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Best Tritina Poems

Below are the all-time best Tritina poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of tritina poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Wind and Sea
The Wind and Sea

The mighty wind unleashed its gusty song 
     across the tranquil, undulating sea,
and stirred her body with his...

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Categories: sea, wind,

Desperate (tritina)
I wish I knew how, had ability to turn
away from you and not look back to see if it
affected you, my turning away, walking off.


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Categories: confusion, introspection, love,

The Potter's Wheel
Pulling with hands soft and smooth as glazed clay,
Her foot prods the pedal, turning the wheel.  
She basks in the bliss of a beautiful...

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Categories: art, life,

Premium Member Alone
The darken theater held them there they sat
she looking down and he looked out together 
neither spoke, they came together but alone.

So many married years...

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Categories: sad, together,

Time For Tears
The wait has been too long but now it’s time
To hold with love what she yearned for
No words for joy but grateful tears.

The radiant face...

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Categories: baby, joy,

Premium Member She Cries Tears
Her eyes show so much emotion inside
She has certainly formed a trail of tears
Leaving marks where the tears rolled down her face

There’s no greater pain...

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Categories: life, sad,

Premium Member Remember
Some things are really hard to remember
Like some of the answers to a life test
When we make a mistake we sometimes fall

I do not stay...

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Categories: introspection,

Never Deal With A Fairy
The fairies harbor secrets; many humans should not know.
Some will give one away for a price; that trade is very rare.
Make a deal with a...

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Categories: adventure, fairy, fantasy, image,

Your Heart Is Singing - Valentine's Collection
(Valentine's Collection)


Your heart, in its joy, forever shall sing,
the peace in my world, from your love, does come,
my Valentine, caress my gentle heart.

Oh, queen of...

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Categories: dream, heart, joy, love,

Premium Member Calm In The Woods
It is calm in the woods and on the pond,
where mother swan and her baby glide in peace;
my camera has captured this amazing love.

The woods,...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature,

Poetry Bliss
Oh how I love poetry!
Soul songs of life and love;
Natural beauty penned by poets.

Blissful songs of emotional poetry;
Penning through human hands, poets;
A vast gift, well-loved.


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Categories: appreciation, muse, poems, poetry,

Premium Member Backyard Entertainers
A yellow finch chirps a sweet melody
As black-capped chickadees steal the show
A blue jay circles in the air for food

Robins in the grass finding worms...

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Categories: bird, nature,

The Return

In the full moon night the dusts of silver return
Moon will shine once more in star studded sky
But this night will not come back again.


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Categories: analogy, imagery, lost, night,

Premium Member Three Crosses
Three crosses upon a hill; three men killed.
The middle One_Saviour of the lost world
Gave His precious blood of His own free will.

Salvation for everyone that...

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Categories: faith, religion, son, son,

Man With a Kind Heart
Many visit his home because he gives,
He is not very rich but he`s so kind,
Without restrain he gave from a good heart.

He had suffered from...

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Categories: life, people,

Premium Member Blood Red Moon
In moonlight, where all lovers kiss
Beware the spell that charms a fool
For crimson red will vex the eyes

A capricious stain will startle eyes
A trick to...

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Categories: moon,

Date With The Chaperon of Moonlight
You illuminate our hearts as you brightly smile
A splendid feeling for us lovers in the night
We’re completely snuggled  under your light.

Sitting beside each other...

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© Galeo DS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, relationship, romantic,

Premium Member Patiently Awaiting
Upon the seas there sails a mighty ship
Her hold is weighted down with precious gold
She sails across the wide and surging sea

Alas! so dark and...

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Categories: ocean, sad, sea,

Premium Member Bewitched
Along a moonlight path, where lovers kiss
Beware the spell that charms a fool
For the midnight hour can blind the eye

A capricious dark will twinkle eyes

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Categories: love, passion, romance, kiss,

Patience is the Essence of Life
Idolatry makes me out of patience 
with the people lacking nous in essence, 
flitting away an all too frantic life.

One cannot hurry the lessons in...

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Categories: introspection, life, philosophy, religion,

Premium Member Peek A Boo
Oh yes, I see you, the Doc let me peek
for so long you were blurred no more than a
little gray wiggly blob Daddy would say...

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Categories: baby,

Premium Member Soft Edges Free Hedges
The fog slowly creeps its dampness covers everything
All of nature now fuzzy around its wet edges
Fog settles like damp blanket 'pon the hedges

Wind tossed pines'...

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Categories: life, nature,

Premium Member Spring hopes
 Weary souls await the coming of  spring
When life is renewed and temperatures rise
They long for warmer days and skies of blue

 A ...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: seasons,

The vampire leaves his crypt in search of blood.
A vegetarian before his death,
But now he’s cursed each night to take a life.

Recalling happy times throughout...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Hannah
We have waited so long for you, Darling,

Our precious, beloved, newly born daughter.

We have given you the name of Hannah.

Do you like your given name,...

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Categories: baby, daughter, , Lullaby,