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Best Write Poems

Below are the all-time best Write poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of write poems written by PoetrySoup members

"Mine all Mine!"

A thief I long to be
Your eyes original like the moon and sea

A lover in the world............
An Anthology, you walk and talk like...

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Categories: write, addiction, beauty, cute love,

Of Ink
   Partial Paper
 -A poet in heat-

Ink carries its own tale,
When moonshine intoxicates your pen
Bottles of ink fill your mind
Composing symphonies on every...

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Categories: write, beauty, feelings, inspirational, life,

This Song is for my Mother
This song is for my mother
Let her hear me cry
I couldn’t bring myself to write it
‘Til this darkened day arrived
A song about old promises 

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Categories: write, angst, death, dedication, depression,

Premium Member The Greatest Poet Ever
I got to wonderin' the other day
who was the greatest poet ever?
Was it a guy named Willie Shakespeare
or someone much more clever?

I thought it over...

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Categories: me, write,

Why I am here in Poetrysoup?

I like a seed carelessly thrown 
upon dirty solid black, brown rocks,
I strive, thrived to grow 
despite big rough blocks..


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Categories: poems, poetess, poetry, write,

Premium Member Perception

while djinnis cackle

I craft poetry
in this room 
with both hands tied

I compose
on white walls
with an imaginary blue pen

Copyright © Darren White
July 27, 2018...

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Categories: poetry, write,

Premium Member Write My Life
When I first surrendered all to You
it wasn’t clear to me,
that You became the author;
my life, Your poetry.
The pages of my life were dark.
You made...

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Categories: write, analogy, god, perspective, poetry,

Premium Member For My Children
You’re all in charge of authoring a story
Of love and humor, suspense and glory
You’re writing starts with your very first thought
And doesn’t end til your...

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Categories: write, for teens, life, my

Premium Member Midnight In The Library
Around midnight, in the library I found myself drawn,
to these shelves haunted still by Poe, Stevenson and King,
as a rare, late October storm brews beyond...

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Categories: write, books, night, october, repetition,

Careful Cursive
I write each letter by hand in careful cursive. 
I want every sentence to be pretty,
to look feminine and delicate -
to soften the ugliness you...

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Categories: fear, hope, write, write,

Premium Member Reflections from a Toiling Sonneteer
One’s poetry not always will unfold
beneath its author’s pen as some suppose.
And poetry one is to yet behold
might slowly bloom before one plucks that rose.


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Categories: write, on writing and words,

Premium Member Man and Woman

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Categories: write, body, poems, woman, women,

Premium Member Ode to Poetry Critics (Co-written with James Fraser)
Wipe that silly grin from your face, boy
I am a woman, but certainly not a wimp
Watch me roll with the punches, tough guy
It'll take more...

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Categories: write, on writing and words,

I Don't Write Poems
I don’t write poems, 
I drink them like wine, 
I become tipsy 
with each coming line. 

I don’t write poems, 
I breathe them like air,...

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Categories: devotion, write, write,

Premium Member Wax and Ink
Staying near to light my way
     now that there is no more day
You're needed to so brightly burn

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Categories: write, inspiration, poems, poetry, poets,

Letter to a Young Rap Artist
Look, anyone can stick two words together and rhyme,
But you gotta have rhythm and you gotta have time,
And you gotta have the guts to put...

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© Nick Ruff  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imaginationwrite, write,

Goodbye, My Child
Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my...

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Categories: write, adventure, allegory, angel, art,

Premium Member My Poetry Friends
I carry our friendship in my mind
And like a “Welcome Home” banner
It warms my heart. 
When I see flowers in bloom
I think of your poetry;

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Categories: friendshipfriendship, write, beauty, light,

Premium Member The Write of You
Inspired by the write of you
creamed through a paper sieve to cup
with both hands the leavings that you trail
 the write of you

like the chewed...

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Categories: romance, write, write,

Let me write you something.
Let me write you a poem.
A poem so great Bukowski would give me a hats off-
And hand me a beer.
A poem so well-written, John Mayer...

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Categories: loveme, write, me, write,

Premium Member What Where Who
What, Where, Who

If I where asked the what, where, who
That drives me to write poetry
I’d say that if I only knew
I’d leave right now this...

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Categories: write, words, write, betrayal,

Premium Member I Cannot Say
I Cannot Say...

I cannot say how poems come to be;

they come into my mind amazingly.

I cannot say how I hunt down my words

to image themes...

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Categories: poems, write,

Mary and Frank
Mary Godwin -- soon to be Shelley --
Writing with Percy, Byron and Polidori
To create the scariest horror story,
Gave life to a monster of immortal glory....

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© Tom Arnone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: write, creation, gothic, horror, poetry,

Edgar Allan Poe
I was inspired once a long time ago
By something that I read
I never knew such amazing things
Could fill the inside of my head

I always thought...

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Categories: on work and workingwrite,

The Uninvited Stranger
Another tirade of drunken anger
Brought to life by the uninvited Stranger
I lay trembling, still, ever so quiet
In a corner, hidden beneath a blanket
Biting down hard...

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Categories: write,