stare through you and see
The truth of who I am.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
If I could sing you a song its this one I sing
If I could love you more than this I would.
Crashing glass almost looks beautiful
Because it reminds me of you
If I could look at you and see all the thoughts of men
All I would ever need would be you
If only I could because you are so perfect.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
Do you hear my heart pumping
 So softly in my body?
Do you feel the excitement am going
Through as I look at you right now?
Do you feel my self esteem as it goes up and down
Wondering if I am perfect?
Do you? Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall?
Could you for one moment forget you are 
An object and talk to me?

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
You who never dies, could live then to see 
My great great great great greater grand children
And even see more days than I have seen
Could you have wished to be me for one day?
If you did, I would feel more perfect
Seeing through you,
I see life in its perfection
And truth un altered
Undestroyed or tampered with.

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2015

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His heart is whole
but without cracks
he smells like home
and loves with his soul
but not without cracks
he makes you smile on dark days
and loves with his soul 
even when he is lost from this world
he makes you smile on dark days
takes you in
even when he is lost from this world
he never lets go
stubborn as a rock, unmovable 
he smells like home
and for a second you feel whole because
his heart is whole.

Copyright © Morgan Merrill | Year Posted 2015

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I am looking for someone
Who is not so handsome
Enough for me is a simple man
And a true gentleman

He must be kind and understanding
Thoughtful, sincere and caring
Sweet, spiritual and loving
Intelligent and with bearing

One who can dominate me
And yet pamper me like a baby
Treat me as a lady
And will respect me truly

I want him to be tender
Faithful and loyal as ever
Patient and will not surrender
One who will love me forever

~Chrisna Vergara

Copyright © Chrisna Vergara | Year Posted 2017

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beautiful, cinderella, crazy, growing up, humor, word play,

Gold Plated Ideals©

The ice-white-capped teeth
Smile and beguile the contacted eye
‘Java’ white-bright tee shirts dazzle 
Plastic letters ironed on right-side in
Shoulders the body making a statement?

Speaks to me of this century’s impurities
Air fresheners smelling of ‘spice’
Coats the hazy circulating sun
Press-on nails make a statement
All this is in the name of ‘add-ons’!

Linens yellow with age and crinkle fine
Woolens shrink if washed in hot water
Cottons now stretch with added spandex 
Silks colourful and light, billow with mirth
Brighten the day to darken the night!

Vitamins and creams make the skin turn young
Micro-wave quickens re-packaged (fake-foods) ‘boxed’
Time ‘replays’ when circling the moon-beamed skies!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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Infants are naturally propagators of this quality
No direct blend with vices and curiosity, also
Not knowing at all is a huge cover
Over such mind seemingly pure
Carnality is naïve even though it sticks around
Ego is still searching for shade to comfort in
Naughtiness and craftiness yet to rent in this mind
Completely far from participating in wrongs
Easy to detect but not only from countenance and outlook

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015