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Below are the all-time best Quinceanera poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of quinceanera poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Pshhhhhhh Tckkk

I've been working really hard.
And I haven't done a thing.
The answer to the riddle isn't signaled with a ding.

Professions and confessions leave the door a bit ajar.
I've traveled many places, I've not gotten very far.
The only way to get there must be high up on a star.
Maybe someday I'll find my way with my human radar.

The endless dream of inhibition.
A life long scheme with no ambition.
An entry of just one submission.
To catch that big one while your fishn'.

What is the point of rambling on.
If it's still dark upon the dawn.
And clouds foreshadow yesterday.
Repeating everything you say.

I now have come to understand.
Why an Ostrich hides itself in sand.
It's not because it is afraid.
But maybe just needs some cool shade.

What image can an artist show.
To make the viewer ever know.
The vision that was born within.
That they look for with that sly grin.

Where does the end begin this time.
As I keep searching on in rhyme.
Awaiting a slight glimpse ahead.
To come alive before I'm dead.

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Ceasar Salad

People think plants are not violent 
This is where I will tend to disagree
Have you ever seen a vine strangle a tree?
What about when a fly is devoured by the Venus?
When the weeds clog the yard with such immensity that drains every nearby plant?

Sure you have
Therefore you have witnessed the hard-wired DNA principle 
To survive 
Regardless of species
The predation and the prey
All within the concept that.....
Celery somehow made it to dominance in a seemingly peaceful fashion 
Yet deceptively, as stoic as this ... Celery... seems
It most certainly practices a turgid diplomacy of violence
Showing its importance as          
An invaluable part of classic broth 
A team player in regards to fiber
Let's never forget the partnership with peanut butter

So it began
Celery was allowed into the favored gardens of the chosen vegetables
Walled away from the thorny, thick monstrosities that grew unattended 
On the other side of the gate
Shedding their pollen without the slightest of apologies
But none of this was a concern for Celery
As Celery grew strong, robust and prolific
Soon it was apparent Celery had larger dreams than walled-off gardens 
It was time for world domination 
It was time to run the competitors unto the topsoil

Celery's surrounding mother roots went deep and everywhere within the soil 
This unquenchable thirst caused
Many neighboring plants to become so stifled 
A massive plant exodus occurred 
Creating even more harsh turf conditions
This was compounded with the
Many casualties from plant-like warfare
Yet, one may ask  
Did Celery show mercy and a vegetative state upon its face
No (and yes)
The roots took over and drained the essence from every beet, scallion and basil
In proximity
While simultaneously and 
Ravenously soaking in every bit of energy needed for
Even at the cost of Celery's family and friends

Given this veracious tale
Do you still believe plants are not violent?

Copyright © dennis sheffer | Year Posted 2016

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Haiku for the Butter Machine

You let me down friend,
as your spring sprung and my life
flashed before my eyes.

Copyright © Jackson LaBaugh | Year Posted 2016

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common sense

Choosing a course of action that you have
Options may be abound but are they right
Making the right decission should be easy
Maybe you should just stop to think about
Once you take that course of action do you
Need to think it through before you take it

Some people take actions without thinking
Even when they know that's the wrong one
Never stopping to realise the consequence
Sometime people actually lives to regret it
Every actions will always have reactions to

Copyright © john doherty | Year Posted 2016

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The Town of Wiarton

The town of Wiarton is small and quaint.
There is a lot of history here.
Lots of buildings from the past;
Explore them to your heart's content.

There is a park where children like to play;
It is their favourite place to be.
On hot days they can cool off by jumping through the sprinklers
The children have lots of fun that way.

The smaller kids play in the sandbox,enjoying playful games.
They enjoy digging in the sand,until the end of day.
That's when they go home and sleep through the eve.
Mothers also get a much needed rest!antiz

Attractions come to town,drawing large crowds.
Fall fair, antique car show,Wiarton Willie just to name  a few.
There is a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy
People love to return , year after year,to our little town.
Whenever I'm on a short trip,it never fails.
I'm always anxious to return home.
As the door opens,we feel a welcome hug
It is the greatest feeling of all.

People here are friendly and helpful.
They make me feel like I belong,
In a way that big cities never did.
I always feel at home here.

Copyright © Darlene De Beaulieu | Year Posted 2016

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The Dancer and the Duende, Poems that Paint a Picture 3

The Dancer and the Duende

Red skirt! Lithe body! She dances!
Flagging voluminous curtains of crimson, 
daring the Duende to charge ---
she catches
his face, 
his beard,
his breath;
stealing its petals with her teeth, she spins!
Dared to take it back,
he comes,
seizing the dusk with both hands,
for tomorrow, 

the hibiscus in her hair will be dead.

Poems that Paint a Picture 3, contest

Copyright © Jack Webster | Year Posted 2017