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His Hands

Rising early to seek the Lord, while he may be found
I take a breath to cleanse my heart while the world keeps spinning ‘round
As the sun peaks o’er the edge to wake from thoughtful sleep
I find my own thoughts leaning to, and plunge in waters deep

I think about the hands of God; the wounds he took for me
The weight of that heavy cross he bore to set me free
I think of his strong and sure embrace to comfort when I’m down
How those hands lift me up and turn my every frown

When sickness rears its ugly head, His hands are there to heal
I know He’s with me when I pray, hands touch me when I kneel
His hands are there to point the way; they’ve guided all along
His hands, like a father should, correct me when I’m wrong

When my very world is shaking, I know that Heaven stands
When my anxious heart is breaking, I’ll not let go His hands.

By Christopher Thor Britt and Lucy Gutierrez Matos - 2014
Motif: Spirituality
A Collaboration

Copyright © Christopher Thor Britt | Year Posted 2014

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Heartache Carved Knots

Chilly the pride shredding me torn. In soft grass I lay odd pieces Of my new wound, bloody from scorn And wrath's push in my soft creases. I sent harmony into flight To secure love’s peaceful, prime feel, But wrath launched and eclipsed my light. My heartache carved upon mean’s keel. Sorrow shockingly spilled my grief When I fell flat on bitterness. Now downed by joy’s ignorant thief, I fold in silk grass tenderness. Striving for life in Pleasantville, I blindly bit regret’s whole pill.
... CayCay Jennings 2-10-17

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2017

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Narrow grows the infinite sky
In mind a list of all who've gone
before - years passed- so quickly by
Enough to prejudice the dawn
And little joys and larger griefs
Consumed our hearts and minds at will
Dared us to question our beliefs 
Until that moment we grew still....
What was then our consolation?
Heaven loomed, larger than before
Paradise a mere fixation
with death too final to ignore

Nirvana, everlasting Eden
Heaven waits beyond all reason


For Broken Wings  Form H

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2017

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He sits high upon golden calf
— invisible to naked eye.
If they saw him they’d know the half.
The mocking dragon waves goodbye.

The red face of Moses turns pale.
He descends the holy mountain.
Harried stone tablets —downward sail!
Quake splits earth with molten fountain.

Serpent’s head crushed in mortal blow.
With Living Water washed away.
Polished idol no longer glows.
The trumpet wounds! It’s time to pay!

Ashen faces repent of sin,
having witnessed the wrathful din.


Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2018

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Blushing Rose

Hi guys, please go through my poem wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare about imperial and blushing rose..

Blushing Rose 

Glowing in the early dawn,
Hey my beautiful rose..
Your aromatic fragrance has touched my soul..
Each and every united petals of yours vibrates me, making me alive..
O'wild rose, You stroked my heart!!

Falling on my face, You are the one who don't make deceitful pretences..
You are the one who endowed me a smile as a surprise..
Your charismatic posture embedded in a deep space of my heart..
O'delirious rose, You flicked my soul!!

Wrapped by disliking thorns and spines..
Loves the spirit you cheerfully withstand..
My eyes are desperately thirsty to have a quick glance of your tendered feature..
O'chaotic rose, You twitched my nerves!!

Your dusky red colour..
enamoured my entire body..
Enigmatic cheers on my lips..
I wanna kiss you forever forever..
Holding you in my hands, bending on my knees..
O'ferine rose u reached the highest peak of my heart!!

Amongst the bushes and raw grass,
My heart got connected with you..
Chromatically waving in an air..activating my sense
Inspiring me making my d-day delighted..
O'glimmering rose,trustworthily you ignited passion inside me!!

Glimpse of yours make me kinetized,my blushing pearl..
Freakly taking a deep breathe,my blossoming chics..
Flaming love in my heart i can offer you..
O'amorous rose, for that You have to be mine My Queenliest love.. !!

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

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kittens sleeping

     Two kittens sleep
     aside as I write purring
     each in a moccasin 

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Old Bells Chime

Old bells chime clear in the night air; 
Bats fly low and swoop on the *tare. 
It’s wrong of me to hold your hand? 
In the last of sun’s rays, gold band. 

A white mist rolls in from the sea; 
It shrouds and cloaks you and me. 
I can drown in your corn blue eyes; 
Your gaze is where all my hope lies. 

Crops sway in the air on firm stem; 
Ripe on the cream stalks which bear them. 
Our love we do not speak of alone  
But we are ripe in our age and one. 

Weeds had grown in all of our lives,
dictate direction of our drives.

Dedicated to my husband, Ben.

*Tare [Pronounced ter]: In the Bible, a weed found growing among crops, usually considered to be darnel.
Darnel: Any of several usually weedy ryegrasses (genus Lolium)

Rhyming couplets chased by an un-rhymed couplet.

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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My Dearly Beloved

I recall, as I stare at you
Of the first time I noticed you.
I was far too young and naive 
To notice what was underneath your weave. 

Your dance, your shifts, your sway,
Came to my sight and got in my way. 
Nothing compared to your gloss up high,
Illuminating the dark night sky. 

Your sisters, daughters or whatever they might be, 
A million eyes, all intrigued, observing me.
I gaze in awe at such beauteous sight.
Marveled, I wonder, do I have any rights? 

I take a walk down the lane, 
It’s such a shame I don’t know your name.
How to adore you? What words to use? 
So many points against me, I’m afraid to lose.

There stood my silhouette opposite to your reflection, 
As you performed your nightly ritual in the same direction,
It was then I knew, you knew I was there. 
And ever since then you followed me everywhere. 

So romantic were those nocturnal dates,
Where it was I, who drank the grapes,
Not a single word but so much said. 
You were like a book I had already read. 

As time passed by I began to age,
And your eternal splendor filled me with rage.
So weak and empty I felt inside.
This must be one of life’s twisted rides. 

Finally the day I expected came to date. 
I was waiting on my departure but didn't count on fate.
Totally unaware I flew to your light
And quickly past by you I went out of sight. 

Oh! How could I have not known?
That your daughters or sisters were your back bone.
Long gone admirers that once held you in their goals
And just like me; had given up their souls.

Copyright © Rahima Espat | Year Posted 2015

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In Your Eyes

A summer’s walk on painted sand 
Along the beach at night 
The salty air may bring a chill 
But my arms will hold you tight 
I feel you look into my soul 
You see past my thin disguise 
At once the world just fades away 
Lost here in your eyes 
What life had I before this night 
Before your love’s sweet calling? 
No shade of peril to hold me bound 
My heart’s already fallen 
Your kiss that lingers at my lips 
Draws out a gentle sigh 
You bring life into this man who’s 
Lost here in your eyes 
In your embrace I find myself 
Lost in your sweet eyes

Copyright © Christopher Thor Britt | Year Posted 2014

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Faded Life

Stuck in a situation, Not knowing what to do? Blocked from all directions, Tired of being sick, throwing and feeling weak, The people I thought I can trust walked away, I am tired of selfish people, I am tired of being alone and fighting this without any support, When this should be your responsibility too! All you want to do party and play, I am tired of facing problems one after another, I need peace, relax and have nothing to worry, Yet you bring hell to me! All you care about is you and your career, While I give my life and risk everything for us & baby, I give up my family, my car and now I am broke and homeless, And all you care about is you and your dreams, It bothers me how you think & blind to see, My dreams and goals for my life is in the trash can, You keep asking for respect yet you cant even understand your women, Without a cause there is no effect, I just wish you would understand that! This is not about who wins or looses! This is about us fixing problems togather as ONE!

Copyright © shirin neshat | Year Posted 2013

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                           ARE THERE CARIBOU IN MALIBU?

The frail I fail to reach
The elderly with so much to teach
Those older whose shoulder brushes mine
And yet each and every eye still to shine
Those tangled up by values and vine
The ones who feed squirrels in some secluded square
Those with remembrances to relate with reverence, relevance and a touch of flair
The old and the better ones
The cold and bitter ones
Those who fear to do what they could never dare
Those who dare not do that which they fear

That elder on a bench was once a tailor in a shop on Main Street in Malibu
The one over there used to do conservation work for the caribou
Because every elder once was………….
Everyone once was something
Something of worth with value assessed
Everyone has been caressed
With lamentable last times and blessed by first times
Bed times, bad times and the worst times
Rain shower times and feathery flower times
Times of weakness and power times
Repressing and depressing times
Most had lovers to whom they were inclined
Sorrowfully one fell well behind
Still others had delight definitively defined
Some of them, on occasion, rose to the occasion
And most once had a viable vocation
Everyone did something kind
Everyone had vengeance weighing on their mind
Everyone tried to kindle a spark
And some were left deeply in the dark
Yet sadly only a sacred few will die and acutely, with acumen, leave their memorable mark
        © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2013

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Back on track with
my faith. Sometimes
I just feel ashamed,
chained down a disgusting

Why do I once again
slide away unsure if I'm saved?
I hold onto God's grace, a free gift
showing how much he truly loves

Christ alone is my cornerstone.
I could never survive this journey on
my own faith alone.

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

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How Do Real Men Die

Blink the eye once,
And many will have died,
with every inhaling and exhaling,

Issues arise daily,
comprising danger than peace,
If only we knew,
'How do real men die?'

is the question at hand,


Privacy is paramount in our day to day life,

but, Spikes be tyrants?

Hell No! 'till never happen,


In grace ladies discriminate men,

With passion rumors pass,

Mounting on chariots of tumors

But still, the question lingers,


Alex thought deeply,

Asking his self to comply with it, 

His mama termed him coward,


His wife  denied it all,

that the whole story's a lie,

But all came out when he left no comment,

and his children Orphans,


That's when I knew the truth,

That a real man dies,



Copyright © Lord James | Year Posted 2015

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Rivers of Love

red is like the petal of a flower
like rain on a sunny day small areas of showers
red is like pillow stuffed feathers to complete
the texture too soft and plain to see

red is like a tear that falls on the side of a face
wiped many times but without a trace
covered by the emotions of rivers part
red is the beat of a human heart 

close nit tight but never bitter alone
how comforting this red can be on the other end of a phone
listen to red and how red explains to thee
oh beauty through songs red has its on symphony

loud and peaceful red rings and beats 
the pace of drums in the Sarah Deserts heat
in the heat of the day red changes with weather
like curtains in a window red sealed letter

smelling fragrances associated with red
dandelions jasmines roses
red is like the senses in the soft canal of the nose and
every part of the soul

red is young red is old
red captivates its connection to us all
red kisses hugs expands its own call
sun rays red days

releasing its grace
red is red is today
a place were many will say
like meditation mind free kneel to pray

red is here red is every were
red pays attention and i never scared
let red be who red is called to be
red is definitely a description in me

Copyright © Elisheba Yahudah | Year Posted 2016

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I won't leave you again to ruin,
The pagearity of my soul shall grace you.
Once I left you moulded black,
Now I won't leave you again to rot.

Let my words germinate in your palms,
In vain vanities have I made you vain,
Graceful paths have I crafted for you.
I won't leave you again to rust in vain.
Motherland, I remember your greener pasture.

If there is a fooled love in abyss,
Mine is a divinelove packaged in purity.
I remembered you Good mama, decorated with love,
Cultured in a embeamed embryo of sweetness;
Mechanised pretty star of paradised earth.

If I get locked away in the past,
Your bosom shall I look unto.
Outset of the puzzle of life, you made me.
Motherland, mother hope, mother trust,
Fertiled and honeyed gracefully beyond others.

Motivated at the peak of the wind,
Trees waving in an inspirational move,
Clapping grasses worshipping and praising
A love sweetened flowing in one channel.
Motherland, of a truth you are great and pure.

Here I was born and groomed,
I grew around these tables of peace 
Sorrounded by spirited brothers and sisters.
I grew around these watered hope,
I won't leave you again, motherland.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

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Hypnotic Eyes

Hypnotic are your eyes in light
of sun and stars and luring moon.
Eyes crystal blue flame coldest night
then look away as lovers swoon.
Like them, I long to lose my head
and heart to love, not just a game.
Enlightened by a kiss, we'd wed,
a charmed new life with a new name.

My feet tread soft, my blood burns deep.
I scour for deeds to draw you near.
Unheeded, this beguiled soul weeps.
I've failed to sway your heart, austere.
Caress me with hypnotic eyes.
if love's a dream, I'll fantasize.   

Written 2/10/17 for Form H Contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2017

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My Woodland Haven

The forest is my last retreat.
There breezes sing a quiet song.
As flowers scented air stays sweet,
My heart with music sings-along.

There, nature has a love affair.
Squirrels’ treetop tricks solicit smiles.
The beastly beings living there, 
Array the day with fun lifestyles --

Protected by the land itself,
All creatures seek and find refuge.
I love to walk there by myself.
In quiet peace where hearts grow huge.

So, sheltered by the hand of God,
Until I die, I shall be awed.

Written for Poetry Form H contest

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2017

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Paddling off into the sunset,
canoe warmed in sky’s ember glow,
a fishing spot, my mind’s main fret…
Anchored at last, my lines did throw ~

Night fell as I reeled in my catch.
Solo bliss, cloud-hugged moon did bring.
Silvery solitude I snatched,
with old silhouettes in dark’s cling…

Lulled by the surrounding silence,
my mind roamed in memory’s maze,
of gray shades wafting long absence.
Time lost, found, in my drifting daze…

But spells are quite notorious,
for wreaking havoc, glorious!

Whilst mulling, the hull was loud-thunked,
splashing me with liquescent cold.
Lightning quick, my heart froze: a chunk
like lead, sunk, in abyssal folds…

The deep’s monster had struck my stern!
Sloth-like, numbed hands grabbed an oar,
while a laden head, real slow, turned,
breathless as a wan ghost of lore…

My assailant had disappeared, 
taking with it all fishing urge,
leaving me in depth-ogling fear,
as I peered thru water’s black verge...

Whodathunk! South seas trembling mess, 
was caused by that beast from Loch Ness!

(12/13/17 - for Loch Ness contest)

Copyright © taai tekai | Year Posted 2017

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Distantly connections seemed like there have been interruptions
The changing of tides seas storms com busting
Be honest tell the truth it really is okay
To let go of what is bothering you today

I am here 
I will listen
let’s score these symphony notes together
It's okay to be honest handsome man handsome fellow

Let it all out your friend is here
you were told not cry not to shed tears
Yes you are a man and I know that for a fact
but not venting and releasing can cause you a heart attack

Be still you are nervous, okay calm down this day
Words can come out but pain doesn't make a sound
Your heart is beating fast now
Pain I speak to you this day 

My friend my friend has something to say
He is ready to be for real
No medicine not a pill
Can suppress these feelings inside

If love doesn't hurry up and show up he shall spill the tide
Of anger and rage for many mistakes
Shaking the surface as a tsunami earth quake 
Hurricane aftermath moved away

Open up friend tell me, just say
Let me be your therapist your counsel today
Hugs and love given now expand his way
Friend, friend I can call you that

You proved it then and now I sat
I have been there before wearing those shoes
Sitting in my quiet place what to do what to do
I could not move forward in this pain this measure

So I release unto you release has come together 
Lay to promise, life will be better
It is better now that you write it in a letter 
It is okay you express that way

I am glad I am here with you that you may say
Words however you feel it will help you in what todo
today is the day that you see the new you

Copyright © Elisheba Yahudah | Year Posted 2016

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Unimaginable Truth

The nation is controlled by Corrupt individuals,

the inability to control it drives us insane. 

We sit alone brooding the old--grasping the new, 

Eager to make it's value more than what it's worth. 

We try to commemorate our past, 

by Rebuilding our capacities for wonder.

Like lost birds in an abandoned nest, 

we lack to see beauty-- and our capacities for wonder become unknown. 

Beauty lies among us, 

while our Imagination ponders within. 

As Free as the Wind, 

but as Limited as our Diversity. 

The imagination capable of Creating the present, the old-- and the unspoken of--

Yet our nation is controlled by corrupt human beings, 

with the Inability for Justice. 

So we beat on-- 

Boats against the Current, 

like our Minds against Mankind.

Copyright © Astrid Cruz | Year Posted 2016

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I can not help myself

I just can not help myself
How I feel inside for you
Rhythms flow ocean side sea mine for you
I cannot say to you I don’t need right here by my side

Favor brought us together
Destiny they collide
Ecstasy there to be told in all these lines for you
I just can not help myself 

How your words vocally make me feel
Your touch 
Your kiss
Your smile 

I miss all of you
Can you here me when I call you
In the spirit
Can you hear me when I lift up your name?

All the same
I release to you that I care so deep
So deep for you
I just can not help myself

How you are you!

Copyright © Elisheba Yahudah | Year Posted 2016

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Her eyes sparkled as if from wine,
But it was early in the day.
I could near feel her lips on mine,
But she made no effort to stay.

Her feelings hidden somewhere deep
Within her mysterious soul .
She turned to walk as if in sleep,
And left me there alone and cold.

She had buried our only chance
Beneath some dark and hidden past.
As I looked on a dead romance,
And pondered the die she had cast.

Was it love that she had hidden?
What role was this I'd been bidden?


Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2017

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Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Sad knowing thy heart was so bruised
Seeing deep pain in such blue eyes
Tragic, such kind heart thus abused
By deadly slashes in dark lies

Pray I, for soul's quickest healing
With a true love to soon arrive
For such brings, joy and new feeling
Pray again, thy heart feels alive

From this, my sad heart, words now poured
asked relief, thee sweet bird flown high
After flight of thee, wherein soared
Thy new love life, once gone awry

May Cupid pour, from Love's true cup
Truest of love's glows to cheer thee up

Robert J. Lindley, 2-23-2017

Note: I finally remembered to write using this new poetry form, as I promised in a comment to Suzanne made on her great poem using this form.

Not written for any contest....

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Vineyard's Lifecycle

We've grown from the same root

We stick together

like a grape bunch.

Until a final decision is made

Stay in our bunch and enjoy our company.

Grow older, you can become finer

A Chardonnay or Sauvignon?

A finer wine

Made from the roots you grew up in.

Combined through the years

with accomplishments and fermentations.

Grafted with different grapes,

Splitting the vine

Penetrating the other vine through the two diagonal cuts

The vintner assembles the vine

Bonding the two vines to produce something totally different.

So you will take another

As the two vines joined are maturing faster they will lose strength

So our lives embraced together will.

Now their days of bearing fruit are over,

The young branch must bear the weight of production.

So is this lifecycle.

Copyright © Maggie Kuhn | Year Posted 2016

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You know Yah and s it for me to feel this way
I felt some type of way
I don't want to mess things up

I never asked you to pass this cup
All I ask is for you to help me to press on
Moving on to the next chapter
In my life

How long 
What must I do
To be patient with this
A kiss I miss

On the sensual sensation of my lips
What do I say today
It seems so strick
I see you love me of course

Is it really dangerously in love
Matters drops on the floor
More information my diary is filling up
I never asked why

Never to pass my cup!

Copyright © Elisheba Yahudah | Year Posted 2016