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Pirate Bay

```Pirate Bay the Haiku``` 

pirates fierce and mean 
drowning fish, sea to sea 
parrots on their butt 

```Polly Wants A Cracker``` 

bloodthirst & brutal 
Quartermaster Gone Wild 
dirty wings on deck 

```Sea World Adventure``` 
ship crew goes on strike 
sailing the Caribbean 
wooden leg splashing 


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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In Sandalwood Dreams

Turned and tossed like toys Riding the mighty waves Their master does what he wilt To them his humble slaves Rudely he flings their boats asunder But calm can be his days He is his own Master Wild Unrepentant in his ways His moods can change quite quickly From sparkling blues to greys From lapping shores so softly To howling roaring waves Dark skinned men with coal black eyes Bear their humble offering To their Mighty God of the Sea Lowly fishing boats they bring There are some days when kind he is They leave with catch intact
But there are others when he demands The rights to his contract Their women sit on the shores Their eyes in trance like state They pray the Mighty Sea God Who decides their husband’s fate Will he be of better mood today With offerings that they’ve sought Garlands of scented sandal wood From the wild woods they have brought Dark skinned men return with catch Bursting through the seams With laughter ringing out they’ve come back home In scented sandalwood dreams

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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One Tune

Looking divine a picture goddess 
jewels crowning gems sparkling magic 
shining beautiful moon princess dazzling light

At a regal glance priceless cut, shines out diamond
silver ivory full face over and back 
we dance into the milky way to paradise

In silver shadows we kiss holding sweetly our love
our souls sparkle together amazing dreams shine
this picture forever lives in the mind one treasure

Most adoring of all queens gracious 
sweetheart I pray soon one day we will always 
be together all I ever want to do deeply

Is make you smile embraced with happiness  
its dark here alone shining in all dreams
Light of a thousand stars halo shine around you babe
Silken ribbons whisper tenderly soft
in every thought a warm breeze sails 
Silently this boat to you on golden waves 

Only if you wish darling 
one in a thousand dreams that come true  
you're the  sweet night in gale singing inside always now in your tune 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

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You, Me and the Open Sea

Just you, me and the open sea,
in a boat with a big white sail.
We’ll ride the surf and laugh with glee,
said the centipede to the snail.

We’ll point our boat towards the sun
as it sets on the edge of the land.
We’ll sing sea songs and have some fun
as we sail away from the sand.

You can search the waves for silver stars
to brighten the blackest night sky,
then catch them in your wee glass jars
before hanging them out to dry.

I myself will fish for a moon,
said the centipede with a smile.
I know I’ll net one really soon,
if not in a very short while.

We’ll light the dark with fairy lights
and just wait for a lullaby
of mermaids bringing golden kites,
then off to our dreams we will fly.

**I wrote this for my niece Ella on her third birthday

Copyright © Sharon Tideswell | Year Posted 2010

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Disaster On Flight FD4465E

I arrived at the airport, along with my wife
For two whole weeks we'll live the good life
We're flying out today for a break in Italy
The place we've both always wanted to see.

We got through security then went to duty free
Champagne for my wife, and whiskey for me
We went to a restaurant for a quick bite
And patiently awaited the call for our flight.

It flashed up on the board, gate number eight
We were excited now and we couldn't wait
Showed our passports and boarded the flight
Sat down in our seats and buckled up tight.

The captain announced we're ready to go
We taxied to the main runway steady and slow
Then we picked up speed, we were moving quite fast
The plane rose from the ground airborne at last.

An hour went by and I reached down for my book
Then we heard a loud bang and the plane shook
There was screaming and panic, kids started to cry
Someone shouted out " we're all going to die ".

The plane started to dive, the cabin filled with smoke
Passengers were coughing some started to choke
The blue sea was below us and I saw a boat
And I thought to myself, would we sink or float.

A mask dropped down, hit me in the face
The crew shouted the order to "brace, brace "
The plane made impact and bounced on the sea
We were all thrown about and I twisted my knee.

The lockers above opened and all the bags flew around
The screaming got louder, I'd never heard such a sound
Cold seawater poured in at a very fast rate
Then a hostess shouted loudly to " evacuate ".

She said " put on your lifejackets and head for the door " 
People struggled to move with all the bags on the floor
There was panic and crying, both women and men
And I vowed to myself I'd never fly again.

The crew were brilliant they helped everyone out
Lives saved by their actions, of that I've no doubt
It was a strange sight seeing everyone afloat
Then in the distance I again saw the boat.

Above the noise of the sea a sound we did hear
It was the boats foghorn to let us know it was near
A loud gurgling sound we heard was the plane going down
" Swim away " someone shouted " or else you might drown ".

As the plane disappeared it sent up a fine spray
In the distance I saw lifeboats heading our way
There were many passengers with some injury
My wife and I had been lucky, apart from my knee.

The grim reaper tried to snatch us, oh he had tried
But God heard our prayers today and no one had died
We're finished with flying now, my wife and me
The next holiday we go on will be one at sea,

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Teal Harbor

Idle porcelain boats are seagulls floating on a teal harbor blond moorings cast like kelp Sails stiff as egrets glide slowly toward a cerulean channel Atop turtle islands pastel cottages are pearls gleaming on oyster beaches umbrellas splayed like starfish on sandstone terraces schools of rainbow blossoms wafting in the salty air 3rd Place Late June Premier Contest Sponsor: Brian Strand 6/25/17

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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Eve of Eternity

She couldn't contain her rhapsody demeanor much more
hugging her husband and gushing with excitement as he closed the door
the third class cabin was modest but she thought it would do
finally spending time together in this steerage cabin room

After dining together and playing cards with some other passengers
they retired to their cabin and did some reading till their eyes tired
then they spooned together in the darkness of the room
and made passionate love being they were on their honeymoon

Sound asleep till they we're abruptly awaken by a violent jarring
finding out from people running about it was from an icebergs scarring
throwing on their overcoats they we're thrown two lifejackets
and fought their way up to the top deck amidst all the panic

Their weary eyes saw the last lifeboat being lowered down to the ocean
many brave men staying behind waving trying not to show emotion
the newlyweds hugged each other while their faces wept
about to go down with the ship into the fathomless depths

They held hands while trying with all their might to hold on and grip
as the ship rose up perpendicular making them and others slip
the ship now offered nothing but quietus to the passengers on board
as they both plummeted in slow motion down to the ocean floor

Some survivors in the Titanic lifeboats watched with pitiful awe
while others who lost loved ones lost control and bawled
the ones who lost many possessions tried not to show too much enmity
while the newlyweds love story would last for all eternity.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2018

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Verse - Whimsical Fantasy

By night, I load my wonder-boat with kegs of creative invention,

          I slip anchor, and giggling, I scamper free

                    From the drudgery of possessions.

30 October 2018
For Three Lines Writing Challenge
Sponsored by Dear Heart - Broken Wings

Copyright © Nina Parmenter | Year Posted 2018

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Two Lost Souls

As we walk along the beach on a moonlit night
I reach for your hand and grasp it 
feeling our pulse pounding together 
I stop and turn toward you gazing into your eyes
And what I saw travels deep into my soul

Our minds connect together knowing what we wanted
My lips gently touch yours our very first kiss
Softly and tenderly blending our lips together 
Produce a wetness like rain from stormy weather

My tongue slowly moves inside 
while caressing your lips tenderly
Our bodies start moving like a slow moving raft at sea
Slowly as the storm approaches land

It feels like I am in a raft lost out at sea
But then as the storm moves closer
The waves are moving faster toward land
Pounding and pounding the ocean seas
I can feel the water flowing into the raft

Then lighting hits our raft
Like an explosion out at sea
Then thunder roars out from your mouth
Like the sound of a lions roaring would be

As the sea slowly calms down
The look in your eyes tells this story
Of two lost souls lost out at sea
That came together in harmony

Copyright © Bobby May | Year Posted 2018

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In the heart of the blackest abyss, down, 
Down, in fathoms deep crypt, where light
Does not penetrate, and the structured protective hauls,
Of men, are crushed beneath pressures massive
Weight, of the oceans deepest depth.
This is truly inner spaces aquatic zone of the
Unknown, a realm of stilled silence frozen
In the icy currents of the barren straights.
Where prehistoric giants dwell, amongst the
Tidal flow, ambush predators, forgotten beasts,
From long ago, living krakens whom devour
All life, hidden within their dark domain.
In Poseidon's mighty anger, the waves answer,
To his fists of fury, hurricanes wrath of vengeance,
Gives birth to the perfect storms rage, 
Vessels rise and than fall in the tidal surging
Nay do the sailors cry out to the Lord God on high, 
For redemption's salvation, but the sacrificial altars must
Be appeased, by flesh and bloods sacred offerings.
Summons does the mighty lord of the seven seas,
To release the last of the ancient Leviathans.
Two thousand hands, of a thousand dead men,
Heave and pull at the tethering heavy chains,
To this devil of the depths cage.
From within interments vaulted keep,
Captivities living spawn from hell, is 
Unshackled and released, to reek havocs
Devastation above.
An aquatic spider, a maritime widow maker,
Flexing and in-flexing, its body’s motions,
Towards the surface, in pulsations rhythmic
Orchestrations, the gray giant is ready to strike,
With its killing arms extended wide, to grapple
At its unprotected prey, to engorge itself with
All living matter that it surveys, within its icy reach.
As bubbles shoot upwards breaking the waters
Surface, suction cups and talon claws are drawn
Outwards, aligning his eight legged tentacles of bone
Crushing death, behold the Giant Squid, instrument of
Lethal torture, a living killing machine from the fathoms 
Deepest depths.
For it is the beast, the true essence of evil
Incarnate, and none survive its destructive wrath.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2014

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The Signal

The castle tower stands there tall and proud, 
Awaiting for your safely coming home, 
Just as I do, with tears that freely flow; 
Salt water tears that pool are not my own, 
The salty ocean droplets sting the eyes. 
I am alone, in sorrows well nigh drowned,
And you alone, amongst the raging tides.
This white cloth waves to you amid the winds 
That blow your ship to my own sandy shore -- 
My heart a wind-tossed stormy cloud no more. 

Up here beside the stately castle wall,
Enfolded safely home within your arms,
The tears that from my eyes unbidden fall 
Reflect your face alight with joys and charms; 
There lie forgotten all my dread alarms. 
I am with you, by jubilation drowned, 
And you with me, the waves a distant sound. 

By Kelly Deschler, September 7, 2013  Form: Iambic Pentameter
And Isaiah Zerbst, September 14, 2013  Form: Rhyme Royal

Based on the painting of the same title by William Powell Frith, 1858

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Golden Dreams

The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on his waist...
I held him down, with no time to waste...
I tied The Leprechaun to a hollow tree,
Broke off a branch and poked him on the knees.
I kept on poking him with a stick.
I kept nagging him to reveal his magic trick.

This little shamrock kid would not break.
He kept insisting THE LEPRECHAUN legend was fake.

This little odd dwarf kept lying about his mythical pot of gold. 
I kept repeating all the stories I've been told..  
Nagging him and nagging him~ FOR HIS POT OF GOLD!
He lied, about the fables, telling me his gold does not exist...
The Leprechaun refused to hear the clover list...


It's been 7 days!
And, still he won't give up, what's at the end of the rainbow. 
Tickling his little Eskimo toes,
Running feathers underneath his nose. 
"Look you little green treasure troll, I've captured you, and demand the gold!"
"You won't get me with your tricks!"
"So don't even try to outwit me with your silly MAGIC!" 

I suppose his silver-tongue, will have to do,
And the little gold buckles on his shoe.
I got tired of trying to make him see, my point of view.
I got a better deal and trade for a monkey at the zoo.
Now the lions are enjoying a Pot of Leprechaun Stew. 
After All! 
Nothing I did, made him unfold.
All I wanted was his pot of gold!


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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Sea World

under water guide
adventures of Jacques Cousteau
life Under the Sea


Copyright © Dom- X- | Year Posted 2013

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The Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands, the lighthouse stands
Above the foaming wave,
Above the sands.

He stands so brave, he stands so brave,
As winds against him blow;
The ships to save.

He sends below, he sends below
His fiery, gleaming light,
The way to show.

All through the night, all through the night
He guards the lonely point
With torches bright.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

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The River

Before the weary pilgrim, flowed a river fair and wide
The way was filled with danger,  he couldn't cross the other side;
So the pilgrim sought another to be his expert guide
With a boat that could take him through the surging tide.

The sailor man was strong and he steered the boat so well
Or did the river bear the boat?  It was so hard to tell;
The sailor told the pilgrim of the signs that he might seek
Of the secrets of the river and the message it would speak.

Then the pilgrim felt the peace so he listened and he heard
The murmer of the river and sighs of whispered word;
He heard the river laugh and then he heard it cry
And the pilgrim heard the message as sad tears filled his eye.

He heard the drums of war in the torrent of the rain
And the awful cries of anguish that he never could explain;
Was there a reason for the crossing, or where the river ran
Was there another reason for the journey of this man?

He heard the sounds of death, he heard the sounds of mirth
But nothing that he heard gave tribute to the earth;
The sounds were fused together till they reached a common goal
And the quiver of his heartbeat found a cadence in his soul.

The river lost its birthplace and embraced the open sea
And the pilgrim gave his thanks on reverent bended knee
He opened up his eyes as the sunrise slowly died
But the sailor man had gone and the boat rocked on the tide.

The river filled his veins till the two at last were one
While the tide rolled on forever and earth went round the sun;
The pilgrim was the river and the boat and sailor man
Were the journey of the song, the singing river sang.

This is my adaptation of "The Ferryman" by Herman Hesse


Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2012

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From our Deck-Front in December

our pink deck with a Jarra  cocktail table-set
We sit awaiting  sunset with an
 ‘Hawaiian absence’ of seagulls
As dusk comes  with violet echoes
across the spotted water,
from the resturaunts
 comes a wine hubbub - table- laughter

Mountains, marshmallowed
in occasional cloud on this still night- 
constant torchlight on quiet water
un-moving palms, paddle sounds

A swanky stingray drifts past

A shadowed water taxi 
and strangers who wave at us 

 Suzanne Delaney

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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Down deep beneath fathoms icy keep, where deadmen’s
Scream in utter silences aquatic hell, amongst the devils
Graveyard of wreckage's carnage, there exists a ghostly harbor
Of phantom ships!
Anchored are the souls of the undead, and vessels craft for which
These commended rode upon, tethered by chains forged in the
Fires of the demonic, each linkage a sin committed by greed’s
Deceit or murderous deeds done in life!
Many ominous flags wave within the shifting under currents,
Thus rippling in tides of infamies eternal, but none compare
To those eternally feared, as the pirates of the bloody
Skull and cross-bones!
By the pegged legged dead man’s rotting corpus, or the
One eyed zombie sailor, there is no name more feared in the
Whole seven seas as that of the pirate known as Black Beard!
Just the sheer mention of this cryptic Captain of larceny,
Sending a shivering’s chill through the briny depth, into even
Davey Jones skeletal remains, buried within his timbered lined,
Entombment’s burial locker!
It lies completely frozen in a block of glacier ice, perfectly preserved
In death’s never yielding grasp, the Queen Anna Revenge, all hands
Of the unrested crew awaiting for their Captain’s supernatural orders!
This hell cat of the seven seas, still railing against the devil’s final decree
Of death, Black Beard stands at his captain’s wheel, screaming in defiance’s
Rage, cursing in balsams tongue of vengeance!
Demons child spawned from mortal flesh, died in the smoking guns aftermath
Of battle, but the grim Reaper held his spirit in bondages bloody contract,
Signed in the x mark of youthful innocence, the captain of darkness,
Gave him the dirty deed of the final inquests executioner!
At the calling of his dark master of purest evil, the Queen Anna Revenge,
Is released from her frozen ice prison, slowly drawn upwards to
Emerge from the depths of the deepest abyss, of the Barring Straights!
This dead man’s ethereal craft, bursts unto the surf of the living,
Ice cycles of monstrous size hang from the sails and mast!
An icy covered death vessel, with one mission to undertake,
And to collect the souls of the dammed or forsaken,
By the hated and dread pirate, Captain Black Beard,
Scourge of the Seven Seas!
The living cling to life, in shadows fear cast by the
Queen Anna Revenges shadow of death, as her heckling jackal
Captain Black Beard, steers at terrors spinning wheel, “By hook or Crook,
Nay none shall escape my vengeances wrath, “Says this notorious
Doom master of utter evil!
As his shark infested disciples arrive, for their bucket of bloods
Chummy festival of human flesh, and bone banquet, Black Beard
Summons the life essence by naming’s hailing aboard, laughing
At these poor mariners pain and agony, until the last
Screaming’s echoing ends beneath the briny deep!
In the chilling breeze, phantom souls hang downwards from
Crow’s-nest above, while others are forced to walk ethereal plank
As one last torment, just to please this black captain of death!
Then the Queen Anna Revenge, returns beneath the cold waves
Until she is called upon again to fulfill her never ending quest,
For Black Beards thirst for ultimate revenge is quenched,
With the souls of one thousand dead men!

Dedicated to Linda the Poet Destroyer

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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Aboard The Titanic

Today I am about to embark on a journey
that I have waited for, for so long,
they say that this one is the safest ship
were nothing could ever go wrong.

As I stare down at the crowd, I think,
here I am, traveling on the R.M.S. Titanic,
this is the most exciting day of my life
and yet I feel a sense of anxiety and panic.

I calm myself by breathing in April's fresh air
and the sea's waves begin to roll and rock,
I close my eyes and feel the warm sunshine
as the ship finally departs from the dock.

Even though I'm not a first class passenger
I admire the grandeur of the White Star Line,
my few luxuries and the kindness shown to me
are enough to warm this heart of mine.

For Carolyn Devonshire's Past Lives Contest

I'm very interested in learning about the Titanic, but sometimes when I look at a
picture of the ship, I get this tremendous feeling of dread and fear. So much so,
that I cannot look at the photo any longer. I don't know where my fear of this
ship comes from. I have never been on a cruise or had any kind of traumatic
experience on a ship. Sometimes, I think that I may have been on the Titanic
in my past life. I don't know if I would have survived or not.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Reaching Deepest Oceans

My beloved How far will I love you As far as where moons immerse in deep seas Beyond the edge of a tide's crimson hue Where your breath fills my sails with soft zephyr breeze Lone I embark to our promised land Across borders of secret pain Under still stars,above drifting sand through anchored shadows of rain Oh foreign eyes,but never distant Your arms'safe harbour of a long embrace Two souls entwined,two hearts persistent Beneath night's sky,my lips outline your face Water rise, water falls between shores and time Empty spaces still abhore our love,sweet tender and sublime

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

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The River Mersey and The Black Pearl New Brighton

 The River Mersey and The Black Pearl New Brighton 

Let the Caribee and sultry sea call to the pirates bold. 
But on this shore, with its tales of lore, The Mersey keeps its hold
For merchants, priests and pirates too left these docks to find
A new life abroad with bible or sword, leaving their old life far behind

They ventured near and ventured far across the seven seas
Across foreign lands, jungles and sands and swamps way past their knees
And though they prospered, lived and fought in many a distant place
The Mersey’s banks beckoned them as fast as its tidal pace

No matter where in the world they are they’ll never forget the sound
Of the Mersey’s constant ebb and flow or the feel of the sandstone ground
So dream and wander; take to sea and soothe your wanderlust
For you know that within yourself, you’ll return - and that’s a must

Whether mortal body, spirit or mind, or everlasting soul
The wanderer always returns to the place that made them whole
Empires built and Empires lost and many a treasure gone
There’s always the constant, aching yearn by each and every one

To step on this land, on the Mersey sand, or mud up to their shin
And reminisce of the old ferries and the loud New Brighton din
To sail across the river on an ancient battered boat
That’s survived the years of ravages and yet still remains afloat 

The Black Pearl’s every timber was washed upon the beach
Beyond salvage from wrecks of ships, beyond anybody’s reach
Returning too to their resting place they floated harmlessly
Or tossed upon the sandstone rock with a tempest’s cruel fury 

Her many flags fly from her masts as if in a never-ending toast
To ships and boats of every size and shape from every coast
They too salute this edifice of flotsam, debris and waste
As they sail from mighty Liverpool to beat the tide as they make haste

But Black Pearl is deeply anchored with piles into the rock
Her builders come from all walks of life, from every social stock
She thrives on more additions from visitors galore
And let’s their imaginations carry them further still and more

To the Caribee and the sultry sea and to pirates in their coves
To the hidden buried treasures and stories of wealth and loves
Children young and children old and children in between 
Can stand upon her shipshape decks and be what they want to seem

For the Black Pearl’s made of magic and stories still untold
And to all who step upon her decks she lets their tales unfold
So climb aboard and let’s set sail and ride the river’s waves
And never move a moment amid stories of lagoons and caves

Let the stories wash and ebb and flow and be spun with yarn and jest 
Cast off the fetters of your mind and let your tales just be the best
Close your eyes, feel the breeze and smell the salty air 
Allow your fantasies to unfurl, like the flags fluttering there.

Copyright © Thomas Mansfield | Year Posted 2015

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Aboard The Titanic - Part 2

I stood alone on the ship's deck all afternoon
just to watch the sun sinking low on the sea,
the Atlantic ocean is so calm this evening
but, that old feeling of dread still bothers me.

I slowly exhale to calm myself once again
and my breath comes out in a white mist,
the air is slowly turning cold and frigid now
as the night's darkness pulls me into it's own abyss.

There is nothing that I can see out there now
except clear-white burgs of ice in the distance,
another odd feeling hits me that I cannot deny
but, how could ice play a role in my existence?

The sun's rising on April 15th will warm me
and I will escape this feeling of an early fate,
my entire body shudders for the very last time
as the sounds of breaking ice and bending iron reverberate.

This poem was inspired by Paul Callus, who suggested that a sequel
to my poem, "Aboard The Titanic", might make for an interesting read.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Haiku - into the blue

in the deep blue
  the boat lay tilted to one side-
                         rainbow fish explore

February 11, 2016

Poetry/Haiku/into the blue
Copyright Protected, ID 16-7558-47-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written Under Pseudonym.

Submitted in the contest Haiku 102, 
sponsor, Nathan D

8th Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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Past Proposal

The sun left the sky as I lay on the sand with a three diamond ring resting cold in my hand I lay in the place where I once wrote your name Till soft ripples of waves lapped in silence on shore and washed it away I can still see you there whispering in my ear and beneath a half moon can still freeze our time in the shadow of your tear I remember that night Our arms in embrace I saw love in your eyes and mourn on your face I remember those lights as the ship sailed at bay I remember our dream built on castles of clay Unforgotten your voice though lost in the mist Years in waiting,a return My lips still unkissed I wonder if your fingertips remember my hair If in your serene sleep You imagine me there? Or,Have you forgotten the promise we shared Through new perfume of women Does this heart go unheard?

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2014

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What golden fevers disease drives the madman’s insanity,
A toxic yellow shines metal, that glitter beneath the polar Aurora,
Of greed’s horded treasure of the Klondike’s curse!
By sheer brawn's heaving and hoe, did these fortune hunters so come,
Blinded fools of riches promised folly, nay to earn a king’s ransom by the
Silver pan, but instead gaining nothing except a dead man’s empty hand!
In a freezing bay of burgs of hard ice, did over loaded wooden vessels deliver
Men and machines, ready to concur this barren frozen wasteland!
Crushing waves and blizzard hurricanes, thrust against these broken hauls
Of endurance's challenged, hopes evoked unto shattered lives, leaving nothing
Behind except floating pieces of debris, and the bodies of the dead!
In safety’s sheltering harbor, the mourning mariners toss tokens of memory,
Unto their fallen comrades, as they remove their hats in respective prays honor!
Let still the vessels kept on coming, filled to the very brim with its cargo of
Humanity, those whom sought for easy riches, drove them into this Godless
Country of ice and snow!
But looking upwards unto hell's keep, these city green horns knew that the
Devil would take most of them, by the rising of the next morning’s dawning light,
On the twisted grids of freezing icy steps!
Up the steep slopes of futility’s mountains, did the desperate and downtrodden
Climb, bitten and gnarled by the frost demons of this untamed land of the forbidden,
Clinging to the dream of the yellow shine beyond!
Shovels to the grave, wooden crosses without names, all for a nuggets finite stone,
Off set by the unbalanced weight scale of life vs death struggle, on this sliding ice curve
Of reality!
Cutting ice pikes, and long ropes of life lines, heave at the heavy sleds of provisions,
As these sufferage's want a bees, drag their empty pockets of dreams illusions along,
These trails of schemes delusions, in this blizzard storm of mirages!
Bold is the hearts of the young and restless sprites of youth,
But in this frozen tundra of death, it is the roughed, tough individual
Whom will strike it rich with endurance's pioneering soul, to over
Come these challenges of nature’s raw awesome force of 
In the future nature shall bare the scares of this gold rush fever,
The land will rise dragging the bodies of ships alpine high,
Air bounding them within the trees tops, and the graves of the fallen
Will be swallowed whole by the mighty Ocean itself,
But legends never die, yet their stories are retold amongst the fires
Of generations!
What golden fevers disease drives the madman’s insanity,
A toxic yellow shines metal, that glitter beneath the polar Aurora,
Of greed’s horded treasure of the Klondike’s curse!

Dedicated to my Poet Destroyer
Just for the challenage!

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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My hovercraft is full of eels

I'll try to tell you without my usual cant
that all I wanted was to go sailing with
Sherry Saturday morning but I can't!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

The watchman phoned when I was lying  
in bed to notify me of this.
I was shocked to find he wasn't lying!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My good-will has been weakened
because of this horrid event
which completely ruined my weekend.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

These morbid creatures are serious
party-poopers. Remember!: Their
electricity is deleterious.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My beloved Birthday present invaded by
these heinous monsters! I will have to buy  
a new one 'cause to this one I must say bye!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

Ghastly! You don't know how this feels!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014