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We Rulers Of The Earth

We Rulers Of This Earth

Homo-Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
   Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

We're working hard to conquer space—we landed on our Moon.
   We better solve our problems here, or soon we will face doom.

New industries and factories constructed every day,
   And poisoning the air we breathe—is this the price to pay?

Energy sources are shrinking now—what happens when there's none?
   Will Man of Earth ever learn to work with Nature as one?

Some in this world are starving still while others hoard their gold.
   Intelligent and civilized; at least, that's what we're told.

We cure disease with drugs that may cause sickness as result—
   How many dearly paid for this ‘experimental cult’?

We have become a plastic world where everything is fake,
   From the foods we eat to how we look—when will we awake?.

We're civilized we tell ourselves, but fight our fellow man,
   If only we could solve world stresses through a better plan.

With government corruption and morality sinking low…
   The price of progress we may say—is this the way to grow?

We have upset Earth’s balanced ways, destroying Nature’s scheme—
   We’re intelligent and civilized—is it all a dream?

Will we ever walk on Nature's path, take her by the hand,
   Restore the beauty meant to be on Earth, our dying land?

Homo-Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
   Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

Sandra M. Haight

~4th  Place~
Contest: People
Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux
Judged: 12/11/2017

~1st Place~
Contest: Best Old Poem
Sponsor: Judy Konos
Judged: 12/17/2015

~2nd Place~
Contest: Let're Rip – Shoot from the Hip
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged: 04/06/2015

I actually composed this poem 30 years ago…but it is still appropriate today for venting because nothing has changed.  *****Sapiens means “man of wisdom” in Latin.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Ordinary man

Snow is falling and floods are flowing,
people dying and children keep crying,
but he's just an ordinary man,
sitting there watching TV.

Icebergs melting and penguins starving,
men in suits talking and big guns firing,
but he's just an ordinary man
playing on his smartphone.
Storms blowing and seas are raging,
children starving and refugees leaving,
but he's just an ordinary man
at home warm and free.

He seems confused,
Daffodils no longer bloom in Spring,
bumble bees have stopped buzzing, 
butterflies have stopped floating,
confused birds have stopped flying and
factories have plumes of smoke burning,
but he's just an ordinary man
sitting in his garden all alone.

So who is he to fight?
He just follows the rules he is told.
Instead of trying to be something he is not.
Because he is just an ordinary man.

The Silent One
Simple musing
11 January 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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Twice a month on our tiny little Isle A group of heroes go that extra mile Wearing protective clothing they clean the beach Removing vast amounts of rubbish within their reach Plastic bottles, fast food containers and tins Items tossed away so thoughtlessly – it’s a sin So many marine animals can get tangled in discarded plastic They need our protection, or the results could be very drastic Hundreds of bin bags of rubbish are removed from our beach Restoring them to beauty, now they are as pretty as a peach Volunteers work tirelessly with amazing solidarity To help ‘Beach Buddies’ which is a registered charity Contest: Stuff Thomas Martin 10th June 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Dear Humanity:

Dear Humanity:

You know I love you, right?
Stop calling me Mother Nature!
I hate that!
Genderless am I…
Oh, yeah, I get the ‘bring life forth’ bit,
creator of new life, pregnant with your desire
…yada, yada, yada,
my womb is your hope,
my anger your demise.
You have dominion over me?
Get over yourself!
Not the life-force, I wobble,
buoy in a black sea,
world in flux.
Some of your tribes cajole me
with Songs of the Good Earth,
their rhythms heal my rivers and plains,
my blue veins, renewing rains;
good vibrations make mountains grow.
Others try to dominate me,
defile, desecrate and destroy me.
Written in the Book they say,
patriarchal sons of kings.
Climate change deniers my enemies.
Poor, dear, naïve humanity,
my icecaps are melting, oceans swell,
water will consume the land.
My extremes test your resolve.
I can live without you,
is the opposite true?
Homeostasis, my cycles of life,
the seasons my command.
Are you so balanced?
Don’t fight against gravity,
there is no escape.
Eagles soar and lions roar,
your footprints on the shore,
all these shall pass away.
So if you seek immortality
then keep your home sacred.
Love all of me,
every rock is my child,
every grain of sand a seed,
everything you do to these,
you do to me.
I am Gaia. I am home.

Prayer for the Summer Solstice 2017

Copyright © Phil Capitano | Year Posted 2017

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Married to Progress

Conflicting ideas:
he will have his say.
Twenty years of marriage
all in vain.  He insists,
his factory is supreme,
his waste dispersed
devastation everywhere.
Angry and depressed she leaves
despite the doctor's orders
to rest after a big meal.
Reminiscing on how things have changed,
embarrassed and ashamed,
she traces her steps towards
the polluted stream.
No feast of senses here.
Dead fish float on the surface
and no bird sings.
December blows its frosty breath,
ice flows down stream.
Isn't ice white?  This is so gray.
Where is the beauty of yesteryear?
Shouldn't the air be fresh?
It's spoiled, tears spill,
she takes out her Polaroid,
click after click
snap after snap and she vows
she'll send them as good news
of progress of the country side.
Will he leave her then?
Will she miss his sweet hot lips?
She knows not.
She sees the river bank,
dead like a plate of grief,
her tears spill more.
The Polaroid works harder than before.

12 July 2018

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2018

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For Shame

The inky black water sucks her in further As she descends into the black depths of the abyss Cloying dark swirls cover her head as soundlessly it reaches Possessing her every inhalation – exhalation - it envelopes her with force Takes her heart, reaches for her soul, it’s now her master Breaking News!! Beautiful snow on Tropical Island Mountains and dales covered with a white mantel But it is the middle of Summer - What? She gives in humbly, her every fiber reaching out, screaming to be one with the Death of Darkness Breaking New!! Fukushima has been a worldwide wake-up call The country with the largest reactors - 104 When Nature and Nuclear energy come into collusion Consequences can catastrophically be lethal with fusion For Shame Mankind - For Shame From the dawn of creation, in perfect unity they abided Her beauty was ethereal, all things she bore magnificent and surreal Proud in their union till mankind’s focus declined and degenerated Once the most beautiful of planets in the solar system Mankind the most ruthless in his destruction - and all she can ask is why? Her environment is in chains? Breaking News!! The bees are dying Chemicals poison the flowers Who will tend her gardens? For Shame Mankind - For Shame She has the feelings of utter abandonment, loneliness and sorrow In defeat - she struggles to fight back, draining her depleted energy even more So she gives into its cruelty, and she surrenders, she surrenders As she sinks steadily murky bubbles streaming away Enfeebled and expended descending lower, lower into darkness, giving in Too weary to fight back - It makes No difference now - No difference Breaking News!! Pristine stream - Beaches - Oceans Carelessly man strews with litter Plastic islands form - fish sick and dying For Shame Mankind For Shame And then - a child’s soft touch, caressing her cheek sweetly Feeling so like Love - Softly - oh so softly Her daughter, Water strokes her on her cheek Then lifts her mother gently, surfacing quickly, so quickly With every ounce of strength, she decides to fight back One last desperate attempt to live for her planet once more Rushing to her side are her two sons Lightning Bolts streak like the hammer of Thor Furious - one breathes extreme heat and fire Burning down everything in his path in his ire Ferocious and Destructive is he in his Fury The other - unbridled pure unadulterated Air of the Winds They join as a team spreading destruction even faster Terrifying in their unified collaboration Formidable are they when joined together All for One and One for All Putting differences aside they arrive to save her Their Mother, Mother Earth, they rise together as one Earth - Wind - Water and Fire to fight back for a Planet they love One More Time - One More Time - One More Time Mankind arise from the depths of your Shame Wake up to your sacred mandate Time’s short - But it’s never too late Guns and Wars - phenomenal destructive havoc you wreak Its Peace and Abundance in this message I seek Cast aside differences, disputes, conflicts, dissension like the elements do Bring Peace and Serenity on earth which helps the Environment too
Footnote added –!!NEW BREAKING NEWS!! In my reply to Nette Onclaud’s kind message, I mentioned a dedicated lady in Hong Kong who has rallied the people to clean up the island. Her name is Kinzie who is originally from Canada. Coincidentally, she sent me an email which I’m sharing the link on here with you. Please copy and paste the link below on google Newsletter is now available online:****-show Enjoy ...Naturally, Kinzie - Founder natural life in the fast lane - Everything is connected. - Listen to your own heartbeat. Video and Music Save the Mother Earth - Ken Wei Published on May 4, 2012 This video and track is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporations and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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What Is That Taste In My Mouth

No warning.

The taste spread swiftly
around the room.

Eyes scour.
They pinpoint the doom.

A little old lady
Who's big on perfume.

Copyright © Deb Adams | Year Posted 2017

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woe is the sea

                              something grabs my leg

                          plastic bag churned by the tide

                                 ocean clings for life


Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2018

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One hundred million years on Earth
There's no accounting for our worth
Without our quite amazing powers
there would be no trees or flowers

The Earth would be a barren place
No flowers to, your borders, grace
No cereals to make your bread
and keep your teeming millions fed

We've worked our magic without fuss
but now, it seems, you're killing us
Your all consuming need for more
has brought us to extinction's door

Your pesticides have done their worst
Our decline can't be reversed
Because of them we cannot breed
but you don't take the slightest heed

When we're gone most plants will die
and YOUR extinction will be nigh
Without us to pollinate
mankind will have sealed it's fate

It's too late now, the damage done
The end of 'Apis' has begun
All life on Earth brought to its knees
and all because you killed the bees

Copyright © Rob Biden | Year Posted 2014

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Nuclear leak

I am the nuclear ,the unwanted power,
i pay you according to you  care:
for how long have I served you?
Provided you the energy to carry on;
sometimes you even packaged me
and exchanged me for currency;
how many of your wars have i fought?
And when in my might you triumphed
didn't you simply answer superpower?
I am the power behind your wheel,
i keep many of your industries going,
i make your night bright like sunflower
even in your health i play my role.

But in your luxury you forget,
you just forget our agreement
and begin to neglect my care
asking me to go to hell;
you begin to push me to my enemy
as you exposed my nudity to whirlwind
and asked water to deal with me as it liked
you are like a louse that lives on hound,
that thinks he is killing the hound,
where will it live after the death of the hound?
you neglect my care, you expose yourself!

But you are master of propaganda:
for failing to play your role,
what name have you not called me?
You said I am a murderer,came out with statistics
of how many i had killed, you marked me unwanted
and went on streets to shout me down;
you are quick to talk of Fukushima;
man, man ,man,your deceit is legendary,
fire is good i understand the say.

Yes i know you art,
you know how to call things names,
when you fail at you duty,
you simply say mechanical error;
and when you don't understand people,
you simply call them primitive;  
when you don't understand the misery of God,
you simply conclude he does not exist.

No, i am not afraid of your deceit
i am comfortable with who i am
you are the one looking for me
if you still want me,you are welcome,
if you don't want me again
God knows i will not ask for you.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2014

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Garbage - Wasteful Packaging

Garbage - Wasteful Packaging

Our packaging simply is wrong
To hold things in place safe and strong
The plastic hugs tight
The cardboard you fight
To get at the product takes long!

And when you are done you will see
The thing you had purchased may be
As small as your thumb
While you see great sum
Of valueless outer debris!

Though this is just one type of waste
We could conquer this one with haste
Sell all products bare
No double-wrapped care
See tons of sales garbage erased!

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Stuff
Sponsor: Thomas Martin
Judged: 06/21/2015

~3rd Place~
Contest: What Annoys You?
Sponsor: Frank Herrera
Judged: 05/20/2017

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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A Simple Truth

Blue edges an ebony sky
and cotton-candy clouds blush pink
for there’s a new day on the brink.

Where eagles once learned how to fly
morning is filtered through a haze
a legacy of yesterdays.

A molten sunrise blinds my eye
dissolving the fringes of night
with a dazzling display of light.

Its grandeur worthy of a sigh
dawn brings a renewal of hope
implying the planet can cope.

A simple truth without a lie
if we choose not to make a fuss
wildlife will vanish around us.

Nature's one thing money can’t buy
no amount can restore Her dead
yet we ignore what's being said.

Blue edges an ebony sky
where eagles once learned how to fly.
A molten sunrise blinds my eye
its grandeur worthy of a sigh.
A simple truth without a lie
Nature's one thing money can’t buy.

(A Constanza poem.)

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Do it properly - quote contest

Quote.( Do not know who originated it, but used in the family at all times.) "If your going to do something do it properly"
There was an old man called McGinn Put all his refuse waste in one bin It should have been sorted His reasoning is thwarted In clearing up his mess to begin.
Penned 3 May 2015

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Asphalt Jungles

Today fades into yesterday
upon tomorrow's arrival.
And apathy claims denial
as endangered animals die.

Wherever concrete cities rise
collateral damage occurs.
For as jets traverse the skies
wild birds are annihilated.

We dedicate our existence 
to a utopia of steel.
And survive in asphalt jungles
shadowed by our own achievements.

Reality is a mirage
projected upon collapsing hopes.
Yet safe within our cubicles
we love our plastic paradise.

Our planet’s irrevocably
changing into a barren sphere.
For greed’s the legacy of fools
touted by prophets of progress. 

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Lost Echoes - for contest

Lost Echoes

lost echoes wander silent valleys
reverberations orphaned tones
disconnected from their source

long ceased – solemn call to prayer
wasted on the ears of the callous
dried on the clapper’s lips

no need to welcome revelers
invite the workers from their fields
the center of their lives resides elsewhere

frayed, dusty ropes hang muted
no hands to give them voice
soft winds and whispers fading

on the fallow fields of hope
dry, creaking, members
bowing under toneless weight

birds, undisturbed in their nesting,
coo in the conic complacency
of the hollow past

the world is deafened now
the last of the pealing bell tones -
lost echoes – wandering silent valleys

John G. Lawless

submitted to –For whom the bell tolls – Poetry contest
sponsor – Debbie Guzzi 

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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Wars and crimes, Hunger and thirst, Sad for the world, My heart bursts. Holding onto hope by my fingertips, Drinking polluted water by sips. Blood of the wounded, Blood of the dead, Blood of the innocent on their heads. My mother's tears, My father's fears, All in the hands of the puppeteers. So much grief, So much sorrow, How can I face another tomorrow? The seas are sick. The fish die. The ice melts. Smoke fills the sky. Greed, their god, has no heart, Leads the puppeteers In their black art. They're bankers and kings and billionaires. They gamble with life Causing poverty, death, terror and strife. They call it freedom, courage and bravery While we live and die In invisible slavery. Why do we follow them like sheep? Why do we believe their flaming lies? Can't we see through their disguise? Wake up! Stop killing each other! Take off your helmets and walk away. Save your death for another day. By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright Jan. 9, 2016 "All Rights Reserved"

Copyright © Carole Duet | Year Posted 2016

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fathomless ocean
birthmother of life

Submitted on May 3, 2018, for contest HAIKU : THEME SEA sponsored by MICK TALBOT  -  RANKED 1ST

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2018

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the death of Terra

we love the world, so we make it our own
but nothing about the way the people live
leaves the creatures alone

we live so bold
"Dig around here for gold!"
it used to be so cold
"Preserve the bad; kill the old!"

hey, what's really good here?
we say we love it, but it disappears
Venus and Mars scold the smoke
that they see rising from the atmosphere

hey, i heard the voice of the bird
she said her children never lived to see
the way the trees turn into streets of homes
the way the ice turns into water catacombs

the pesticides spray out her sad silent cries
with oil blood and chemical tears
an act of genocide

the skyscrapers are really scraping the sky
leaving wounds in her pure outer skin
and soon she'll bleed out and die

hey, what's really good here?
we want to thrive, but will we even survive?
rats and foxes are now biohazards
the pulled-out roots are bloodshot veins in her eyes

hey, i heard the voice of the bird
she said her children were trapped in plastic like chains
it cut their throats; they could no longer sing songs
destroyed art isn't art when it's gone

hey, what's really good here?
we poach tigers just for the sick pleasure
we blow up homes just to build our own
we give birth to murderers
"Kill two birds with one stone!"

--when you say, "we live here," say it collectively, because she's their Terra just as much as she is ours

Copyright © Ashlea Senft | Year Posted 2017

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A Land that Once Was

Floods and fires, beware.
The time is ticking till all will despair.
The blood boils through my icy veins,
As she pours down through acidic rains.

“It won’t happen, it never will come.”
That’s what they said before she won.
But now she is back, more vengeful than ever,
reaping and sowing all for her pleasure.

She warned us once, she warned us twice.
She warned us all we’d pay the price.
But we played dumb and we played blind.
We hid behind our incredulous mind.

Those who heeded the truth were pained, 
For all of their sacrifice went unnamed.
Their stout hearts warned us so, 
But the price of Life is all that we know.

We murdered her children, we enslaved her kin.
We did all that we could to ensure we would win.
Our greed and our hunger were the ones that steered,
And that is exactly why she is now here.

Our Mother does love us, Our Mother does care.
But we’re making our Mother more and more bare.
We ripped out her branches, and burned all her leaves.
But the fire we bore released all her seeds.

They grew with a ferocity far greater thank known, 
And slowly her saplings claimed all that we own.
She did not die, she never will.
It is only us that come and go still.

So open your eyes and open your heart, 
for you’ll never know when the light will go dark.

…to better days.

Copyright © Brian Byrne | Year Posted 2018

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Natures fields, plains, moors, deserts, wonders rife!
Habitats alive,
where life can survive!
Why? Civilised beings murdered all life!
For personal greed!
Used slaves to set seed!
Natures plan, the survival of the fittest.
Mans plan, to remove all not of interest.

What's changed? Nothing, I fear!

We poison oceans, deplete atmosphere!
Science always knew,
Governments poohed poo!
Now, as we've learned nought, for our lives' we fear!
We're told it's too late.
Then what is the fate
that our children's children just might have to face?
Stop pollution now, and, it might slow the pace.

What's changed? Nothing, I fear!

Back in the nineties re. health and safety,
plastics were discussed.
Virility, hushed.
A seminar did close most hastily.
I was asked to stay.
Asked how I knew, hey!
Documentary, Tomorrows World, I think?
Chemicals from plastic leeching into drink.

What's changed? Nothing, I fear!

We will stick with plastics, it's on the news.
Microplastic kills 
fish, clogging their gills! 
If you feel like I do, pass on your views. 
On telly daily! 
No longer maybe!
Plastics polluting the oceans poisons fish!.
The mainstay of many, it's their staple dish.
Pollution is killing, and, we're all remiss 

What's changed? Nothing, I fear! 
Clocks ticking, can't you hear?


QARINAGE - Any Topic' Poetry Contest sponsored by Gregory R Barden

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018

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swamp glory

fickle crickets: 
serenading sirens
of retreat, as chartreuse digits 
creep dark alley swamps;
hanging jungle themes invade
quiet dens perpetuated by
creation’s wet glory...croaking:
ancestral tales of grandeur.

mammal sigils:
	evoking tootling 
trespassers of environmental legacy;
	nature redeeming medicines
sustaining miracles of light...EPA
yet mankind defers pollution-free
	toxic-free lakes of life.

scatter kingdom:
	encroaching breaths spew
poisonous darts of entitlement
	never biblically enforced;
gather eggs of free-will, lay deep
in vined elegance towering
beneath second-heaven despisers
	of extant species.

Copyright © Sona Wilae | Year Posted 2017

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Wash it away

Wake up fresh in the morning, free from daytime's infections
   Splash a pot of coffee on your pristine complexion  

Rev up your car's engine: Send a cloud of smoke into the air
   Motor off to work: Emit toxic pollutants over the road everywhere

Sprint to your desk: Turn on the computers, the a/c and the lights
   Ratchet up enough current to frazzle countless insects and mites

At break, leave the office: Enjoy a quick smoke
   Then smell your clothes -- a tar-and-nicotine cloak

Back at your desk, sweat pours down your body
   Mingled with the smell of your cloak, you're off to the potty

Where you befoul the toilet, the hallway and office
   With tincture of excrement, exotic odor so nauseous ...

Now this poem's not going to sink, burn or crash
   Here's how to remove gobs of rubbish and trash

Step into the shower at the close of each day
   Turn on the water full-throttle: Blast those germs away

Let the welcome droplets cascade down your head, face and arms
   Wash the stench away with H2O's charms

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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Will the last to leave please turn out the sun.


submitted to – The doomsday clock 2 minutes to midnight – Poetry contest
sponsor – Emile Pinet 

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2018

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Wrathful trilogy:

Typhoons,  cyclones, hurricanes

Stern warning to Man!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
    19 September 2018

* Super Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm of the year, unleashed  gusts up
to 200 mph while hurricane Florence brought 40 inches of rain. CNN.

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2018

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Looking At My Chainsaw Now

Beautiful berry bushes have grown renegade all over our yard.
Garden catalogs call them this, it is not a name I made up.  They are beautiful, but also strangling.
They have strangled three crepe myrtles, and a couple of lilac bushes, forcing them to die.
One has wound himself around my apple tree, 
The apple has given up. She produced less than five apples this year.
Another is climbing precariously close to my largest oak tree.  
These beautiful berry bushes are bullies, and I will have to do something about them.
Bully berry bushes, I think, renaming them, to give myself a bit of power.
Beautiful at first, but after they ingratiate themselves, fooling you completely with their prettiness
They strangle all other vegetation in their path, killing bushes and trees, and not caring a whit.
Sort of like a beautiful woman without a conscious, who ingratiates herself into a family,
Strangling it and killing it with her lack of integrity.  A beautiful man can do it too, it is not always a woman.
Beautiful berry bushes, not unlike charismatic beautiful people with no conscious feelings for others.
I am looking for my chainsaw now.  Best to cut the head off the snake, right?

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018