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Best Insect Poems

Below are the all-time best Insect poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of insect poems written by PoetrySoup members


hello                      hello
butterfly  ...

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Categories: beautiful, color, imagery, insect, nature, summer,
Form: Concrete

Premium Member The Moth
A lone moth flits around my front porch light
as wind blows through my window, luring me
to step outside into black velvet’s night.

I search the sky,...

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Categories: insect, lost love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Freedom
In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window...

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Categories: allegory, death, dream, flying, freedom, insect,
Form: Couplet
Dreaming With Butterflies
FLUTTER BY                       ...

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Categories: insect, butterfly, nature, nostalgia, seasons,
Form: Concrete
Spider songs
Blades of grass, wet under foot, insect eyes  
Dusk, offset by the cricket orchestra 
Muted and receding into the trees and bushes,
Tickled by the...

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Categories: insect, animal, girl, metaphor, night, star, youth,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Earth Glow
He’s a creature small and lowly.
See him move along so slowly -
an earthworm.

He has no fins that he might swim,
nor wings that wind might carry...

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Categories: insect,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Your Fly Is Down
I know
I know
You didn't mean to let me in
And you

Could have crushed me like a bug

Instead you caught me
Saved me
Trapped me
Ogled me through the glass

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Categories: break up, insect, metaphor, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member As June's Sun Sets

In the middle of June when the fireflies swoon,
          And the warmth of the sun lingers...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, childhood, insect, life, parents,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Moth Meets Devastation

I was reading in my study
On my desk a moth lay stunned,
It had flew into my lamp,   
I fear 'tis moribund.

It had fluttered...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, hope, insect, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Today I met a mosquito
It wasn’t very fun
She bit me here, she nipped me there
(she even bit my bum)
But I had the last laugh...
I squashed...

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Categories: humorous, insect,
Form: Rhyme
Fantastic Flora Masquerade
Creeping creepy creepers, the crawling trellis
jutting out of everywhere
snaking through country and metropolis
twisting turning in floral bliss
but more like snakes that hiss
But in quietude feign...

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Categories: insect, abuse, environment, flower, garden,
Form: Personification
Blackbirds In The Rain

blackbirds in the rain
walking among the fallen leaves
under the old mango tree
with dripping leaves
bathing the grass below
blackbirds diligently lifting 
the rain soaked fallen leaves
peering underneath...

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Categories: bird, insect, music, nature, peace, rain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member An Unwanted Guest
On a beautiful picnic was I
with a wonderful gorgeous new guy
till breaking the mood
and spoiling our food
came a ravenous huge ugly fly.

We got up and...

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Categories: insect,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member DON'T BUG ME
Tom went to the ugly bug ball
Strange insects invaded the hall
Folks dressed up as fleas,
Cockroaches and bees 
The smile on his face said it all


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Categories: dance, humorous, insect, romance, , cute,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Dancing dragonflies

I watched them across the water prance,

Back and forth in sprightly dance.

Liveried in emerald green, others had a sapphire sheen.

It was natural choreography, by tiny...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: insect, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Can poetry matter
In the debate between accessible and difficult poems
Poets' poems and poems for people
Only the single poem and private reader matter

Both kinds and anything between can...

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Categories: bird, humor, insect, love, men, poetry,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Satin Winged Flowers
Satin Winged Flowers Carrie Richards  and Poet Destroyer

Let us watch how they cluster in whirlwind ballets, 
lifting like clouds from the dark swampy...

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Categories: insect, nature, night,
Form: Free verse
Drawing Blood: Join In
There's a pesky mosquito hoverin' around our ears
If he keeps it up he'll soon be splattered in smears
T-Buzz tries to draw our blood
When he gets...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous, insect,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member PRETTY IN PINK

Fancy feast
In my best china dish
How she loves to be finicky
Wearing nothing but
Her pretty pink rhinestone collar
As she tiptoes across the room
Slinky and sleek
With a...

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Categories: insect, cat, fashion, life, perspective, vanity,
Form: Personification
 Dragonfly, shiny
Windup toy, in flight, you dance
Among the cattails....

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Categories: insect, animal, appreciation, beautiful, earth, environment, image,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member damselfly

a blue wisp
of a whisper

posted on April 21, 2019...

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Categories: blue, flying, insect, light, nature, summer,
Form: Haiku
One hundred million years on Earth
There's no accounting for our worth
Without our quite amazing powers
there would be no trees or flowers

The Earth would be a...

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© Rob Biden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: environment, insect, pollution,
Form: Verse
**Example for my contest.**


chirp chirp!

Visions of my past why are they following me?

Leave me the h3!! Alone,

Let me be, the earth is...

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Categories: insect, birth, blessing, christian, corruption, crazy, depression,
Form: Free verse
A Life Well Lived
 Living the most complete life--
 No man deserves less or more from living than another
 From a tiny drop of nectar, a flower blooms

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Categories: insect, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Suicidal Humanity
Our supposed modern scientific genius
May in fact just be our last fatal weakness.
This technological house of cards we've made
Left humanity walking along the edge of...

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Categories: angst, business, earth, environment, farm, insect,
Form: Couplet