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In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window I can see
Its desperation shared with me;

How freedom in this world is light—
And we as souls are drawn to fight.

Though freedom’s light may cause our death,
It’s worth the risk with every breath.

I understand the moth’s sad plight
When drawn to the glorious light.

Though it knows not of human trust,
It buzzes on because it must!

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2014

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Earth Glow

He’s a creature small and lowly. See him move along so slowly - an earthworm. He has no fins that he might swim, nor wings that wind might carry him. He’s earthbound. And yet there’s something you should know. God made him special; he can glow like *earthshine! *Earthshine is a newer word and synonymous to Earthlight, which is a natural phenomena of sun reflected off earth particularly on dark side of crescent moon. This form is a derivative of one called The Compound Word Verse

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Your Fly Is Down

I know
I know
You didn't mean to let me in
And you

Could have crushed me like a bug

Instead you caught me
Saved me
Trapped me
Ogled me through the glass
A while
Then sent me on my way

I'm free
But a little crushed just the same.

Date: 11,20,2017

Contest: Make me actually LOL

Sponsor: Nina Parmenter

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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Today I met a mosquito It wasn’t very fun She bit me here, she nipped me there (she even bit my bum) But I had the last laugh... I squashed her with my thumb! 1st November 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Blackbirds In The Rain

blackbirds in the rain walking among the fallen leaves under the old mango tree with dripping leaves bathing the grass below blackbirds diligently lifting the rain soaked fallen leaves peering underneath for insects and worms flushed out by the drizzling rain pausing to gulp one down then scooting off again searching for more sitting under the shed with raindrops playing their music on the galvanised sheet roof with a beat that resonates within my inner being putting me in a trance connecting me to the rain and the puddles on the ground with the raindrops gently tapping the water's surface creating rings that collide with one another disrupting their individual shapes creating a dynamic new pattern reflecting their unity and bubbling with energy in the drizzling rain O what a deep feeling of peacefulness and serenity with the rain the dripping leaves and the puddles serenading my spirit with the eternal song of Nature and merging it into the Unity Of All Things
It was raining today. There was a constant drizzle for hours. I sat in a shed attached to the house, watching the blackbirds in action in the rain, searching for their food. The constant rhythmic sound of the rain on the galvanised sheet roof of the shed and the gentle drama playing out in the backyard with the blackbirds was a spiritual experience for me connecting me with Nature and the unity of all things as mentioned in the last verse. .

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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Can poetry matter

In the debate between accessible and difficult poems
Poets' poems and poems for people
Only the single poem and private reader matter

Both kinds and anything between can matter or not
Solid or made of air, a vase or heavy clay ashtray
One word repeated or many like a lei

An acquired taste, like wine, and like wine
Not sustenance, yet men die with their miseries
Uncut without it, news and mere matter

I advise everyone to keep a personal anthology of poems that matter
Or not. Perhaps it should be novels. Stones, insect wings,
Feathers, Birds you've seen, People loved.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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An Unwanted Guest

On a beautiful picnic was I
with a wonderful gorgeous new guy
till breaking the mood
and spoiling our food
came a ravenous huge ugly fly.

We got up and walked to the pier
Then what of all things did appear
round our heads as we kissed?
That dang fly that sure missed
our presence and did persevere!

It kept buzzing and buzzing. Oh my!
Just couldn’t stand by and be shy.
So I thrust out my hand
with a slam that was grand.
Squashed fly tossed to river – BYE BYE.

Written Feb. 26, 2017 
for Shadow Hamilton's The Unwanted Guest Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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Tom went to the ugly bug ball Strange insects invaded the hall Folks dressed up as fleas, Cockroaches and bees The smile on his face said it all Tom hoped for a little romance Asked a cute centipede to dance She whacked him on the nose When he trod on her toes He went home in an ambulance! 7th April 2017

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Dancing dragonflies

I watched them across the water prance,

Back and forth in sprightly dance.

Liveried in emerald green, others had a sapphire sheen.

It was natural choreography, by tiny acrobats

As they hovered through the reed beds, hunting bugs and gnats.

A mastery of flight, a ballet in the sky,

How mesmerising to sit and watch, dancing dragonflies.  

Copyright © Gary Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Satin Winged Flowers

Satin Winged Flowers Carrie Richards  and Poet Destroyer

Let us watch how they cluster in whirlwind ballets, 
lifting like clouds from the dark swampy ground. 
Burrowed in sunlight, then full-bloomed at midnight, 
bouquets of white moths wings, that gather like flowers. 

Rising from shallows, with satin-soft petals, 
that circle the meadow in small constellations. 
With great expectations, they rise in their journey. 
Star-struck, while seeking the light of the moon. 

Imagine a beautiful guide sitting in soft dirt, 
as we fathom the mystery indulged with fragrance. 
Aborning the beauty bribed by the sullen dark- 
Under the lunar month, winged flower stands in confident. 

Sailing in wander against the moonlit sky, 
pillowed flowers, ring throughout the atmosphere 
Satin-soft petals tend to crystallize into splendor form 
Behold, the journey embellished by the canvas we adorn. 


A Poet Destroyer Collaboration   "Midnight Flowers"


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Jitterbug July

Through the heat of July there are wee things that fly,
          Up-and-down in a flickering display,

In the fields and above as they bid for bug love,
          With the best of their flashing ballet ...

Night-after-night, in their shimmering flight,
          They're the envy of all other creatures,

For the evening is rife with such nocturnal life,
          But none other with such glowing features ...

They dance their bug waltz 'til the rising sun halts
          Their frolic and fun a few hours,

In the heat of the day, they just slumber away,
          But return with the close of the flowers. 

They're the kings of romance with their penchant for dance,
          As the dazzling she-bugs will attest ...

Hooking up on bright terms to make baby glow worms,
          Is the blinking-bug thing they do best.

This twilight promenade may put forth the facade
          That lightning bugs live "in the pink",

But those lights can reveal as a bigger bug's meal,
          So they're apt to be gone ... IN A BLINK!

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Standard Contest Number 140 Any Form, Any Theme" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Drawing Blood: Join In

There's a pesky mosquito hoverin' around our ears If he keeps it up he'll soon be splattered in smears T-Buzz tries to draw our blood When he gets hit with a THUD! We'll celebrate his demise with a party ~ Cheers! by Lin Lane A mini vampire with wings, in annoying high notes he sings. Tries to fly incognito, this imp called mosquito. With blood thirsty appetite stings! by Carol Connell  That darn mozzie was buzzing like hell Til I sprayed him with a can of Repell He can no longer fly I watched that mozzie die I’m happy he’s gone – you can tell! by Jan Allison That skeeter was in for a thumpin'. I swatted, but he just kept jumpin'. I got out the spray, winked, said, “Come my way”. And now I'm no longer a-grumpin' by Dale G. Cozart There's a pesky bug upon the lawn One his mother should have never spawn making noises here and there wish he'd just disappear One big ol' zap and poof he's gone by Tim Smith T-Buzz flies around in pestering irritation One good swat'll take care of his elimation No more buzzin' sound He's garbage can bound Thank goodness there's no reincarnation by Marti Sutherland I was singing karaoke, acapella While eating a sandwich of mortadella Along came a mosquito Named Little Esposito I smacked him cuz he wasn't a nice fella By Mystic Rose A skeeter singing for a favor Was wanting blood for a caper He's playing with fire His future is dire Joining others on my wallpaper By Cheryl Hoffman A mosquito was buzzing loud Of his bugle, he felt so proud My hands would squash fast That buzz would be his last Soon, he'd be covered with a shroud by Jo Daniel If anyone dislikes the buzzing of a mosquito, join in the collaboration by sending me your lines in a SOUP MAIL.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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One hundred million years on Earth
There's no accounting for our worth
Without our quite amazing powers
there would be no trees or flowers

The Earth would be a barren place
No flowers to, your borders, grace
No cereals to make your bread
and keep your teeming millions fed

We've worked our magic without fuss
but now, it seems, you're killing us
Your all consuming need for more
has brought us to extinction's door

Your pesticides have done their worst
Our decline can't be reversed
Because of them we cannot breed
but you don't take the slightest heed

When we're gone most plants will die
and YOUR extinction will be nigh
Without us to pollinate
mankind will have sealed it's fate

It's too late now, the damage done
The end of 'Apis' has begun
All life on Earth brought to its knees
and all because you killed the bees

Copyright © Rob Biden | Year Posted 2014

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**Example for my contest.**


chirp chirp!

Visions of my past why are they following me?

Leave me the h3!! Alone,

Let me be, the earth is my home. 

I am not willing to fly free allowing my deception to roam free.

A passion I no longer see.

I find myself lying on this grass all alone.

Tears caused by my saddened past.

How can I hear the ocean waves, only trees surround me?

A life I cry why me? 

I have no guide to show me how

I have been all alone before the age of one.

I have nothing to call my own. 

What is that chirping sound? 

Allowing me to live knowing my mother, did not care. 

An embryo in her womb, safe in your care. 

My mother's destruction pulled me out of a life that was not for me.

Where is my guide?

Crickets chirping soundly, how is that supposed to comfort me?

Do you not care for me? Why do you send the smallest insect to laugh at me? 

Every time I fall to the ground, a chirping is the only sound. 

I'm not ready to be rescued, I have not found my final stop.

Why is this insane insect in front of me?

Is that an annoying sound just for me?

What a silly way to show me who and what you can be!

Thinking of you in the biggest form.

An insect I can hardly see.
Why did it not come to me, on wings?

Do you mock all those times I fell onto the ground? 

It was not the ocean waves I heard. 

It was always the sounds of millions of crickets around me. 

Showing me your power can come in any form, shape, and size. 

Next time stings your way into my life like a bee.

.                  By; p.d.
~~LOL, my worse poem ever~~
~~LOL, what was I thinking~~

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Suicidal Humanity

Our supposed modern scientific genius
May in fact just be our last fatal weakness.
This technological house of cards we've made
Left humanity walking along the edge of a razor blade.

How much could you buy or sell using debit or credit
If someone or something wiped out the internet.
A computer virus, terrorists, hackers, or an E.M.P.--
Will wipe out our hard-earned wealth eventually.

Killing beneficial insects is almost like fratricide.
Think really hard again about ever using insecticide.
How many fields of vegetable plants and fruit trees
Will ever bear fruit if there are no more bees.

Rather than organically producing more living topsoil,
We're killing what remains with chemicals derived from oil.
As chemical contaminants follows their downward motions,
Choral reefs and plankton are dying in the oceans.

As a species, we've all become germ-o-phobic neurotics,
Religiously trying to kill all microbes with antibiotics.
But pharmaceutical medicine will never defeat every bug,
So one of these days there's certain to be a super plague.

So will we all starve because we cannot buy or sell,
Or because the oceans and farmlands have all gone to Hell?
Will we be extinguished by some invincible virus?
What ever it be, the fault will probably lie in us!

I wish I could offer some brilliant inspired solution,
But remember that extinction is also a part of evolution.
You may write me off as some kind of nutty alarmist,
But people that know me consider me to be an optimist.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2016

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A Hug for the Bug

Many insects creep upon this earth, and hardly anyone refers to them as “nice” or writes a poem reflecting on their worth! Spiders sometimes make me jump as if they were small mice, and how repulsed I feel to see cockroaches or lice! How many cute soft cuddly insects can we find? Worms are soft, but cuddly? I don’t think so! Which bug both cute and sweet comes to your mind? Well, Butterflies are lovely; fireflies have a nice soft glow. But the one that comes to MY mind I bet you know! She is a lady beetle, and when she lands on me, I do not flinch or swat at her or gasp out “Ugh!” People like to count her spots. A lucky one is she. Protecting crops, she is well liked by farmers. What a bug! If she were but my size, I’d give her a big hug. Written 4/16/13 for Francine Roberts' Whimsy in English Quintain Free Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Summer's Wish

One night a-twinkling in the sky, I spied a clever firefly Who glowed the same faint silver-gray As stars a million miles away. ***** Although most stars remain afar I reached out with a big glass jar Then with a quick and sudden -SWISH- I caught a twinkling summer's wish! ***** I whispered to him my desire, Then set him free -- that twinkling fire. With lightning speed he went, and soon He twinkled right on past the moon. ***** Now when I'm in the dark of night. If I but look, I'll see his light. A-twinkling faithful in the sky My clever little firefly!

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Lord of the Flies

Harassing me for days now
Landing on my eyelid
Nosing up my nostril
Tickling my ankles
and every other exposed body part
Little bastard...

Fly-Swatter? Jack be nimble, Jack...
Folded bath towel? (Lamp destroyed)
Raid? Sprayed til I sneezed and choked
and had to quickly retreat outside
(I may have poisoned myself)
Little bastard...
Last night it buzzed me awake
I injured various body parts
(Bloody nose, ruptured eardrum)
Little bastard...

I want to murder it
I want to assassinate it
but I want to capture it first
pull off it’s puny little wings
and watch it scramble on the floor
all the while crawling behind
laughing, shouting and jeering
'How you like THEM apple peelings?'
before I jump to the ceiling (Boink)
before I stomp and then grind
in a mad and homicidal rage
Little bastard...


Whew! I’m feeling pretty okay now
The medication helps immeasurably
I know now why they’re called Asylums
They are refuge from a brutal environment
a world dominated and controlled by---Bssst!!
Little BASTARD...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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THE BUTTERFLY AND ME Venus butterflies tiptoe upon roses rise playful in pirouette, they tango with the singing voice of a clarinet... Wouldn't this view capture your eyes? Swarm of honey fragrance fans my cheeks and so my hair, I turn around and see a butterfly so flair. I run, run run to chase such butterfly with care but pity, I missed so I just stand and stare... Kissing now, the curves and swells of the hibiscus is a butterfly that dance in ballet hush, tickling the petals, oh! they bend and blush-- won't these two wonders make a sublime meniscus? Tomorrow morning, Do gaze at a butterfly say hello or wave a hi colorful they are but they only live for awhile Blessed, we are given years to live by but as colorful as how butterfly paints the sky Do we also brush the whole world with a rainbow smile? _____________________________________________________________ © O.E. Guillermo 09:57 pm, January30, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Male Mantis Murder

Subtitled: WELL! You didn't have to bite my HEAD off...

Gladly would I die
for your love, my dear. No! Wait!
Just kidding! Just kid...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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Hey! Get lost wasp you are a pesky swine This cherry ice cream is mine ALL mine You buzz around and make my life hell Look - this ice cream is for ME it tastes so swell I need to cool down, gee here it’s really hot So buzz off pesky wasp or you I will swat Jan Allison 1st November 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Green katydid plays
cool songs by rubbing its wings
"insectious" tunes!

Copyright © Valerie Staton | Year Posted 2014

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Rain Spider

At the stump of the fig tree
where sweetness and fragrance
have long departed
a rain spider has built a nest
of autumn-dried leaves
covered with a blanket
of delicate silk.

I stand and watch
the little spiders
coming out to play
in smooth fur jackets - 
first, a game of tag
and then a fencing game
with slender long legs.

Soon they will spread out
and scurry around in the hunt for food;
raising neck hairs and bring shrieks of terror
as they intimidate nervous children and wives.

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

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A Long Shadow

Slipping into shapes
sun drips streams 'round darkest depth
and I, feeling small,
find even smallest ants cast
shadows long 'neath vast blue skies. 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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The Cricket and The Dragonfly

A Long, Long Time ago, there was a cricket whose name
was Blue, she was named after the sky that she loved so true. 
All day long she would look up at the sky while the other 
crickets played and hopped merrily on by.
Then one day a dragonfly landed near and he heard the 
whispered wish, the cricket held so dear.
Crickets my dear, he said, belong on the ground and if 
you fell, well, you may never ever be found. 
The little cricket answered yes I know, but to the sky
is where my heart longs to go. I have wings to help me fly
but they only carry me about one foot high.
To the top is where I long to be. 
Hey! Maybe you could help me.
I don't know if that is a safe thing to do little cricket 
but if you can help me then I will try and help you. 
What can I do to help dragonfly, the cricket cheerfully asked?
Some rain would be nice to put in my water flask. 
I carry water to those of us who are sick but there seems to be a 
water shortage since the farmer filled in the ditch.
I would be more than glad to help and the cricket sung her beautiful song,
then tender raindrops fell from the sky and the dragonfly was pleased
as he carried water half the day long to those in need.
When the sky cleared and there was no more rain, the cricket waited
for the dragonfly to return again, and when he did not come back to her, 
the cricket's face had a look of concern.
I know he will return, the cricket whispered to herself low, he just has to
for he promised me so. Just as the sun begin to set low, along came the dragonfly and asked,  Are you ready to go? 
The cricket said, Yes as her heart for this had cheerfully longed. 
The little cricket jumped on the dragonflies back and held tightly on.
To the top of the tree he flew and landed on the tip top as he promised her
he would do. The crickets eyes filled with wonder and tears.
This is what she had been dreaming of, for years.
The dragonfly's days were never worried about drought, whenever his cricket
friend was about and the Cricket took many journeys on the dragonflies back.
She told her story in a song again and again. The tale of how a cricket flew
up into the sky, on the back of her dragonfly friend.


Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2016