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Where my True Love Lives - A Ballade

Seared upon my soul for ever more
That break of dawn upon a summer morn
As I made my way along that rocky shore
Strewn with remnants from a ragging storm
When through a rising mist of gray - so forlorn
I saw a badly broken sinking ship
With canvas wings of white so sadly torn 
There beneath those majestic purple cliffs

And as that mighty fearless ocean roared 
With salty breezy breath so filled with scorn
I saw it rise up from the ocean floor
Wrapped in a velvet coat so frayed and worn 
A red, red, rose impaled upon a thorn 
Where passion bled like rain from ruby lips 
Upon a vivid memory reborn 
There beneath those majestic purple cliffs 
The wind - it whispered - in my ear - Lenore		
As black clouds in the sky began to form		
Into a face I’d never seen before			
With hollow cheeks that endless tears adorned	
That fell in frozen crystal drops so foreign..... 		
Then from those clouds his face began to slip  	
And I cried  the tears of a woman scorned 			
There beneath those majestic purple cliffs		

Lenore, the love he would forever mourn
That from his pen on page in words did drip
As I read his poetry and love was born
There beneath those majestic purple cliffs.

Author:  Elaine George of Canada
 Written:  February 28, 2011

A tribute to: Edger Allen Poe and his Lenore

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2011

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All Things Beautiful

Walking alone past the reeds blowing lace,
Stroking the oak by the old wooden gate,
Guided by trust to my lovers embrace,
Pouring my heart into leaves as they bate
Wind into dancing as feet hesitate,
Just long enough to find rhythm, I trace
Patterns in air as the pollen creates -
Fair is the face of the Lords given grace...

Sky paints a picture for moon in dark space,
Vast driven oceans of life demonstrate
Love for the mountainous deserts displaced,
Each born anew, by the wind to its fate -
Seamless infinity’s natural state,
Is seeing your eyes on another’s kind face
And Finding forgiveness for those who breed hate,
Fair is the face of the Lords given grace

Out in the sun as light seeks out its place,
Faith comes to breathe as it encapsulates
Bodies of men where his truth is encased,
Dreamers whose dreams become true and innate,
Their journey is hard but rewarding and great
Where love can be found but cannot be replaced
And words that when written just right captivate,
Fair is the face of the Lords given grace...

Each breath I breathe makes me appreciate
How beautiful life is, how rich and how chaste -
Nature’s perfection is light incarnate,
Fair is the face of the Lords given grace...

copyright Kristin Reynolds 2008

Copyright © Kristin Reynolds | Year Posted 2008

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Don't Let Go

If you take my hand and don't let go
There's a side of life I want to show
You've suffered a little, a lot, know
But I also know you have a beautiful smile.
You have a loving family, they look your way
A God that knows just what to say
And I, I promise I'll always stay
Even though I'll be gone awhile.

Your past and shadows may haunt you
I have reason to think they still do
You say it's hopeless, I say it's not true
You just need to remember where to trod.
You know from experience where light will dwell
And when things just are not going well
Bruised and broken after you fell
Rise to your knees and pray to God.

Through thick and thin He'll help you through
When you don't know just what to do
I want the light to follow you
So others may know where to go.
And every day you don't win the fight
When things just are not going right
You have learned to follow the light
And I've watched as you've begun to glow.

If you take my hand and don't let go
There are places of light that I know
We'll go and stay, rise high from so low
With our Father's help, we'll find our way
He loves you so much, and that is why
You learn in struggles; and when you cry
Remember it's strength that lifts you high
From the shadows of yesterday.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2014

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Sossled I wandered as lonely as a dog, Me pantaloons were full of frogs Slurping suds while on the grog, Dog paddling with the ducks, I thought I knew her lovely face, Got cuddling with Aunty Grace mascara was every place, me swimming togs got stuck, a rooster crowed up in the church, cuckoo clock was in reverse, I could think of nothing worse, When incest, comes a riding?
18-sep-11 Nancy Jones Contest Name Make me Laugh

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Don't Throw Me Away

You look at me so uninviting;
I may have some missing teeth, stumble when I walk, bout' to FALL!!!
Stutter when I talk, but yet I'll still call;
Might smell like ole mothballs or mint or maybe even Old Spice;
You see me and you stare, you're looking at the patches of my skin YES! it's different (maybe  diseased ) different;
different colors and wrinkled on my face, the gray in my hair;
Yes you still stand there and stare. . . 
I may talk bout RCA, Philco record players you say "what's that;
I might talk bout Annie Oakley, BoZo the Clown, Captain Midnight, you say Whose that;
Well child let me tell you all...
Don't throw me away;
Cause I'm just like you;
Don't put me out cause I'm too slow;
You think I'm in the way and I can no longer grow;
Don't throw me away, place me in a rest/nursing home;
Don't put me away because you think I'm in the way;
I', senior don't talk bout me in front of me I don't understand a word you say;
I'm alive, I have more brain cells and I got all my memory, well;
That's more than I can, say for you huh-hey!
Imagine if I'd treated you such;
But I wouldn't cause I've got God's love in me so much. . .
Love you see
So I just suck it up turn the other cheek;
I may tumble but I won't fall;
I may forget something's but not all;
And yes I still eat meat;
 Cause I got all my teeth;
remember your just trying to get where I am at now;
I'm a senior don't throw me away;
I'm telling you I'm history and I'm a part of God's glory wanna hear, come here;
Come here and sit down, I sit in a chair can hardly rise or go anywhere;
You see me and you stare I drive slow you begin to cuss and swear;
I won't do you ill;
I won't act like you will;
I'll take you today......
But I won't, I will NOT THROW YOU AWAY

Dedicated to all Gods people's 60 years of age to 100 years
Thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your life. . .

Written by James Edward Lee Sr. July 6 2015(c)
For the book Poetry to Bridge Generations University Of Nebraska at Omaha 2015(c)

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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My Greatest Treasure

There's a place I go, not far away
within myself, my treasure chest
and nothing there is ever passe'
my deepest desires, manifest.
A jeweled capacity, in light dressed
fiery creation...this spark caught
the current of life, I ride it's crest
my greatest treasure is my thought.

My body fashioned from dust and clay
with the mystery of life I am blest
who can know what He infused that day
when all that He has, became expressed.
Yesterday's gone, tomorrow abreast
reaching for them is reaching for naught
instead, I'll mold what is unexpressed
my greatest treasure is my thought.

Wise men congregate without delay
where universal mind doth suggest
the foot of his throne, the only way
the vision's caught and will not arrest.
A simple soul on an inner quest
where knowledge and sanity are fought
in realms of balance which doth attest
my greatest treasure is my thought.

So simple a fool need not blunder
along the path where knowledge is sought.
I ... the fool ... is it any wonder
my greatest treasure is my thought.

Copyright © Catie Lindsey | Year Posted 2017

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Moon and Sun

Although we meet the dying day Our sun ensconced in melting blue The moon’s held high to swing and sway Her light may sprinkle, softest hue No other reason but for you There’s a time when all stars must go When the sky can hold only two And that is when my love will grow. One night, the whitest white will stray Snowflakes sticking to dying rue The sun may flash its final ray But after that, the golden’s through And once again the night is new We’ll let the winters beauty show The fireplace our burning cue And that is when my love will grow. There is a time in early May When flowers bloom and spring is new Then laughter shakes as children play Shrieking with fun that’s over-due Who could cry today, guess a few. . . I’ve felt the sunshine’s warmest glow One day I’ll feel your warmest, too And that is when my love will grow. When sunshine fades, moon glows anew; And when she dips once more, he’ll go And when they’re in the sky, just two- And that is when my love will grow.

Copyright © Dana Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Irony Abounds

On an unsinkable ship’s maiden voyage, it sinks.
A pastor who preaches against alcohol, drinks.
One’s surrounded by people, yet remains all alone.
Confessing sins to a priest, those sins are atoned?

A nation’s chief tax czar, who cheats on his taxes?
An animal lover who hunts deer, to relax.
Sing praise and kill humans, in the name of a God?
Destroying our enemies, lasting peace we applaud?

The lifeguard fears water, so remains on dry land.
American foot...ball, is played with the hands.
A high school track coach, who's morbidly obese.
The steakhouse that's owned, by a vegan!

The priest preaching sermons on love, is a pedophile.
Repeat charity builds dependence, over time.
Nations war against drugs, and market alcohol?
DNA tests confirm, Hitler’s Grandfather was Jewish!

Copyright © Michael Wegman | Year Posted 2014

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Blessed Be

Lady, weave Your circle tight
With a web of living light 
Earth and Air and Fire and Water
Bind us to you.

MacDermot, the Prince of Coolavin came
to Connachta a fair maiden to win,
as the maypole rose a redhead proclaimed, 
that to marry him, her heart was aflame; 
so life comes again with a slow spin.
The pole is lifted and she beribbons him;
merry as their red and white ribbons crossed
wedded like wefts in the weave of the Lord's skein.
MacDermot the Prince was right chivalrous.

How the town folk of Sligo laughed and danced 
each youthful suitor had bells on their shoes.
Eight at a time the couples round pranced 
every Da's hoped his daughter to loose.
But, Meg the red had a mind to seduce,
and the Prince, well the Prince, was Goddess crossed.
Meg's lips were wine and he had but those two;
MacDermot the Prince was right chivalrous.

White for the virgin each Goddess blessed
red for the God of the green woods so old
green ribbons the forest, gold's sun's tressed 
all twirl round the royal wreath topped Maypole.
Blessed is the tree, with honors foretold 
as maids and masters their ribbons criss-crossed 
while the Prince MacDermot held Meg; they strolled.
MacDermot the Prince was right chivalrous.

The Rune Inguz was read, they blessed all holds
and the grand green hills were bereft of frost
for spring was here and their vows were told.
MacDermot the Prince was right chivalrous.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2015

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Lest we Forget the Horses

When the world practises Tao,
horses fertilize the fields.
When the world ignores Tao,
horses are bred for war.
The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu 

 Lest We Forget the Horses

Time speaks of history 
a vast and empty sadness 
washes over me 
watching old newsreels 
Highstepping horses, 
gentle eyes transformed in fear 
valiantly charging
under men that could not yield

Amid the noise of cannons
their beauty- gently haunting
Spirited, obedient, valiant
they charge over the
death-filled  battle-field 

Now the faded image shows
a glory past and gone
Yet we must remember them
And how their courage shone

Sides flecked with foam, obedient spirits,
so far from home, hoofbeats pound, 
crested necks, high dancing steps, 
with jingling bridles they rush as one, 
hearts bursting, falling in their stride,
somehow they know how desperate
 is this final, fatal charge

Faded film of ages gone
Lest we forget the horses
or the majesty of them
Lest we forget them
or the men who spurred them on 

In solemn re-enactment
we must remember them.

 Suzanne Delaney

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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The Moaning Of My Heart

Listen to poem:

I laid my heart upon your grave
That winter day when trees were bare;
Their withered leaves fell down to brave
The chill of winter death and share
With you the frozen ground and air.
Cold tears of rain helped to impart
The gloom, as prayer some comfort gave…
But oh, the moaning of my heart.

I plucked a crimson rose that lay
Upon your grave as rain fell down
And joined my tears that solemn day.
I held it to my heart to drown
My hurt, then slowly turned around
To numbly make my way to part
And join with loved ones home to pray…
But oh, the moaning of my heart.

Then April came on quiet feet
To wake the trees with budding bloom.
Thawed ground gave birth, in Springtime heat,
To grass, that hid the ashen gloom.
Now stung to life by Springtime’s womb,
The golden youth of Earth gives start
To find new hope, new season greet… 
But oh, the moaning of my heart.

I stand in shadow of death's sting;
Oh Dad, why did you have to part?
Help me to heal with reborn Spring…
But, oh, the moaning of my heart.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Any Sad Poem
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Judged: 12/23/2015

~2nd Place~
Contest: Not Your Average Ballade
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey
Judged: 05/09/2015

Not Your Average Ballade: 
The change I made is that I did not carry the recurring rhyme throughout.  Each Stanza has its own rhyme. However, the third to the last line of each stanza rhymes with the refrain. ababbcac  dedeecdc  fgfggcfc  gcgc

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Written in the Friendship Creed

Life is like an island
Surrounded by people
Just as water surrounds the land
Sometimes still or confrontational
Making life controversial
Though you feel thoroughly pleased
When all is quiet and non participle
This is written in the friendship creed

Friends carry you through life
With you good times or when you decide
you need their help, throughout the strife
Quietly waiting by your side,
with advice,  you can take or leave aside.
A smile , a hug, always there when you need
Sharing your joys and grief, cry when you cried
This is written in the friendship creed

People we meet along life's path
Make an impression on how we live
Taking care of the future of Mother Earth
leaving a history for the next generation to revive
With futuristic dreams of which planet to live
the wonders of how the future will succeed
Life no longer an island, with friends you survive
This is written in the friendship creed

Linked together makes life flow
Love, life and friendship  is what we need
The future is rosy because we know
This is written in the friendship creed

Changed the rhyme on each stanza 
Linked life, friends, future together.

Penned 18 April 2015

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Lover, touch her with a gentleness
which maker her quiver with passion;
when whispered words matter,
a delightful thought can enlighten
her sublime smile lost in happiness,
what else will she desires more than love?
Inside the fire is unquenchable,
and the joy is unsurmountable:
when it is started and given
by a lover with gentle hands;
a lover whose trust in her is pure!

In that meadow where wild flowers
are a dazzling red and invite fragile butterflies,
the waving grass of the fragrant hill
turns a solar yellow in extreme heat...
as two lovers  weave amazing dreams
by the shade of a willow tree;
and who knows this season better than they?

Lover with gentle hands,
never take those hands away;
keep caressing her, never pretend; 
and whenever she asks for another kiss:
be generous and make her delirious...
as the  southern wind brings
another fragrance of distant memories
that a forgetful lover leaves behind!

Even this memorable day is coming to its end,
and the kisses intensify as you wish for stars...
chasing away the scarlet sunset with impatient eyes;
and she gladly expresses that intense imotion,
never refusing, ever obedient and silently
she lets every sense be taken by imagination...
only feeling the gentle hands of a lover, who demands
nothing more than faithfulness and generosity!   

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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Grand Larceny

What’s it take for women to hate
their first born so long and so cold?
Sly smiles as he choked on the bait.
You sat in that one church so bold,
Blind and deaf to Love’s story told.
Among serpents in pews hearts won,
you died unbroken, mute and sold,
in how you treated your own son.

A father’s heart chipped out of slate.
Your measure given is twofold,
to regret forever too late,
brimstones are all that’s left to hold.
Your neglect was poured and it rolled
eighty-three years under the sun.
The Great White Throne decree behold,
in how you treated your own son.

How his innocence you both ate,
An orphan made in constant scold.
No mercy in your ways or fate.
In Matthew you read he foretold,  
hypocrite’s wages to be tolled .
The grave’s sleep keeps remorse undone,
your legacy as I grow old,
in how you treated your own son.

If I am to breathe Heaven’s air,
your first grandson, when life is done,
I don’t expect to see you there,
in how you treated your own son.

Contest: Not Your Average Ballade
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey

My change is my rhyme scheme :  'ababbcbC ababbcbC ababbcbC dcdC' 

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

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''For All Eternity''

The rain the rain is falling down, in sleep His tomb is wet, so dark the stone, so cold And words are deep engraved, I weep and weep In stone the man I love, his death foretold I will love him for all time blissfully He calls in death he calls, his voice ice-cold This heart is yours for all eternity In the dark I hear his murmurs, he calls His tomb is wet, so dark the stone, so cold He lays beneath the soil and the sun falls He haunts my days and nights, my hand he holds My dark angel that will never get old A voice, a whisper, calling to me darkly In dreams he beckons from beyond so bold This heart is yours for all eternity I open the old gate, the rain drizzles His tomb is wet, so dark, the stone so cold The wind takes my long hair, the trees tremble I fear my love who will never get old I feel his wings fall over me ice-cold Kissing his dead lips so sweet and deeply His breath freezing, I weep for love untold This heart is yours for all eternity My tomb is wet, so dark the stone, so cold Do not weep for I am here endlessly I will never release you from my hold This heart is yours for all eternity _____________________________ April 8, 2015 Ballade Theme - Dark Love Tweek - Two Refrains, B refrain on line 2 of each stanza and line one of Envoi along with required C refrain on line 8 of each stanza and last line of refrain For the contest, Not Your Average Ballade, sponsor Catie Lindsay Tenth Place

Copyright © Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Changeling Prince

The air was filled with sparks so bright
as ash and flick'ring fire abound
The night was filled with fairy light
and from deep down the drumming sound.
And all about did wander round
in forms both large and shimmer small
walked spirits old of yesternight 
to lend a charm to each and all.

The sky o'er head was filled with light
and night wore the king’s Northern Crown.
The stars fought with the fire flies flight
as shadows marked the unknown.
A royal night when love was sown,
and bardly singing did enthrall
their poetry did rich resounded
to lend a charm to each and all.

Around the fire stood bold knights 
and their ladies most well, unknown,
secrecy was their honor-bright
and amongst them stood the Throne.
Changeling bride brought forth to atone
promises too old to recall,
tonight a fairy wife enthroned
to lend a charm to each and all.

Upon their heads set holly crowns
their scepters of ash, I recall.
Cloaks as light as gossamer shone
to lend a charm to each and all.                                                           

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2011

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Laid to Rest

Today I saw a daughter laid to rest.
A mother tries to heed her own advice.
Holding it in surely put her to the test.
She failed more than once or twice.
Her failing was no artificial device.
She tried, Lord how hard she tried.
She simply could not pay the price.
She cried, oh how the mother cried.

She was a fifth grade teacher, the best.
The kids all sought her out for advice.
Fifty Eight, so young but so blessed,
too young, to pay this enormous price,
too old to fashion protective gneiss. 
Her mother knew of this fierce pride.
Yet, she couldn’t save her baby’s life.
She cried, oh how the mother cried.

The building now full, still they pressed,
her former students, learning pain of life.
From one loved, who had faced the test,
and had not complained about sacrifice.
While a mother mortally wounded twice
who faced this when her husband died
hopes to God she will not see this thrice.
She cried, oh how the mother cried

The mother, paying the mother’s price, 
before her eyes could have fully dried.            
With more than enough love to suffice,   
she cried, and oh how the mother cried. 

For Catie's ballade contest
Feb 22, 2011      

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2011

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Imagine lakes of dreams 
Blood contained streams
Imagine oceans that behold undiscovered beings
Imagine human life depended off of cheers and games
Man design’s umbrellas
And eventually would play a part in acid rain
Imagine not wanting to smell another rose 
Or touch another soul 
Because of despair and shame
Imagine in the mist of your demise
You have the passion to rejoice and sing
Imagine driving pass shattered glass
The interior  is soaked with blood stains
Your mind can't comprehend the fact 
that it's a dead family in the next lane
Imagine dreaming for freedom
As a result by your neck you hang
Imagine for the sake of progress 
You whip a man on his back and call him a slave.
Rage, Pain, Fortune, and fame
You don't have to imagine this 
Because that's what life brings.

Copyright © Andre Sanders | Year Posted 2012

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BAD BOY - light sensual fun

Tell me, Sweet One, if you've the nerve,
how is it, that you love to play?
Is it warm, with a touch of verve
that softly steals the breath away,
and makes all tight resistance sway?
Whatever you say, we can do.
Come on now, you can have your way;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Don't worry if your values swerve,
not all is black 'n white – there's gray;
and, with our colors, that best serve...
we'll look no further than today.
There are no rules left to obey;
for now, there's only me and you.
So, let's lie down and come what may;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Your breasts are rising, I observe...
the sparkle in your eyes betray
your yearning 'neath each writhing curve.
Oh, heaven knows we can't delay!
The essence of your sweet bouquet
excites me, Dearest, through and through.
You're wet and warm, a lush buffet;
for, I'm a bad is true!

You say, "Don't go," that I must stay!
Yes, I'll remain, don’t misconstrue...
too long would be to your dismay;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Rascal Jones

Copyright © Rascal Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Lord of the skies song

Dear dragonfly, you hover from flower to flower
But there is one which you always seem to linger on
When the world stops and time stays at the magic hour
You spread your golden iridescent wings chiffon
To catch the welcoming smile of dawn
Royal rays filtering through transparent cells
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Seeking the one true taste that will give him power
Sweet essence melting sunshine beams upon
Striking bells bewitching beauty develops showers
Sparkling the day creeping spells spawn
Fountain of forever young whistles a robin's song 
Each an echo inside warmly touches shell 
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Lord of the skies mesmerizing regal high towers 
Into the  fair realm rainbows touch upon
Opening a doorway into the deepest bowels 
Another world one kingdom awakens sighing yawns
Eyes within a spirit conquering glances breaths of light shone 
Under the hawthorn blossoms enchanting smells 
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Wing-whirring basking in the sun to empower
The little shy being standing in the shade beyond
Gazing upwards at the motion camouflage in wonder
Darting across visions softly skimming over the pond
Kissing a twig gradually sprouting a magical bond
Synchronized heart wings  beating under one's spell
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells

a co written piece by liam mc daid and angeline lim

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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A Final Adieu

The light to my life is flickering;
It shone bright for many years.
The fog around me is thickening,
But, please, spare me the tears.
I am fortunate to outlive the fears,
As long as I can lie here next to you
I’ll remember our fondest years -
As I bid you a final adieu.

The curtain falls on my final scene;
Confined to bed these last two years.
Giving plenty of time to reflect on things,
Realizing I have “Thank you’s” left in arrears.
I hope I haven’t underappreciated you, Dear;
I hope deep inside that you always knew
That I respected and loved having you so near -
As I bid you a final adieu.

I believe this is my last evening,
As I go to join my long passed peers.
I hope to be fitted with angel wings
And look down on you from way up there.
And late at night in dreams I’ll appear
To help chase away your blues.
I’ll do my best to keep your skies clear -
As I bid you a final adieu.

So, a little longer hold back the tears,
Until my last breath has finally passed through;
Hold my hand so I know you’re near -
As I bid you a final adieu.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2011

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Love Can Never Be Redeemed

Before the roses withered cancer took her in vain, after the petals w i l t e d her scent never gone- For only one thing in his heart could ever remain, the way she used to sing that special love song, for he had known it had always been her all along. When you fall in love you awake to a new dream, and in loving her he could never go wrong- When your beloved dies, LOVE CAN NEVER BE REDEEMED. When they first met he thought he would go insane, Her eyes so big and brown with amber hair so long- For passion and romance in his heart were engrained, And t o g e t h e r in such harmony they both did belong, For a marriage proposal, he could not prolong. They bore a child and life became quite extreme, before they knew it that little girl already foregone- When your beloved dies, LOVE CAN NEVER BE REDEEMED. At her grave he lingers hoping closure he’ll gain, But his head is telling him to try to be headstrong- For on his broken heart a crimson blood stain, And the d i s t a n c e seems to be forever farlongue. Wishing someone to pierce his heart with a prong. Through all the heartache they made the perfect team, Oh, once more if only he could hear that ol’ love song- When your beloved dies, LOVE CAN NEVER BE REDEEMED. After the petals w i l t e d her scent never gone, he shall never forget his beautiful wife Doreen- For he had known it had always been her all along, when your beloved dies, LOVE CAN NEVER BE REDEEMED. December 14, 2016

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2016

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To Pay the Price

Darkness falls blood swept fields today
Haunting sounds come from shattered bone
Stench floats, hangs from bodies decay
and cries are heard in fields of stone
Terrified men will turn to clay
Anguished faces that have no name
They are stepped on as they moan
No questions asked or feeling shame

Moonlight filters trees burned away
Hearts turn cold while fatigue has shown
Blood sticks to boots from the footway
Each man apart feeling alone
Sees his name on a gravestone stay
From this wanted war that they blame
As some scream out from deaths they own
No questions asked or feeling shame

Army of men cry from the frey
and hear whispered sounds, dead men groan
The cursed memories they will weigh
Men curl in darkness, fear has grown
They had to pass through hell's archway
and found no heros or acclaim
Only meadows of death they've sown
No questions asked or feeling shame

The anger comes, they can't postpone
Dead men's faces fill their mind's frame
Their nightmares now will set the tone
No questions asked or feeling shame

contest Ballade

Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2015

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Barriers broken, 
   Words unspoken
Cant let you in
  My skins to thin
My hands are bare
  Sweat covers the 

A layer taken,
  Starting to break in
My thoughts are shaken
  I cant breath...

Im sinking slowly
  I have to leave
The door is closing
  Im slowly choking.

Your prescence is 
Another layer taken
  Nothing faking.

Im slipping in silence
  Weakened in shyness
Butterflies, fluttering, 
  Anxious, nervous
Whenever your near.

A layer has just again, 
Your touch is tender
  Passionate, intense.

Im breathless, blinded
  Have no defense.
I cant deny what I feel
Although I hide.
  A layer subsidies.

This is heavy, I love you
  So much.
I scream with emotion,
  Each time we touch.

You have pulled me out
  I have, let you in.
I have never experienced
  This feeling.

Vulnerable no longer,
  My heart secured.
My love crys with

No longer a layer
  A layer no more

This was originally, meant to be a song.
I wrote
Inspired by a song I love
Colour blind ,,by counting crows:)

contest: new poets 
Posted 6/ 14/ 2013

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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days are over

Green filled farm grounds
My friends and I making the rounds
All around 
the edge of my town
In my old new first car
With the bass turned up hard
about being seventeen

All those times
Trying to catch any boys eye
Get them to look at me
Want me
To make em beg please
Just to give em nothing
So called love that doesn’t last
What fun we had
Those days are over 
I don’t want them anymore

Hot pavement
praying for rain
he still wanted to touch me
love on me
I wasn't that kind of girl
I just looked like her
looked at me as some sort of goddess
I wanted real love
The real thing
With a ring
But he had other plans
And still wonders why I ran
Shouldn't be so complicated


Dusty fairgrounds
Smoke floating thick all around
Hot and sticky we were
In the heat of a young summer
I contemplate forever
Or maybe never
As he looks me over
Trying to hold my hand
At every possible chance
Sick from the rides
Cooling come and go of the tides
Dirty feet
He looks at me
Laughing hard
At how young we are

And how old are you?

Got our biggest wishes
Cuz they weren’t big enough

Wanted someone who wanted her
The way I am
The way I am
Loving me less, loving you more
Not the way she looks in her shorts 
But she was too young to know where to start

My name is his guitar
Wrote his first song ever
All about me
He's worn a ring for 5 years now
Still he asked my friend about 
Says he'll always wonder where I am 
where I am, 
why I ran
fourteen is fourteen 
and sixteen isn't much better
is it?


Those days
Those days are over

O green,
As green as me,
farm grounds
Dusty fairgrounds
And I want you more 
I want you more

Copyright © joy bohland | Year Posted 2013