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Best Holocaust Poems

Below are the all-time best Holocaust poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of holocaust poems written by PoetrySoup members

A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty on her wrist
was confiscated by a nurse
who looked for items soldiers missed
in places (and by means) much worse.

They branded her inside...

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Categories: holocaust, thanks, war, world

Premium Member Yet not broken by the blues retrospect
There were mirrors  there
Behind it, where all the Jews would hide
How can someone blame the black despair?
All You were, was a mirror over...

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Categories: anti bullying, holocaust, mirror,

Premium Member My Cry
Mongrels gyrating on the edge of town
This it now- its going down
The chant electric, the doomsday count
It matters not that no one speaks a word

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Categories: holocaust, angst, anti bullying, anxiety,

Premium Member A Girl From Darfur
I can show you where the brimstone sun has no remorse,
and where devils on horseback, have burned our homes, have pillaged our farms.
A killing spree,...

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Categories: death, holocaust, horror, sad,


rose early in the morning,
indulged in a lovely quiche lorraine,
ventured out


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Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member Matters of the heart
Balaclava'd minister in a lanky limousine
Condomised personality inside a broken mask
Skewered chopsticks serve pieces of Pancolin
Toilet paper dolphins to wipe his weary arse

Ave Maria.. Amanita...

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Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member Abandoned Cities


"Abandoned Cities"

Empty sentries standing firm
Vacant windows glistening
they sit with Poe, Van Gough and Edvard Munch all broken
waiting patiently...

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Categories: holocaust, humanity, life, war,

Tears Turn To Smiles
How can I explain this feeling I feel
A feeling of being whole after years
Thinking that my fate did already seal
All the heartbreaks, and all of...

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Categories: beautiful, cry, emotions, holocaust,

Premium Member Words For Those With No Voice
Words For Those With No Voice

For every pair of shoes
All the burnt bones and woes
In the millions, in the mud
All died alone

Starving of food and...

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Categories: allah, death, evil, holocaust,

Premium Member THEY DON'T KNOW
I walk in a busy street, happy faces everywhere
Coats buttoned tight against the cold,
Stomachs full, warm shoes on their feet.
They don't know.

My grandparents limped through...

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Categories: discrimination, freedom, history, holocaust,

Hope for Humanity
Just read a tale of 
   a horrendous murder in California
Makes one lose faith in humanity
My uncle saw the 

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Categories: holocaust, hope, humanity,

Premium Member Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 14
Despite his impatience to show me his hell,
He waited for me in my rest, 
Lying upon the ground, I awoke in prayer,
Thanking God above and...

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Categories: holocaust, adventure, anxiety, conflict, courage,

Premium Member Slithering Tides of War
War crime trials had come and gone
And Nuremberg became old news
But there were some who would escape
They packed their bags, with no remorse
Changing names, and...

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Categories: evil, holocaust, war,

Forgotten Fire
I was only twelve back then,
It seems like yesterday.
I suppose these terrifying memories I have,
Will never go away.

Gendarmes after Gendarmes,
Came to our town.
They took my...

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Categories: holocaust, books, change, conflict, corruption,

Premium Member A Poet's Apocolypse

After that moment a gray dust covers all
Invading the senses, casting a veil of despair
The prince of darkness will have his due
Oh cry ye fools,...

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Categories: emotions, holocaust,

We are the children
of the Four
A wandering race
The leaves, trees
and streams feed us
The earth, water and
winds sustain us
We belong to no man
A race so
You talk...

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Categories: death, holocaust, , cute,

Premium Member Blanc comme la neige
White like the snow

Ice stiffened limbs
Reaching out
No saviors about

Snow flakes in the wind
I reached and reached and reached
Towards deaths cold hands

Never to see her again

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Categories: holocaust, angst, art, french, grave,

Premium Member Dark Spells
Dark Spells

As a clock running in black circles down
Distant stars lighting reddish fairy gowns,
Earthen pastures in darkness all aglow,
Awaiting dawn's eager cock to thrice crow.


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Categories: dark, evil, fantasy, holocaust,

Premium Member Playing with Minds
when childhood held dreams

when friends where real

Anne Frank, child betrayed

when poetry spoke of the heart

when the psycho penetrated with dart

those who tell tales true


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Categories: art, friendship, history, holocaust,

On a lil busy route,
For a lil dizzy fruit
They're humming everywhere.
In a bulk, unaware

Layer upon layer
Taking concrete up the stair 
burring vanilla skies
Jesus couldn't dare


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Categories: allusion, anger, corruption, holocaust,

Premium Member The Withdrawing Room
Huddled together in this abstemious grey chamber
no windows or means of escape walls closing in
trapped where the un-sanctified transactions are made 

Daunting without exit the...

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Categories: holocaust, abortion, bereavement, child abuse,


Of all human evils
That happend in history
Bigger than Holocaust
It was not, and it will not be.

One Violinist was there
His life was violin string
He made the...

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Categories: holocaust,

Holocaust's Nameless Victims
Bright yellow badges proclaimed their faith
Paraded like nameless cattle
Counted and cooped as poultry
Numb and gelid they lay
Only thing alive
Was A desire
For a smooth
Kiss of

Written On:04/24/2017

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Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member O Rare, The Sky

Blessed ...
   This was a day unlike any other
      The sun arose and stole my breath

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Categories: holocaust, appreciation, beauty, color, earth,

Premium Member What Is Life Worth
What Is Life Worth

Beast of burdens
fans the flames
spitting out
dark, morbid names

sad music plays
chaotic chords
no delays
for raging hordes

old, bloody sheets
hospital beds
time awaits
severed heads

gaping wounds seared
hot iron...

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Categories: holocaust, conflict, corruption, grave, grief,