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Best Hair Poems

Below are the all-time best Hair poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hair poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Doggy Style
The eighties set fashion on fire,
That’s why it’s the look I desire!
So I’ve nailed it, long-term,
With a hot poodle perm,
Just like Brian May, Cher and...

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Categories: hair, beauty, dog, fun, funny,

Premium Member Wind
The wind rustles your hair as the sun brings joy .

It tells your secrets and they are well kept.

They go where it is needed turning...

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Categories: devotion, hair,

Premium Member Dream Boy
My favorite verse from THE soft rock song of my youth
Hit song of 1969 by the Carpenters:

(They Long To Be) Close To You

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Categories: for him, hair, love,

Self inflicted blues
This day I grow tired
and so incredibly weary.
My heart holds only dreams
of a Life unfullfilled
A Life not nurtured,
yet barely a glimmer
of the spirit that once...

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Categories: hair, hope, life, me, age,

Premium Member The Golden Hour
Gorgeous boy, your skin shines in the sun’s golden hour.
Waves of your jet-black hair, short-cropped like Caesar's 
dripping tendrils on a chiseled brow, wisps beside...

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Categories: beautiful, hair, introspection, life,

Going bald

As biology goes, I'm surviving,
a few aches and pains and a cough
and I check every morning when in the bathroom
to see if my bits have...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, hair, humor,

A Lovers World And Dreamers Dream
Hope lives on a four leaf clover.
Greener pastures when yesterday's over.
My heart spins when her hair gets twirled.
And I start to shake in this lovers...

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Categories: hair, fantasy, love, heart, dream,

Silver strands
Mirror mirror on the wall
I went to the beauty salon today
Silver strands ~ gone
Long dark wavy hair ~ beautiful 
Bet you're jealous ~ ha

Twirling away...

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Categories: emotions, hair, humor, mirror,

Premium Member 'HEIR' - APPARENTLY NOT

Prince William was so sick of being told
He’s receding and is now going bald
So he called in the royal hairdresser
To see if he could ease...

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Categories: england, hair, humorous,

Premium Member Lost, Found, and Now Just Missing
Going through some old things that just had to go,
I came upon something that nearly got tossed.
Memories came to me from long ago. . ....

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Categories: nostalgia, hair, daughter, me,

Premium Member Mother's Crown of Pink
My mother’s hair hung thick and to her waist.
But seldom did she wear it in that way,
for always in a bun she had it placed

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Categories: mother, hair, hair,

Premium Member My Fair Maiden
I called upon yonder window
That was up to high for me to be
For my maiden gracefully sleeps there
In her bed,beside the sea

I asked her to...

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Categories: hair, beautiful, beauty, confusion, funny,

Whispers of my fair maiden
Alone, there I stood by the bench in the park.
On a leash by my side, my protective young hound.
In the distance I heard the echo...

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Categories: hair, adventure, animals, caregiving, people,

The Funny Side of Suicide
A friend of mine once inquired 
if I had suicide on my brain. 
you chase away the rain." 

She looked a...

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Categories: humorous, me, hair, me,

Premium Member Sometimes I Feel Beautiful
Sometimes I Feel Beautiful
Driving along thinking about what I’m about to do brings a smile to my face. Without a doubt my hair and nails...

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Categories: hair, imagination, inspirational, introspection, dance,

Beauty is said to be skin deep
Cancer… a silent thief
Chemotherapy has taken its toll

Her hair, once a river of gold
Now flows onto the hairdresser’s floor


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Categories: beauty, cancer, hair, health,

Premium Member Farm Girl
On a Sussex farm works a golden haired girl
Surrounded by guys as she makes their hearts twirl
But her love and soul are miles away
In a...

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Categories: love, hair, body, river,

The Wisdom of Wine and Gin
My hair has receded and my belly grown fat
There’s hair growing in my ears and I don’t like that
My joints ache all the day and...

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Categories: funny, health, life, hair,

Premium Member Silver Strands
Her dark hair, laced with silver strands,
cascaded once with sable glint,
then lost (with drifting of the sands
of time) the chasteness of its tint.

It still grows...

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Categories: sad, hair, dark, dark,

Premium Member Crowning Glory--Co-write with Paul
As the rooster crows:
A look in the pool mirrored a perfect mop
At times of frizzy hair or defiant shaggy tresses
Ohhh the satisfaction at the...

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Categories: hair, humor,

Oh Your Beauty

Your beauty extends 
Into the heaven
Whispering secrets of 
Happiness and affection.
You look up at me and smile
With crinkles in the 
Corners of your eyes.
The smooth...

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Categories: hair, love, romance, me, lost,

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's Love Poem
I love how your long chestnut hair flows over your gentle shoulders,
And when the sun searches you out for a moment, your hair sparkles…

Because I...

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Categories: dark, girlfriend, love, hair,

Infra Redhead

Invisible flames
emanate from your flowing mane
Flecks of fiery freckled specks
radiate from your glowing face
Your ruby heart wears a crimson crown
that completely, queenly captivates me
I’m forever...

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Categories: color, hair, love, romantic,

Why Not Love My Locks
What's so strange about it?
The way it curls like a baby  or
The way it stands out on it's own

The way it swings when I...

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Categories: hair, beauty, birth, courage, freedom,

The Tale of Sandy the Snail
This is the tale of Sandy the snail...
Who always wore her hair in a ponytail...
She was different from others and I’m sure you’ll agree...
As her...

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© kj force  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: encouraging, faith, hair, journey,