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Our heroes roar
There they are
Flags held high
Voices raised too high
Eyes raised so high
Heads up in the sky
The spirit of football so much
They are our heroes
To play it all
All mouths are wide open
Throats always yelling out
Our heroes truly roar
Our hearts stir to the rhythm
While we watch the ball
We widen our souls in the stadium
One world on the pitch
We catch the ball in our eyes
We all kick it
‘****in **** we goin to do it’
The cries of victory make us sane
The laughter for the goal
The red card curse
The yellow fuss
It’s in the news ;’what a hurray’
They win or lose
The heroes kick up the wind
And kick up the sun’s rays
Till the sweat reminds us of the power
We want them to get the cup for us
When they do we promise to hail them
Though not all of us can have it
Those who lose want to kill
But we remember more excitedly
It’s better than the world war three
It’s the world cup
Those who put their lips to it
Will play it and play it
Because our heroes roar! And roar!

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2014

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The football season is
closing, and the teams
are doing battle,
Some are fighting 
relegation - some are
hoping for promotion.
All over Europe - be it
France, Spain or 
Even in Italy - they
start their football

The highs and lows
of the football clubs,
Some are celebrating
in the pubs.
but some are in tears
as they face their
greatest fears,
Being relegated - it all
ends up in tears.

In Europe and beyond - 
football is the game,
In America they also
play it - soccer is the
For every man wants
to be a brilliant football
And if they do keep
on winning - they head 
straight to the bar!

And let's not forget
the managers - who
really are stressed out.
Constantly making
their decisions - even
if in doubt.
The fans too play a big
part - they cheer their
team to win.
And then they go to
the bar - for a swift
large tasty GIN!

I have NO doubt that
in my mind the game
is all about money.
And the English Premier
League - is the league 
of milk and honey.
It is were the money 
is - and every team
wants to be there.
But you really have to
be brilliant - the money
is the lure!

There is great wealth
in the football game - 
this is oh so true,
There's a lot of 
entertainment - for me 
and for you.
The season is a long 
one - and players do
get injured.
But they always do 
recover - and play on
so unhindered!

So, who will be promoted?
and who will be relegated?
The moment of truth is
closing in - it soon will be
Good luck to all the teams
who are fighting for their
Always have faith - and
say a prayer - and you
may get a nice surprise!

Good luck to everyone of
you - I mean that all so
There are quite a few clubs
struggling - but soon you'll
feel brand new!
The end of the season is
fast approaching - let the
battle now commence.
The joys of 'WORLD FOOTBALL' 
- is full of excitement and


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

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I am England til I die because England is I.
I am England in my heart, I am England in my eyes,
I am England in my sleep, I am England when I rise,
I am England on the land, in the sea and in the skies.

I will fly high the flag of red and white,
I will do it everyday, I will do it every night,
I will fly it in the peace, I will fly it in the fight.
I will fly it when we're good, I will fly it when we're sh**e.

When England needs, we all fight, we all bleed.
We are together in defeat and together in victory.

I am England with an English heartbeat,
I am England from my head to my feet.
I am England and the feeling is sweet.
We are England and we are complete.

I am England til I die.
I am England with pride.
I am England for life.

and England is I.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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From First Ball to World Cup

     I remember the first time I saw a ball,

Those exquisite black and white pentagons ...
     The geometric excellence that intimated such mystery and excitement ...
I HAD to have one, and started saving my money that very day.
     I was only eight years old, and football wasn't big in the U.S.,

But I still wanted that amazing ball ...
     After a few weeks of saving and doing extra chores,
I finally held my own ball in my hands,
     Turning those five-sided panels over-and-over,

Smelling that glorious leather ... I was in kid heaven!
     When I took it to school in my backpack my friends went crazy,
All having to hold it and smell it, all filled with the same energy as I,
     My gut tumbling in anticipation of what amazing things might happen!

My little town had no budget for American "football" -
     With all its pads and expensive equipment, but we did have "soccer" teams,
And I joined as soon as I could, for the sake of that amazing ball!
     We didn't get to see the World Cup back then ...

The 60's and 70's being very limited as far as TV sports,
     But we all followed it in the magazines and papers,
And when, years later, we finally got to WATCH the World Cup on television,
     It was the substantiation of years spent loving a game

That not many people even TALKED about in the United States ...
     A game that my friends and family and little town had loved for years,
Now birthed to fruition and delicious reality right in front of our eyes!
     My friends from other parts of the country had heroes -

Heroes like Bart Starr and Bill Russell and Micky Mantle, et al,
     But MY hero was PELE', though many here didn't even know his name!
When TV brought the World Cup to kids like me, the world became bigger,
     More exciting, and more joyous, all because of that wondrous ball ...

So many years before!

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "2018 World Cup" Poetry Contest, Mark Toney, Sponsor & Judge.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

Stepping on the field
This belongs to me
It is where
I am in control.

Long before I came here
I have prepared for this day
I reach down
Pluck the grass from the earth
Feel the energy of the moment

Nothing else matters now
It’s only about this
This is the beginning 
The beginning of something great

Walk to the centerline
Turn and view the pitch.
The others who stand with me
In this battle 
Prepared for what is to come.

I see the same in them
As I feel
No one else understands 
They cannot share this 

This is our fight
It is our moment
It is what we know
What we live for

The whistle sounds
 Ball advances
It has begun

The Beautiful Game

Copyright © Joseph Furdeck | Year Posted 2013

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The Victory Dance

To play as if today
Is your only chance.
Some say, “It’s just a game.”
Have they done the Victory Dance?

When hard-earned Victory
Was finally at hand,
Have they felt the glory
Raining down from the stands?

To do or not to do….
No one wants to hear, “We tried.”
Effort and dedication will be rewarded… 
They are the magic on your side. 

Yes, to fall short is still an option;
But much better to succeed.
Heroes are made and remembered
Only by their deeds.

So, just go out and win.
Give your all to each and every chance.
Persevere and achieve…

And do the Victory Dance.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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The Game of Soccer


Stadium overcrowded by 
hooligans and fans
Cheering waving flags and 
clapping their hands

Players on the field they’re 
ready to start
There goes the whistle it pumps 
up their hearts

Adding strength to the ball and 
kicking it high
The ball travels overhead how 
beautiful it can fly

Over center field and still it 
goes strong
Pass received with ease and the 
player runs long

There he goes for his 
opponents goal
He dribbles through each player 
he’s on a roll

He takes the shot and curves it 
The keeper dives for it far and 

The goalie misses it the balls in 
the net
There’s a moment of silence 
and no regrets

The winners jump for joy that 
win was a must
Opponents heads tilt down low 
they leave in disgust

A player’s life fulfilled is playing 
world class
To be playing all year long on 
the rich green grass

Play with heart, that’s the real 
Of how to play the true game of 

Copyright © jeffery Ferrell | Year Posted 2013

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I play keeper very fine.
When the ball comes it’s all mine.
Bam!! Goes the ball off the pole.
I just saved another goal.
Whack!!  The ball has been shot.
It comes to me and I’ve caught.
You can try and try and try.
You will never get the ball by.

Copyright © Nikolas Fantocone | Year Posted 2013

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The soccer ball thy shall kick to that place
where there is a net hung on the crossbar.
Thy shall play hard with my power and pace.
I take that free kick and score from afar.

Forwards and midfields need a lot of speed.
Without strength the body will take its toll.
There is one more thing these players will need.
The desire to shoot and score the goal!

The goalkeeper has to be very tall
to keep the ball out and to save the game.
He will need to get up fast if he falls.
The goalies job will always be the same.

As you can see soccer can be real tough.
To play you need to be quick or real buff.

Copyright © Nikolas Fantocone | Year Posted 2014

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The Big Game

The Big Game
It was that day When I was afraid. But became the man with all of my fans. I remember my fist goal that hit one of the poles. It was an one of those moments to say I wasn't broken. I brought all my skills in my grill. I bring it to my games so I can win the fame. Ever since I knew something. I was SoccerBorn.

Copyright © Mario Marin | Year Posted 2014

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Soccer Star

From the moment your foot first touched the ball
The look on your face said it all. 
This is what you were born to do.
Growing up, you would continue to play, you just knew
Soccer wouldn't be ready for you.

Year passed, and so did you, as you became a star.
The training you've had would take you far.
How far you asked? Championship Game, here you came.
With a minute left, you shot the ball hard and upset.
But luckily, Whoosh! The ball exploded into the net.

Copyright © Sydney Bates | Year Posted 2015

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I love Soccer with a passion 
The game is rough
Skills are required
You play with your feet not with your hands
You do long kicks to make you close to scoring
You can score with your feet or your head
The goalie uses his hands to prevent scores
The sport is popular around the world
Every four years the World cup is played
Players represent the country they love
Fans travel from around the world to support their country
The crowd goes wild when a goal is scored and the players celebrate
The commentator yell's out the sound of........Gooooooooool!!!!!

Copyright © Arty Rico Jones | Year Posted 2014

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Soccer-No greater Sport

I grabbed my shin guard and boot
And head out with my team unto the pitch
The crowd goes wild, old and young, all hooting
The horns of the cars and the vuvuzela’s all tooting
Super Sports, Sky Sports, BBC and ESPN- all reporting 
 The game kicks off, Tony in post
Anchored by Fish, Tuga, Razak and Bruce
 Pirlo on the left, Tsidi in the middle, Speelo on the right
Saviola, Siyabonga and Blagodzi will be at the fore-front of the fight
Souls wrestle for supremacy, the crowd still alive and sparkling all night

Go Mighty Panda! Go Mighty Panda!!
The away crowd in purple, black and Green cheers wildly 
Referee whistles for a foul and issues Tuga his second yellow
Two yellow cards means an automatic sending off of Tuga, my fellow
Down by a man yet not giving up, Coach makes a substitution as Noni comes on for Speelo

We’re taking things cool and calm
The opposition getting frustrated after 80 minutes
My teammates attacking and defending with an irresistible power 
As the pendulum of action swings from one tower to the other tower
I took the game into my own hands and blast a ‘gargo’ shot in the eleventh hour

The home crowd goes silent
The 40,000 hooting crowd goes quiet
That thunderbolt from Siyabonga won us the cup
When the game is over the wining team gets a thump up
The losing team goes home to prepare for next season and to get fired up

The Poet Preacher © 2013

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

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World Cup 2014

Pain in Spain
Bland England
Shame in the game
Who do you blame
When your approach is lame
Three lions or three blind mice?
I wonder

Copyright © John Pen | Year Posted 2014

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The Football Manager

Translating ideas through energetic muscles and calculative minds is his doing knowledgeable tricks and wise options converted to the physical for the honour and glory is his aim. The one at the top of the chain possesses his own repertoire. A personality with tactical onus is the one and only expectation. Catastrophic it is; when such a charisma is tempered with An effective philosophy gives him fame but ambiguity in strategy wins the point a winning atmosphere brings out his etiquette a loss- he treats so diabolical. Every attack is a litmus test mental kunfu blended naturally with physical dynamism in display closing down angles, tight markings speed injection, courage cultivation, identity-showing formations with opponent-neutralizing weapons, massive onslaught, defensive solidity and quick counters all for a harvest of victory coming from the equations of his thoughts watered by distinctive motivational skills. A team player who's always outside the line The football Manager is he!

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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The passion that is stashed 
inside the core of his soul.
When the lightning spark of his foot
walloped and whisked the ball ,
His efforts led its way towards the awaiting goal.
Its swift manoeuvre captured a thousand eyes.
which is cached in the practice of future minds.
That movement is encapsulated in soccer's history
by the cherished ideals of football glory.
Pele's refined finesse and Ronaldo's prowess as a footballer.
Maradona: "THE GOLDEN BOY" with the dancing ball
and Messi : "THE ATOMIC FLEA" 
whose spirit taught him to succeed.
The forever illuminated faces whose endeavor will never die.
How will you know if you never even try.
Tread inside the HEART of a FOOTBALLER.
and thou will understand: When he wins a match


Copyright © Raarya Kuanr | Year Posted 2015

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For Football Fans

All emotions and hopes exchanging through a common fax
singing songs of victory and toasting a beer to relax
priding on a rich history
moving in one chemistry
mock us when we lose and face the inevitable axe.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Spirit of Sport

Spirit of Sport It was that one day Where the team can't play Then you join To score a point You start to celebrate But then you just get baked But then the game changes U join the game And loose all the shame U dont earn the fame Although it can be tamed Then move your foot And be able to shoot You tame the fame And win the game Don't think of it Just do it.

Copyright © Mario Marin | Year Posted 2014

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The World Cup

The world's abuzz with soccer
Though I couldn't give a hoot.
I wouldn't even have a clue
For which team I should root.

The bars are packed with rousing fans;
I don't begrudge their cheers,
But I prefer a tennis match
To savor with my beers.

I'd also watch the Yankees play
'Cause baseball's what I know,
Though baseball-haters claim the game's
Inordinately slow.

So while the teams do battle
With the World Cup as the prize,
I'll find a book or other show
To occupy my eyes.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2014

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its season for this reason
frist  break
of school new take
mabe  you catch wall ball

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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How Important Can a Soccer Game Be

How Important Can a Soccer Game Be?

By Elton Camp

What recently happened in Egypt is an extreme example
But evidence of violence at soccer games is fully ample

Reports of such sports violence by fans is nothing new
But that seventy people were killed is shockingly true

Fans of the losing team out onto the field did stream
Used sharp objects, rocks metal pipes and did scream

Police or security forces were nowhere to be seen
To control those fans so violent, cruel and mean

Some Egyptians feel that the fight as actually a plan
So those who displease the authorities they can ban

What really happened, we may never come to know
But it is a disgrace when things like this become so 

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2012

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Coach, Coached

Working in physical education Blond teacher had a realisation Spotting a young boy alone Standing all on his own Her curiosity, frustration Young man, why are you all on your own To the others, why are you disowned Well, I'm not the teams sweeper I'm their bloody goalkeeper Please Miss Coach, it's time you went home <*>

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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I'm the Power Player

I sprint as I cry in pain
Coach yells, “ RUN, PASS, SCORE”
Blocking out all the screaming
And the chaotic noises
From the sidelines
I dash through five tough defenders
With everything that I have got
Out of breath I devour the last of energy 
I can use to score the winning goal
Ball zigzags in between my bright orange cleats
As I fly through many obstacles that 
Get in my way
Five seconds left in the game
Will it make it in I think as my fingers are crossed
All the pressure is on that ball and I
As it soars over the field where I am myself and
Flies to high for the other team players to get
The ball tears through the goalie's gloves.
 No one can drop the confidence level I have just received 
The ball collides against the net, and I have caught a joyous victory
That exact moment pays up for the backbreaking, painstaking work I've put in
With every goal I score, I rule the world
That’s why I am the Power Player of the team
I don’t give up because I’m all determination 
For my love of Soccer

Copyright © Sudha Rose | Year Posted 2014

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Italia football - is 
a game of sheer 
Just before the
kick off - they
give the fans a
They flash their
flashy shorts -
which are shorter 
than of late,
But their skill is
oh, so evident -
this they did 

They move around
like magic - upon
the football field,
Italian footballers - 
they use their arms 
for a shield!! 
They really do glide
along - like a woven
piece of silk,
When the half time
whistle blows - it's
time to drink their

Then we have the
Spanish - they really
are first class;
'Sometimes they fall
over - and scratch 
their exposed ***!!'
They play like sheer
professionals - and
they admire the Italia,
Thinking about half
time - when they can
drink some Sangria!!!! 

The Spanish - and the
Italians - are really
classy players - 
Always playing skillfully - 
and some are all in
Tears of joy - as they
really are world class - 
Their talent is so 
evident - this they did

Transfers are in order - 
and money changes
hands - 
Buying skillful players - 
and sorting out their 
The agents want their
share - and that is only
But why do most 
footballers - have such
unkempt hair?

When they score a goal,
or two, they celebrate
in style,
Running all over the
place - are they in denial?
A hug - or a handshake - 
is what they all should
do - 
Not keep on kissing - 
but this is nothing new!!

So, welcome to the 
Europe, and the stars of
the football elite,
But beware of going in the 
dressing rooms - there's 
a stench of sweaty feet!!!!
So come and watch the 
cream of Europe - all on 
colourful display,
There is just one thing 
you must do - don't forget
to pay!!!!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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R eally is número uno

O riginal R9

N othing less than the best

A thletic, skillful with speed, Haile Supreme

L egend of all legends

D one it all won it all

O fenomeno


©Copyright August 18, 2014 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved



"Tribute to the best player the world have seen"

Copyright © Brian Pierre-Alexander | Year Posted 2014