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For Suzanne, Green and Golden

Listen to poem:
“The October night comes down; returning as before
Except for a slight sensation of being ill at ease
I mount the stairs and turn the handle of the door
And feel as if I had mounted on my hands and knees.”
----- “Portrait of a Lady;” T. S. Eliot

A golden afternoon,
Late October, and my thoughts
Are all of you, Suzanne…
Vestiges of your being
Appear on visages of 
A hundred different people;
But none are you, not one 
As green,  as golden.

Hard it is to know no miracle
Will mend, no giddy hope assuage,
The scourge that slowly puts an end
To our valiant green and golden girl.
Memory takes us to days of indolence,
Of innocence, of children lying on a levee,
Deep in lush, green, summer clover --
In sunlight almost as golden
As your hair -- beside a flowing river
Bearing away our golden hours
And the painless green of youth.
Now, in your green room, reclined
In shadow, our golden girl reposes.
Your courage lights the coming night
That does not dim the gold and green
You always shared, and still you share.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2013

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Two Little Sparks

Two little sparks
enlightening the dark

(tidal waves tugging on the heart)

One named Amelia, the other Aurora:
Completing the scenery --- fauna and flora.
But Borealis, she has no stake in the matter,
for she is just a melancholy rainbow
in comparison --- to the flames that ignite
your very being ... all the while you take pleasure in the heat,
being warmed by their joy and curiosity.
Go ahead and draw lines in the sand

(they will jump over them with glee)

And simultaneously have you giggling
at their tenacity.

Two little sparks
through the woods      they embark

(one look at their eyes --- and there goes my heart)

Playing hide 'n' seek with the two of them
they disappear (and re-appear) just like fireflies in June.
Dotting the intrepid pathways like sparkles, like magic.
(the fact they'll one day grow up ... it's rather tragic)
Why can't they stay little forever and touch the ceiling
by riding on my shoulders?
Why not stay brittle so I can be protective --- instead like all things
you must grow older.

For now though     Oh for now!
It's nothing but a pipe-dream
in the wakefulness of day.
Youthful energy can't be contained
much like quarantine flame.

(and between you and me
that's an accurate analogy)

Between these two firebrands -
who could dare understand
what it means to be an uncle
... with the capriciousness of "one of the gang",
and the loving care of a parent.
And who could dare contemplate
this here man's tragic fate:
living next door to the both of them
with no fire blanket.

One's not even walking (the other barely talking)
And while that may seem rather shocking

nieces have that power
to play with your emotions like staccato raindrops
on that big ole blue
they call the ocean.

These flames aren't dying low (not even close)
but only gaining momentum      like a lightning strike in a forest:
a thousand popping pine cones re-seeding into infinity.

(And did I say divinity?     That too)

They be in competition for my love
like the tug-a-war moon.
It's the kind of game where everyone wins
and it's never too soon ...

... for one more go round.

Written March 9th, 2016
For the Twin Flames Contest Hosted by Nayda Ivette Negron

Placed Second

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Into The Dawn

Last night, I was just texting my niece
Warming my soul, showing it some peace
Amazed how good, it really made me feel
Something so small, to me was a big deal
We chatted about camping, your RV, my new tent
Seemingly it felt like, a short time we had spent
You tried to convince me, to write a country song
Laughing telling you, for me that it felt wrong
You told me poems I had wrote to you, made you cry
Before long, we eventually had to say good-bye
We laughed awhile longer, then we moved on
You brought my darkness, back into the Dawn

Thank you Billi Lynn!

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2017

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My monster

among you and I and among us all
remains a feeling of shallow intoxication
that seems to play on and on and on in our respective heads
as everyone important to us has gone on to some beautiful destiny
I sit here amongst the caucasion sleeves of paper on the floor of my chamber
the numbness of the so called "art" on the radio
mommy, I have done it

as the winter approaches, we batten down ourselves for the impending darkness
snow ensconces the dull tundra of all the acres
understandably blundered by the wings of burden and shame
I toil with the literature of my past and the science of my future
I thought I found you at least a dozen times, but you weren't you
daddy, throw another log on the fire

is there mercy in this chaos and this uncertainty? 
will I ever retain escape velocity and leave this earth?
I must leave this place and find sanctity elsewhere
no doctor revive me, no professional conversationalists, please.
mommy, daddy, take me home. 

the shoreline thunders, with the red clay -- imitating dover
I stare down at the mercurial wash of the crushing tides
special sequins rain down into the fundy sea below
I shall wake the wight inside of me
and destroy the pain inside of thee. 

mommy, daddy -- rape the teeth from within my head
to paint a better picture of the son you thought you knew
brother, I miss you and your insolent charm. 

but little monster, I think I will stay for you. 

Copyright © Ingvar Thorisdottir | Year Posted 2014

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She Liked Butterflies

She Liked Butterflies

With a youthful spirit;
She laughed in the breeze.
Dancing in the wind;
Lighting on trees.

Golden haired child;
A laugh like sunshine.
Beautiful , free, and wild;
Artistically inclined.

One day she decided to fly away;
In a letter she said her good-byes.
When asked about her, I say;
She liked butterflies.

Her spirit now flutters free;
With her bright colored friends with wings.
Sometimes I think I can see;
Her… among life’s  most beautiful things.

In the summer when the Monarchs return;
There is always one in the midst of the rest.
Where they gather together in the wild mountain ferns;
Who appears to me as an honored guest.

Then she flies away once more;
For she was never meant to stay.
Like she did many years before;
To return another summer day.

Darlene Doll Smith

Copyright © Darlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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A Poem for Pearl

May you fall, so you may rise
May your horizons surpass your skies
May your future fill your eyes
May you make mistakes that make you wise
May your laughs outnumber your cries
May you wear your beauty, undisguised
May you stumble, so you may sympathize
May love take you by surprise
May you catch the light of fireflies
May your dreams flower to full size
May you hear your song - and harmonize.


Copyright © Michelle Faulkner | Year Posted 2018

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Child Scream Out

it’s abysmal down the way
these days

but the only path 
is through

they say

an intruder in the midst
the cold still drip 
of the ivy

overwhelm tilted ice trays

gently gathering each
for a catch and release

a heavy hand
presenting an uncertain voice

faint in the distance
pestering its presence

time slowing its pace
but not in charge
of winning the race

a family stands calcified in time

a child cries out

as it marches through cells
demanding to conquer
every hope 
not yet 

pouring rain
pouring down
pouring through shattered veins

choking and foul
bitter pieces
of pain

pocketful’s of hair

sunken eyes
tear deep through the heart
and break
even at places
that had been glued
steel shut

lost innocence 
fixed on fear and mistrust

poured the injustice 
of the apple
still dangling from 
an uncommitted  limb

life will 
try you

over and over

and over again

to extreme
without a chance
to compose in between

a soft voice
delivered to my soul

is this all there is?

a mother sobs

how do you explain
darkness to sunlight?

faith is a lottery
the acceptance to believe
that someone will win


someone will lose

how to make sense is the
decision you choose

where is choice?

the show just beginning
the fight of her life

a mother prays

not fair
this is not fair

she deserves
a hidden 
time stamp

an unknown 
life clock

as ignorance among us
should always 
remain bliss

the only way 
to survive this 


At all 
which tries 
to shake your strength

At the Universe

which has allowed 
the light
to dare blink 
when you rise


Until the mountains shift 
and buffer the clouds

Until the wind retreats 
and calms the storm within

Until you pierce 
the edges of eternity
evolving wings of flight

Until you douse your fire 
into hell itself

Until it relents to your will
and makes peace 
with the blaze of your spirit


To awaken the slumber
of a miracle
and guide
its presence 
into the misery
and sadness 
within all mankind


To Uncage 

The Outraged 

Warrior Within

Scream Out!

Scream Out!

Scream Out!

Dedicated to my courageous beloved niece....Alicia

Copyright © Gabrielle Jordan | Year Posted 2018

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Copyright © NEKEITA JACKSON | Year Posted 2009

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Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

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Poem for my neice

such innocent beauty is yours
my tender, fragile soul
the light in your eyes
reflecting the true loveliness
deep within that does arise
your smile my dear
captivates the heart
as you lie in my arms so near
a true work of art ?

Copyright © Ashley Wakefield | Year Posted 2014

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We Are There With You

You do not stand alone in your Battle
Your battle is our Battle
We may not be there in body
But we are there with you in Spirit

We are there in every beat of your Heart
In every whisper of the wind
In every thought and every touch
Every breath and every sound
We are there with you

You are wrapped in an Endless chain of Love
In every link we each send you a part of us
We send you some of our Strength
Some of our will to Fight
Some of our Courage
The most important of them all
We send you all of our Love

If you feel you need more
Just give that Endless chain a little tug
And we'll be there
Tug til you need us no more
Then we'll know you've gone Home

5/09/2014 Dedicated to my Aunt Nini, Wilma Thomas Gamble for Mother's Day. Sadly she lost her Battle w/ Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on 5/30/2014.

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2014

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My Nice Niece

          My Nice Niece

 My favorite nice niece is an eminent engineer,
  generous, genial and admirable by behavior.
  My nice niece appeared with splendid spirits.
  Costly diamond ring reflected rays as gem emits.
   I had to appreciate orange dots on her golden gown.
    We both visited posh restaurant in the town.
    I chose menu and she put the order.
    With merriment and delight day was over.
     My nice niece embraced me and left.
    I stood beside the iris tree at the gate.
   Her visit resembled a sparkling iota of sudden joy.
  I got the opportune to play with a precious toy.
  At night I caught my nice niece in my dream.
  Absurd irritable happenings came up, I had to scream.
 A cat with kink of rope on neck was chasing me on floor   
 I yelled and heard my maid to knock ‘Kindly open the door.’

    Contest 228 any form-theme max 6 lines by Brian Strand

Copyright © Anisha Dutta | Year Posted 2016

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Love Never Fades

There's a little history to this particular poem. I know I wrote it when I was 11 or 12 years old. I wrote it for my Grandma Dorabel, who is today 90 years old. I also wrote it for my uncle John who had been taking care of her at the time; I didn't want to leave him out so I put on the letter: For Grandma Dee and Uncle John! I wrote this short little poem along with a drawing of a cat and some flowers. However, I actually never sent the picture to her! My parents and I must have forgotten to send! To me that was unacceptable! I thought to myself today when I found the picture, I must send it now! The picture is now on its way to her, so I am happy she will at last receive it. 

---------------------------- You can send me a bouquet of flowers, You can order me a box of chocolates, You can buy me a fancy outfit, But flowers don't last, Chocolates eventually disappear, Outfits get out of style, Yet Love never fades, And it's the most precious gift of all

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Who I Am

I am many things
I am everything
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a niece
I am the baby
I am the friend
I am the fan girl
I am me 
There is nothing I could be better
Nothing the world wants me to be
I am just me
I am me

Copyright © chessney ferguson | Year Posted 2014

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I am God's child, first and forever I am known by many different titles, a daughter I am a wife I am a mother I am a grandmother I am a poet I am by several ways, known as a sister I am an acquaintance I am a loyal friend I am a stranger I am a cousin I am an Auntie I am a niece But who is this person, they all call "Denise?" She is a child to God She is a niece She is a cousin She is a stranger She is a loyal friend She is an acquaintance She is known to many, a sister She is a poet She is a grandmother She is a mother She is a wife She is known as a daughter to many She is everything, she'd ever dreamed her life to be.... She is happier than she ever imagined possible SHE IS "DENISE"

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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My eight year old niece

You were the first to make me an aunt
That's why I hold you so close to my heart
Your the light that brightens my world
Nothing can break us apart
As I held you for the first time
With your little fingers wrapped around mine
All the joy and happiness came upon me
Which at the time was hard to find
From slippers to sneakers 
From onesies to jeans
You've grown from a little princess to beautiful queen 
As I continue to watch you grow
I also grow to
From the lost young girl
To the mature aunt I continue to be to you
So know I'm always here for you
I'll never be out of reach
Happy 8th birthday to my beautiful and intelligent niece

Copyright © Lesa Donaghy | Year Posted 2015

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I Miss My Mama

I miss my Mama
She left me too soon
I still see her in dreams
And even then I wonder
"Mama, are you going to leave me again?"

Everything she was
Seems to live inside of me
Her love for words
And rain
And sweets
Her incredible kindness
Towards her students
And everyone who crossed her path
That ready smile
That won her the nickname,

I miss my Mama
It’s one of those days
When I wonder why
She had to suffer and die
A slow living death
Of many years
Blood stains and cuts
And immobility fears and reality
Brought on by that accursed disease:
Multiple Sclerosis

But Mama had strong faith
She'd sit up in bed and pray
When she could no longer kneel
And I knew...
As I passed by her room
She would be praying for me
And for my brothers
Each in turn

I miss my Mama
Tears fill my eyes
As I remember how I prayed
How I begged
How I tried to work a miracle
"In the name of healed."
Silence from the heavens
Pain in my heart
Hearing her say,
"Lord, take my life."

And she died knowing
Her prayer was answered
She was set free
From her wheel chair ridden life
And now she sleeps

Yes, she sleeps
No thoughts
No dreams
No recollections
The sleep of the just
In the arms of Jesus
He has marked her resting place
And when He comes again
Angels will go wake her up
And she will rise
Perfect and whole
Beautiful and complete
Full of energy and life
Her smile no longer crooked
Her eyes no longer dim
Her voice no longer garbled
She will rise
She will sing praises
In her beautiful alto voice
She will hold me....again

Yes, I hope to be there
by HIS grace
I hope to squeeze her tight
And never let go
As I cry tears of joy 
That we’ve both been faithful

And we will rise
To meet the Lord in the air
And heaven will begin for us
He will take us to the place
Of no night
No tears
No pain
No death
No war
No illness
No rejection
No fear
No abuse

I miss my Mama
But……..not for long!

"Even so, come Lord Jesus!"

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Ecclesiastes 9:10- Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

I Thessalonians 4: 13 - 180 13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15 According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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                         my niece and nephews’ childhood's laughing sound 
                            in quite loneliness I feel and in dream I found 
                           when I see many other children on play ground 
                             after one another they dash and run around 
                          i feel my niece and nephews are in my compound 
                       with a ball all they are busy to throw and catch around 
                             in fun their sweating bodies wet in to browned 
                            when trick is done by any one other gets wound 
                          at that time to that spot they quickly come around
                          naughty one with smiling cheeks tries all to astound
                        seeing their lovely game my past memory does resound 
          their glistened eyes memorizes me my niece and nephews' childhood surround  

                            Written on: 1st June 2016

Copyright © BL DEVNATH | Year Posted 2016

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We'll Miss You

you was someone special to us all 
you put a smile on our faces 
even when it was us you were talking about 
you even made us feel special when you talked about us
because that let us know that you loved us 
and that you might even like us just alittle bit 
you've been here thoughout my childhood 
and it was just normal for you to be here and there 
but now that your gone 
life just want be the same 
because i'll never hear a good joke about me 
it's going to be boring around here
without someone with all that spice and spuck you have 
around to make us laught 
love you and you will forever be missed 
       love you 
         your neice    
            Atedra McGhee

                                                 Dedicated To:
                                                 Doug McGhee

Copyright © Atedra McGhee | Year Posted 2008

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Gone But Not Forgotten

I remember it now
Not all, but enough
To understand how
I am afraid to accept love

Because some love hurts
Especially the kind you gave
The kind nobody deserves
The kind that plants the seed of hate

It matters little if you feel remorse
Your guilt could never ease my pain
The damage you did cannot be reversed
I still wear the residue of shame

And you will never have my forgiveness
My hatred will be your only companion
As you lie upon your deathbed
Feeling frightened and abandoned

You still won't even have my pity
Pathetic as you are
All you will ever be is what you did to me
As I will always bear these ugly scars

Copyright © Lisa Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Moons and stars

                Young cousins meet in a great combo
                Moons and stars in a marvelous show
                In red blue pink green all eyes glow
                An ideal spectacle for Michelangelo

                Our daughter and her friend like a red tomato
                In their eyes sits a sky of light indigo
                Nieces and nephews in a mood of rainbow
                Life and dream in a great tempo
               Katie and Teddy are the happiest duo
               An angel at the window to say, hello!
 May 27, 2016
 For Personal Memories Monorhyme II – Poetry Contest  
 Sponsored by: Laura Loo  

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Personal Memories

To the beautiful Ella, Aunt Karen is teaching
Displaying how to play, the ukulele.. Ella is eager, she is reaching
And with every strum - a youthful new talent is breaching
Intriguing her with melodious sounds, to her, the tone is preaching
She resonates to the harmonized beats, that her soul is not impeaching

Picture #2

Copyright © Karissa Kelley | Year Posted 2016

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Dedication To All Those Who Feel Lost

When you are far from home,
Never give up on life,
Cause your family,
Will always be with you,
In you caring heart,
Even when the times,
Get difficult and tough,
And make you want to give up,
They are always there,
For you to turn too,
And show you a way,
To find the peace,
And happiness you need,
In your caring and loving life,
So that one day,
You will find the true love,
That you most certainly deserve,
For that loving heart,
Which is a true fact,
It is a very big heart that cares,
For more than just the person you are,
But those around you,
And the family you have in your life.

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2013

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Ella is enchanted and tries hard to pluck the strings Sweet music starts to flow as her Auntie Karen sings What joy Karen brought to so so many different things Precious memories in a photograph, oh what tears it brings For Karen is now an angel, and she wears her heavenly wings Contest Personal Memories Sponsor LuLoo Photo 2 of Laura's daughter her sister Karen 03~18~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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All That Matters

family is all that exists making up a meaningful reality

Copyright © Richard Martins | Year Posted 2016