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Best Boat Poems

Below are the all-time best Boat poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of boat poems written by PoetrySoup members

Pirate Bay
```Pirate Bay the Haiku``` 

pirates fierce and mean 
drowning fish, sea to sea 
parrots on their butt 

```Polly Wants A Cracker``` 

bloodthirst & brutal 

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Categories: adventure, anti bullying, boat,

Premium Member In Sandalwood Dreams
Turned and tossed like toys
Riding the mighty waves
Their master does what he wilt
To them his humble slaves

Rudely he flings their boats asunder
But calm can be...

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Categories: boat, fishing, ocean, scary,

Premium Member Two Lost Souls
As we walk along the beach on a moonlit night
I reach for your hand and grasp it 
feeling our pulse pounding together 
I stop and...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boat,

Premium Member One Tune
Looking divine a picture goddess 
jewels crowning gems sparkling magic 
shining beautiful moon princess dazzling light

At a regal glance priceless cut, shines out diamond
silver ivory...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, boat,

You, Me and the Open Sea
Just you, me and the open sea,
in a boat with a big white sail.
We’ll ride the surf and laugh with glee,
said the centipede to the...

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Categories: children, boat, , Lullaby,

Premium Member Disaster On Flight FD4465E
I arrived at the airport, along with my wife
For two whole weeks we'll live the good life
We're flying out today for a break in Italy

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Categories: boat, fear, flying, holiday,

Premium Member Teal Harbor
Idle porcelain boats 
are seagulls 
on a teal harbor
blond moorings
cast like kelp
Sails stiff 
as egrets
glide slowly
a cerulean channel
Atop turtle islands
pastel cottages
are pearls gleaming
on oyster...

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Categories: beach, bird, boat, ocean,

Eve of Eternity
She couldn't contain her rhapsody demeanor much more
hugging her husband and gushing with excitement as he closed the door
the third class cabin was modest but...

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Categories: boat, death, sad love,

Premium Member Verse - Whimsical Fantasy
By night, I load my wonder-boat with kegs of creative invention,

          I slip anchor, and giggling,...

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Categories: boat, fantasy, freedom, imagination,

Premium Member TENTACLES
In the heart of the blackest abyss, down, 
Down, in fathoms deep crypt, where light
Does not penetrate, and the structured protective hauls,
Of men, are crushed...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boat, fantasy, halloween, history,

Premium Member The Signal
The castle tower stands there tall and proud, 
Awaiting for your safely coming home, 
Just as I do, with tears that freely flow; 
Salt water...

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Categories: absence, boat, lonely, longing,

Golden Dreams
The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on...

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Categories: adventure, boat, crazy, creation,

Sea World
under water guide
adventures of Jacques Cousteau
life Under the Sea


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© Dom- X-  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boat, sea,

Premium Member The Lighthouse
The lighthouse stands, the lighthouse stands
Above the foaming wave,
Above the sands.

He stands so brave, he stands so brave,
As winds against him blow;
The ships to save.


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Categories: boat, dedication, rain, sea,

The River
Before the weary pilgrim, flowed a river fair and wide
The way was filled with danger,  he couldn't cross the other side;
So the pilgrim sought...

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Categories: life, boat, journey, river,

Premium Member From our Deck-Front in December
our pink deck with a Jarra  cocktail table-set
We sit awaiting  sunset with an
 ‘Hawaiian absence’ of seagulls
As dusk comes  with violet echoes

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Categories: absence, boat, culture, december,


Down deep beneath fathoms icy keep, where deadmen’s
Scream in utter silences aquatic hell, amongst the devils
Graveyard of wreckage's carnage, there exists a ghostly harbor
Of phantom...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, boat, evil, fantasy,

Premium Member Aboard The Titanic
Today I am about to embark on a journey
that I have waited for, for so long,
they say that this one is the safest ship
were nothing...

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Categories: boat, fear, history, journey,

Reaching Deepest Oceans
My beloved

How far will I love you

As far as where moons immerse in deep seas

Beyond the edge of a tide's crimson hue

Where your breath fills...

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Categories: blue, boat, longing, love,

Premium Member The River Mersey and The Black Pearl New Brighton
 The River Mersey and The Black Pearl New Brighton 

Let the Caribee and sultry sea call to the pirates bold. 
But on this shore,...

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Categories: adventure, beach, boat, imagination,

Premium Member Aboard The Titanic - Part 2
I stood alone on the ship's deck all afternoon
just to watch the sun sinking low on the sea,
the Atlantic ocean is so calm this evening

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Categories: boat, fear, history, life,

Premium Member Haiku - into the blue
in the deep blue
  the boat lay tilted to one side-

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blue, boat, fish, sea,


What golden fevers disease drives the madman’s insanity,
A toxic yellow shines metal, that glitter beneath the polar Aurora,
Of greed’s horded treasure of the Klondike’s curse!

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, boat, death, history,

Past Proposal
The sun left the sky

as I lay on the sand

with a three diamond ring

resting cold in  my hand

I lay in the place

where I once...

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Categories: boat, loss, love,

Made For You
Standing, searching, anchored

to the bow of this ancient boat

Two by two I see many a pair

but who is out there for me

Resilient rains dampen my...

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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boat, love,