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Best Mother Son Poems

Below are the all-time best Mother Son poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of mother son poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member As Flowers Crumble Collaboration with Silent One
Lullabies through tear filled eyes
It's truly, love at first sight
The bond is forged and galvanized
To hold forever tight

Each time you needed a hand
She always had...

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Categories: love, mother son,

Premium Member -Unlatched-

So young, I was, and so naive
There was no doubt, I did believe
this babe who's latched inside my womb
with ties we had,... would always be


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Categories: mother son, childhood, family, mother, son,

Premium Member Garden of mum
Mum sat in her aromatic garden,
admiring its charm and grace.
It was a cold morning,
but mum never seemed to feel it any more.

Her eyes were tired,...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mother, mother son,

On My Mother Passing


i wanted to keep my mother physically with me
but it would be like trying to hold the sun
like in life she still...

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Categories: mother son, cheer up, mother, mother

Premium Member I Forgive You
     You lost my life.
     Sharp as a knife...
     You lost a lot of things.
     Your memory in my heart

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Categories: mother son, abuse, father, father son,

Premium Member LOVELINESSS
Looking at your misshapen little red face,
only a mother can appreciate the beauty when seeing her
very precious baby for the first time. 
Eyes filled with...

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Categories: baby, beautiful, mother son,

Whispers From Beyond
Listening for whispers from beyond the grave. 
So hard to hear for the mortality slave. 
Wind blows a chill thru the winters trees. 
Hands clasped...

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Categories: mother son, bereavement, death, loss, mother,

Premium Member Letter To Mom
Dear Mother,
Conceived in love, your passion gave me life
The very blood this heart pumps through these veins
A dream fulfilled as mother and as wife
I wonder...

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Categories: mother son,

Premium Member I SIT SOBBING
I’m staring at the reflection in the mirror -
who is the lady with the grey hair?

Today a strange man came to visit me
I do not...

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Categories: mother son, memory, mental illness, mother

I fell in love with you the second you were born
With light brown hair and sapphire blue eyes
I thought you were perfect!
Over time it became...

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Categories: mother son, baby, childhood, heartbreak, love,

For nine long long months I longed to greet you
We’ll if I’m perfectly honest …
You were so snug in your home you stayed for an...

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Categories: mother son, birth, i love you,

Premium Member When Darkest Of Blues Will Not Stop Pounding
When Darkest Of Blues Will Not Stop Pounding

Standing atop this high cliff, clouds floating on by
Watching last sunset, red-tint paint splashing blue sky
Now finding life,...

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Categories: mother son, life, longing, loss, lost,

A Bohemian Maze of True Evil
Once so loyal and always true the gargoyles watch everything now
During their stony slumbers with their careful one-eyed open view,
As evil red-eyed demons rain down...

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Categories: mother son, creation, dark, evil, god,

A mother's treasures
A solitary piece the diamond
precious rare gem most treasured
by those lucky enough to hold
Once in possession it is rarely out of grasp
Like the gemstone the...

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Categories: mother son, beautiful, beauty, care, caregiving,

Looking back to memories bright,
I remember she’d teach me wrong from right.
“Clean your plate.  There are others who have none.”
“Do your homework, and let...

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Categories: mother son, childhood, inspirational, mom, mother,

You came to me on angels wings
Your smile was so divine,
I looked into your big blue eyes
Not believing you were mine.

With skin so soft and...

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Categories: mother son, baby, birth, child, love,

Premium Member In The Late August Sun
Watching leaves cartwheel down
we meet at the bench
tucked under the trees, in the park

Unable to speak
I am feeling a squeeze in my breast
My emotions are...

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Categories: mother son, child, loss, love hurts,

Polly got Words
Polly got words

He was five and going to start school.
His name was Paul, but everyone called him Polly.
He had only one interest and that was...

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Categories: mother son, car, childhood, children, dedication,

Premium Member LETTING GO
Last goodbye son it’s time for you to go
Every emotion was there on show
Trying to put on a brave face
Tears were falling; it’s no disgrace

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Categories: mother son, education, goodbye, growing up,

Premium Member Elizabeth's Throne
Elizabeth’s Throne

You still sit on England’s grand throne!

For sixty plus years crown you own!

Your subjects all wait—

Will you abdicate?

Will Charles make it to the King...

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Categories: mother son, humor, mother, son,

Mother May I
Mother may I 
Go out and play
My child
Have you cleaned your room today

Are your toys packed away
in your toy chest with care
Yes mother yes 

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Categories: mother son, childhood, funny, mother, son,

Premium Member Why The Passion of the Christ

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mother son, mother, son, strength,

Premium Member Why the Rose Bled
Parents so proud
Four sons they raised
From the Highlands of Scotland
In the pre-war days
On their crofts they worked
Morning till night
Unknown to them then
Of a future...

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Categories: mother son, africa, angst, bereavement, death,

There once was a lady named "Mom"
Who had a hard time keeping calm.
But she knows how to sew
And garden and mow
And she's a farmer on...

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Categories: mother son, holiday, mother, son

Premium Member Epilepsy and Maternal Anguish
Written for my heart, my son, Kyle

Wash me gentle in the river –
	Ease me on down with care.
I’m an emotional giver –
	It’s my song in...

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Categories: angst, health, mother son,