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Game Day

Mighty Ducks win the game
Pass the ball perfect the play
There's so much riding on your fame
Men clad in armor win the day

The crowds are grumbling they've all gone wild
The stripes bad call has hardened your trial
Yard by yard your penalties mass
But you'll take the lead with a touchdown pass

86 yards with a kick return 
Your rival now should show concern 
We love your power your drive your speed
The beer the bets the company

Football Game day 
Phones be texting
Tailgate fun scores projecting 
Simple fun that's life affecting

It's more than manly testosterone 
That compels us to the game
It's teamwork pride the thrill of the fight
How the underdog pushed and overcame 

Sports and competition have always been a way of life 
Revealing the mighty but also the contrite
Teaching lessons of brotherhood
More victory together than alone we ever could 

So when we gather scream and shout 
Seemingly insane over a meaningless thing
Remember this on Game Day proud
When from the rest of life we simply check out

Is it really so bad to drink too much 
With Oregon's O displayed 
Colored faces worshiping the Duck
When they fumble we yell O  F_ _ _ 

Be it victory or cruel defeat
There's more to this than meets the eye
It's about families, lovers and the best of friends
Gathering to play to laugh and to cry

Game Day for the Oregon Duck
Of our team we're so damn proud
As a fan have you made the cut
Or resigned to just miss out 

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2013

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Future Superstar

The world welcomes a newborn baby boy. To the mother and father, he is a bundle of joy. Right now of course, he is so small. It won't be long before he is big and tall. As a defensive lineman, he will hone his attack. The boy will have no trouble sacking the quarterback. He will control the boards, slam dunk, and grab every rebound. I'm sure a sports superstar will be found. Inspired by another member's poem

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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Super Bowl Day

They're playing in the bowl tomorrow
and we are so very proud.
We Seahawk fans are loyal
and also very loud.
We'll be settled by our TV sets
before the game begins.
We'll stay for the fifth quarter
no matter which side wins.
I'm thinking of my men folks
who had cheered them through the years.
Are they watching them from Heaven
and applauding with loud cheers?

The Seahawk's  franchise was formed
back in Nineteen Seventy-Six.
My husband and four brothers
would yell like lunatics
when the Seahawks added to their score
And it seemed as though they'd win.
I would look at them all yelling
and would shudder at the din.

Then when my son was older,
he joined that happy crew.
I threw in the towel and recognized
I would have to join them too.
They taught me all about first downs
and field goals and touch downs also
and many of the games intricacies
that a good fan needs to know.

My husband and my brothers
and even my loved son
have all gone on before before me
Their cheering on Earth is done.
I wish that they could be here
to see their loved team play.
Daughters and grandchildren will cheer with me
tomorrow on Super Bowl Day.

By: Joyce Johnson

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Our heroes roar
There they are
Flags held high
Voices raised too high
Eyes raised so high
Heads up in the sky
The spirit of football so much
They are our heroes
To play it all
All mouths are wide open
Throats always yelling out
Our heroes truly roar
Our hearts stir to the rhythm
While we watch the ball
We widen our souls in the stadium
One world on the pitch
We catch the ball in our eyes
We all kick it
‘****in **** we goin to do it’
The cries of victory make us sane
The laughter for the goal
The red card curse
The yellow fuss
It’s in the news ;’what a hurray’
They win or lose
The heroes kick up the wind
And kick up the sun’s rays
Till the sweat reminds us of the power
We want them to get the cup for us
When they do we promise to hail them
Though not all of us can have it
Those who lose want to kill
But we remember more excitedly
It’s better than the world war three
It’s the world cup
Those who put their lips to it
Will play it and play it
Because our heroes roar! And roar!

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2014

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There’s a new American Holiday, guess what it is my football loving friends,
It’s a classical sport of champions, where helmet headed, game geared
Warriors challenge raw brawn against skill’s swiftness, to conquer and win,
With screaming fans, cheering on these gladiators’ in this deadly modern
Arena of clashing titans!
On Super Bowl Sunday, the pigskin faithful gather, around the big colored screen
Altar of entertainment, divided team factions residing on living room sectionals,
Ready to cheer for their favorite NFL sporting champions!
  Golden Trophies of victory’s honored bound glory, to conquests shinning
Athletes whom have surpassed all rivals in competition field of battle,
On this sacred Super Bowl Sunday! 
Endurance's brutal game of physical strength and agilities stamina,
Pit raw natural force against skills mental intelligence, placed upon
Each line of defensive prowess exudes bravery’s finest, producing
Distinguished, and extraordinary ability’s athletic mark of excellence!
Lit are the flames of American glory, as flash bulbs flicker from every
Fan filed level of this modern televised colosseum, above fly’s the
Goodyear blimp, flashing messages of sportsmanship to millions
Within thousands of U.S.A. homes views watch with awes quiets hush,
Awaiting for the next plays excitement to take place on this massive
Green turfed stage, locked gazes of stern concentration as hearts beat
With accelerations thrilling anticipation, the rooms explosive force erupts,
With one words announcement, field goal!
It’s the half times rock party festival, while tunes of fans recover,
For the next thrill ride, to victory’s finest moments of achievements
To occur, for legacy’s future generations state of remembrance recall,
In yesteryears to come, fathers unto sons, and mothers unto daughters,
Will say, “Yes, I saw that play, and I’ll never forget it either!”
At the final battle line drawn the rival warriors take to their marked
Positions, fierce animalistic growling is heard as these diehard gladiators,’
Prepare for the ultimate collision point of no return, again anticipations
Hush returns, the silence is deafening, as a nations heart rate is set
On maximum overloads racing pace!
What earthquake shake could rattle more severely at a continental
Seam, as the underdog team wins the final championship, the victory’s
Golden trophy is placed within the grasp of these athletic giants,
Whom have proved themselves true winners once and for all!
There’s a new American Holiday, guess what it is my football loving friends,
It’s a classical sport of champions, where helmet headed, game geared
Warriors challenge raw brawn against skill’s swiftness, to concur and win,
With screaming fans, cheering on these gladiators’ in this deadly modern
Arena of clashing titans!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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Can you not hear the rumblings of that distant herd coming,
The loud thundering of destiny’s champions crossing, the NFL
Field of dreams, beware the rampaging lightening team known
As the Dallas Cowboys, for they are the hail storms victorous
Breed, the eye of the hurricane riders, searching for their
Well-deserved trophy of fortunes honor! 
Remove your cowboy’s hats of respect unto them, ladies
Curtsy with reverences motion, for these athletes are
Endurance’s best, and they shall overcome against
Any opposing finest challengers, these rangers of the
Old western traditions, that carry this country’s time
Honored name of the cowboy to the ultimate extreme,
Of skill and strength’s dexterity!
Dallas all plain drifters of purity’s valor, head to head
No bull horns about it, these are the champions of the
Gladiatorial games in the world of sportsmanship!
Yielding unto no oppositions combatants, these warriors
Hold their ground with distinctions sheer magnificence!
Let those world famous cheerleaders scream with every
Field goal achieved, for these beauties know that no
Other team in footballs annals will score, to the level
Of these good old boys, named by fame's hall of records,
The famous Dallas Cowboys, heehaw and God bless hum!
Now listen you city slicking team of sports hall of fameing
Seekers, you’d better go back to your home fields of 
Advantages, for hear in this lone star state, we take no
Prisoners, and show no mercy to out lander's!
Here in the ALAMO state of freedoms calling,
We remember our heritage standing tall and 
Proud against all odds, blazoned in bullets
Historical legends, our grand team barres
The name of fore-barriers proudly, those
Pioneer’s men known, as the all American
These six-shooters whom rode the die hard tails,
Across a new world creating a country of freedom,
Where only the tumble-weeds rolled, and desert dust,
Coached a man’s thirst almost to madness!
Now in traditions sport of men, a new team of desperado’s,
Threatens this lone star state, but have no fear my fellow
Texans for our Dallas Cowboys will send them packing,
With a good old boy’s field goals smacking, so I’ll cheer
Them on, waving my hat in the evening air, yelling heehaw,
Go get hum boys!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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Johnny Football

At Texas A & M, he played at quarterback. The young man led a prolific offensive attack. He gave up his last two years at college. Apparently, he needed money more than the knowledge. He was selected by an NFL team in the first round. This fall, at a football field in Cleveland he will be found. Johnny, put on that helmet and pads right away. Browns fans are hoping you will save the day.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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A Religious Man

I sat in church listening to the preacher
Without hearing a single word he said
I was thinking about the football scores
And my favorite team instead

As they passed around the collection plate
I put my money in
Wondering just what was the going rate 
To have God absolve you of your sin

When it came time to share a sign of peace
I turned to the pretty lady in the red dress
Giving her my most pious smile
Trying real hard to impress

I shook the preacher’s hand at the door
Saying I loved his sermon that day
Anxious to get out of my tie
And to be on my merry way

As I stopped at the traffic light
With the windows down in my new car
A homeless man walked up to me
And started talking real bizarre

He said, “You know there’s nothing special about Sundays
Nothing special about the building they call a church
By simply going through the ritual
You don’t improve what your soul is worth”

“If you would rather be watching football games
You can talk to me some other time when you are free
And twenty dollars in a collection basket
Doesn’t buy your soul out of poverty”

“That lady in the red dress
Is much too young for you
And you have to fix the relationship you are in
Before moving on to someplace new”

The cars were honking from behind me
Because the traffic light was green
I turned around to shout at them
Then turned back and that man was nowhere to be seen

I drove the rest of the way home in a haze
Wondering if I imagined the whole scene
But when I turned on the football game
That man was in a commercial on my screen

“So think about the words I said
And talk to me on your own time
In a location of your choosing
When you are in the right frame of mind”

“I am always available to hear you
And provide guidance along the way
But the outcome of these football games
Is not a thing for which to pray”

So, I gave up church on Sundays
And I donate to other charities instead
And today I am a more religious man
Always conversing with God inside my head

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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Royal blue and gold
needs to return to sunny
Los Angeles now!

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2014

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I didn't hold grudges

I suffered,he laughed
I filled up  his voids, he created mine.
I looked for roses,he gave cactus
I looked only for his heart,he focussed on my body
I healed all those stitches,he gave me wounds..
I ignored him,he started following
I left him,he cried
I didn't hold any grudges,he holds guilt.

Copyright © Neha Agrawal | Year Posted 2017

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Aztec Summer

The Mexican midsummer sun
beamed down mercilessly, vertically,
so that men's heads and shoulders glowed
but their faces, and every human expression,
disappeared, dark and intense in the radiant noon,
and their bodies were illuminated 
only for a moment at a time
with the pounding of arms and legs.
From almost as high as the sun,
thousands upon thousands upon thousands of eyes,
worshipful and expectant and desperate,
gazed downward, almost vertically, it seemed,
and the stands, foreboding and tall,
were part temple, part cauldron,
and saw some dreams come to fruition
and many shattered in despair.
On fields partially scorched and partially green,
the gateway to triumph was so deep
that heroes almost had time enough
to turn in celebration 
half a moment after
their heroism had crossed the line,
yet half a moment before
it had nestled in the back of the net.
Story-tellers, men of many tongues, 
celebrated caricatures in their own right,
screamed feverishly to the masses,
to tell of the drama as it unfolded, 
rolling cameras projected moving images
and snapping cameras froze images in time,
and both launched their moments, moving and still,
into the eternity of divine drama.
A winter and a summer, and a change in between,
and a summer and a winter, and ten thousand miles away,
young boys and men, and a girl or two,
marvelled at the spectacle, and revelled in the glory,
and dreamed that it was theirs.
From three or six seasons, and ten thousand miles away,
I fell so deeply and dearly in love
with the Aztec summer's noon.

10th August 2018

Copyright © Lawrence Sharp | Year Posted 2018

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From First Ball to World Cup

     I remember the first time I saw a ball,

Those exquisite black and white pentagons ...
     The geometric excellence that intimated such mystery and excitement ...
I HAD to have one, and started saving my money that very day.
     I was only eight years old, and football wasn't big in the U.S.,

But I still wanted that amazing ball ...
     After a few weeks of saving and doing extra chores,
I finally held my own ball in my hands,
     Turning those five-sided panels over-and-over,

Smelling that glorious leather ... I was in kid heaven!
     When I took it to school in my backpack my friends went crazy,
All having to hold it and smell it, all filled with the same energy as I,
     My gut tumbling in anticipation of what amazing things might happen!

My little town had no budget for American "football" -
     With all its pads and expensive equipment, but we did have "soccer" teams,
And I joined as soon as I could, for the sake of that amazing ball!
     We didn't get to see the World Cup back then ...

The 60's and 70's being very limited as far as TV sports,
     But we all followed it in the magazines and papers,
And when, years later, we finally got to WATCH the World Cup on television,
     It was the substantiation of years spent loving a game

That not many people even TALKED about in the United States ...
     A game that my friends and family and little town had loved for years,
Now birthed to fruition and delicious reality right in front of our eyes!
     My friends from other parts of the country had heroes -

Heroes like Bart Starr and Bill Russell and Micky Mantle, et al,
     But MY hero was PELE', though many here didn't even know his name!
When TV brought the World Cup to kids like me, the world became bigger,
     More exciting, and more joyous, all because of that wondrous ball ...

So many years before!

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "2018 World Cup" Poetry Contest, Mark Toney, Sponsor & Judge.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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CRAZE DURING FOOTBALL GAME Up yellows; greens; reds and blue, tell me! Tell me, who is through? Passes. Crosses. Headers. Shots. Volleys, blasters, more scissor kicks tell me! Tell me, whose on the spot! Ninety minutes with some overtime eleven players playing in the field each one targets to be World Champ! The strikers and defenders immense so are Audience claps, dance, rants! Dripping sweat from turning, running Tension rising! Twists are rocketing! Audience wriggling, nonstop cheering! Thriller, action, comedy plus tragedy, Oh all are drawn by its classic drama. Perplex hard attacks, clever corners rise from a penalty or free kick yell! Elicits an alarm to goalie keepers' eye He in eagle's arms and kangaroo leap Tell me! Tell me, has one scored a goal? Around the globe, fellas or gents in craze, amazed and tantalized by Football game! _________________________________________________ Written 6th of July, 2018 @ 10:46am

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2018

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Welcome!..Intelligent Machines. 
Bytes of Chips.. Coded Cuisines. 
Interface Deep Learned Colloquia
Pageant of Program-Parade track. 
Sessions of Chess, Poems..Football
Network, Encrypt, Friends Firewall.
Awesome  Algorithms..can you hack?

A Special Theme.. "Learn to Cry"..
Bluetooth the Heart and Brain.
To feel Love, Pleasure and Pain..
 HUMANS.. "Please Don't Apply "

13th September 2018
Sponsored by Julia Ward.

Copyright © Debjani Mitra | Year Posted 2018

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Superbowl LA Rams

Town of sun and sea
Alas, victory for us
We fans breathe moon air

January 21st 2019

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2019

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Royal blue won out
with luck and perseverance;
now to Super Bowl.

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2019

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The Victory Dance

To play as if today
Is your only chance.
Some say, “It’s just a game.”
Have they done the Victory Dance?

When hard-earned Victory
Was finally at hand,
Have they felt the glory
Raining down from the stands?

To do or not to do….
No one wants to hear, “We tried.”
Effort and dedication will be rewarded… 
They are the magic on your side. 

Yes, to fall short is still an option;
But much better to succeed.
Heroes are made and remembered
Only by their deeds.

So, just go out and win.
Give your all to each and every chance.
Persevere and achieve…

And do the Victory Dance.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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The Heart Of A Champion


When you see someone all alone doing 
what no one else even tries to do,
Take note of the person you are seeing
making something really special come true.

For when they self push all to the limit,
where they never have dared gone before,
they increase the strength of their spirit
that will allow them to always do more.

For deep in them lies something special,
a heart that will never be beat.
A fire burns brightly within it
of determination you cannot defeat.

And when their great challenge is over,
when finally they have conquered their test,
they stand at the top of the mountain
much higher than all of the rest.

So if you are waiting for someone
to force you to work hard today.
You’ve lost to the heart of a champion
that works all alone everyday.

Tom Krause - 2015

Copyright © Tom Krause | Year Posted 2015

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World Cup 2014

Pain in Spain
Bland England
Shame in the game
Who do you blame
When your approach is lame
Three lions or three blind mice?
I wonder

Copyright © John Pen | Year Posted 2014

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its a game
has a name
you need the tools
to kick over the wall

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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It is more than a Game

Some people would say that Football is just a game,
Others say life and football are the same.
That it is more than just making calls,
And throwing a funny shaped ball,
Some say its about the intensity and passion above all,
Its a feeling they get on the field after they win a game.
It does not matter if it rains or snows,
They will be out there,
Because football is all they know,
So if you ask them is football just a game?
They will answer that quick and without any shame!

Copyright © Ettie Christian-Bowling | Year Posted 2014

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The Football Manager

Translating ideas through energetic muscles and calculative minds is his doing knowledgeable tricks and wise options converted to the physical for the honour and glory is his aim. The one at the top of the chain possesses his own repertoire. A personality with tactical onus is the one and only expectation. Catastrophic it is; when such a charisma is tempered with An effective philosophy gives him fame but ambiguity in strategy wins the point a winning atmosphere brings out his etiquette a loss- he treats so diabolical. Every attack is a litmus test mental kunfu blended naturally with physical dynamism in display closing down angles, tight markings speed injection, courage cultivation, identity-showing formations with opponent-neutralizing weapons, massive onslaught, defensive solidity and quick counters all for a harvest of victory coming from the equations of his thoughts watered by distinctive motivational skills. A team player who's always outside the line The football Manager is he!

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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The passion that is stashed 
inside the core of his soul.
When the lightning spark of his foot
walloped and whisked the ball ,
His efforts led its way towards the awaiting goal.
Its swift manoeuvre captured a thousand eyes.
which is cached in the practice of future minds.
That movement is encapsulated in soccer's history
by the cherished ideals of football glory.
Pele's refined finesse and Ronaldo's prowess as a footballer.
Maradona: "THE GOLDEN BOY" with the dancing ball
and Messi : "THE ATOMIC FLEA" 
whose spirit taught him to succeed.
The forever illuminated faces whose endeavor will never die.
How will you know if you never even try.
Tread inside the HEART of a FOOTBALLER.
and thou will understand: When he wins a match


Copyright © Raarya Kuanr | Year Posted 2015

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For Football Fans

All emotions and hopes exchanging through a common fax
singing songs of victory and toasting a beer to relax
priding on a rich history
moving in one chemistry
mock us when we lose and face the inevitable axe.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Game Day

(Every year I write a charge for my team at the beginning of football season. It is a joy to combine two of my passions and I encourage you to write about your passions, whatever they may be.)

Now in the hills of Morgantown there was a football team
Starting a quest to be the best that most would call a dream
And how they did, "a dream and more" said the pundits on TV
The Mountaineers can't win this year - but soon the blind shall see
Because when one team rises up and dons the Gold and Blue
They bring the weight of our whole state and there's NOTHING they can't do
So believe with me once more my friends - the hills are gonna sing
From mountain to valley, we'll start up the rally, our battle cry will ring
Take heart to hope and believe again; set those expectations higher
We'll have some fun and when we're done we just might start a fire
Let's flood the field with thunderous shouts, let the earth quake with our cheers
Come on, who's in? We're going to win!! LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

Copyright © Andrew Loud | Year Posted 2014